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The Owl House is a American animated film produced by Waterhorn Pictures and released on July 29, 1988 by Brison Entertainment.

Voice Cast:

  • Natalie Gregory as Luz Noceda
  • Wendie Malick as Eda Clawthorne
  • Paul DeLuise as King
  • Martin Short as Hooty
  • Annie Potts as Amity Blight
  • Scott Menville as Gus Porter
  • Brooke Ashley as Willow Park
  • Daphne Oxenford as Lilith Clawthorne
  • Amber Clark as Tiny Nose
  • Theresa Nelson as Camila Noceda
  • George Cole as Warden Wrath
  • Sheila Hancock as Fanfic Prisoner
  • Ron Moody as Principal Bump
  • Roy Kinnear as Eye-Eating Prisoner
  • Michael Hordern as Tibbles
  • John Kevin as Emperor Belos
  • Delia Corrie as Kikimora