The Origins is a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wan, the director of The Conjuring and Insidius and produced by George Zucker and David Harold, the producer of Insidious Franchise. This films stars Joshua Pontinelli, Sophie Turner, Brendan Meyer, Adam Driver, Bre Blair, Lucas Till, Griffin Dunne, Jennifer Stone, and Kate Mara


A Teenager Boy Meets Brand New Dark Powers


  • Joshua Pontinelli as Scott Fitzgerald/A 14-year-old teenager who meets a man with dark powers
    • Max Charles as Young Scott Fitzgerald (age 10)
  • Brendan Meyer as Lucas Thompson/Scott's childhood best friend
    • Jacob Tremblay as Young Lucas Thompson (age 7)
  • Sophie Turner as Linda Thompson/Scott's love interest and Lucas's older sister
    • Francesca Capaldi as Young Linda Thompson (age 8)
  • Bre Blair as Avery Fitzgerald/Scott's Mother and Ben's ex-lover
    • TBA as Young Avery Thompson (age 16)
  • Adam Driver as Ben Rice/The man Scott meets who is Ben's biological father and the antagonist of the film.
    • Matthew Knight as Young Ben Rice (age 19)
  • Lucas Till as Kevin McDonald/Scott's best friend
  • Griffin Dunne as Jack Chambers/Ben's Visitor
  • Jennifer Stone as Kimberly Harrison/Kevin's love interest
  • Kate Mara as Dolly Anderson/Avery's Friend
  • Joe Jonas as Jimmy Gordon/Linda's boyfriend
  • Haley Joel Osment as Teddy Morgan/Ben's Staffer
  • Christopher Plummer as Joe Fitzgerald/Scott's Grandfather
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Danielle Benson/An Evil Girl Who Killing Those People
  • Patrick Warburton as Bill Buckley/Hospital Staffer
  • Jake Short as Fletcher Swanson/Kevin's Friend
  • Nathan Stephenson as Gary Brown/Scott's Bully
  • Emma Bell as Jenny Fitzgerald/Scott's Older Sister
  • Ian Gomez as Mike Thomas/Bill's Doctor
  • Aaron Ashmore as Kevin Lamson/Ben's Interviewer
  • Hunter Parrish as David Freeman/Jim's Legend Friend
  • Matt Damon as Jim Martin/Jan's Boyfriend
  • Ashley Grace as Jane Puff/Jim's Girlfriend
  • Logan Lerman as Jake Foster/Scott's Friend
  • Topher Grace as Tommy Foreman/Jake's Assistant
  • Liam Hemsworth as Harry James/Ben's Step Father
  • Tyler Mane as TBA/Ben's biological father who kills Danielle at the ending


  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • Lucas Thompson
  • Linda Thompson
  • Avery Fitzgerald
  • Ben Rice
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Jake Foster
  • Tommy Foreman
  • Harry James


  • Teddy Morgan - Hit With The Baseball Bat (Danielle)
  • Mike Thomas - Painful Flushot (Danielle)
  • Gary Brown - Silt Throat with Knife (Danielle)
  • Bill Buckley - Broken Bones with Giant Book Shelf (Danielle)
  • Jenny Fitzgerald - Setting on Fire (Danielle)
  • Fletcher Swanson - Kill By Car (Danielle)
  • Joe Fitzgerald - With The Shotgun (Danielle)
  • Jack Chambers - Drowning Water (Danielle)
  • Kevin Lamson - Deep Fryer Death (Danielle)
  • Dolly Anderson - Headshot (Ben)
  • Kimberly Harrison - Falling Tree (Danielle)
  • David Freeman - Ripping his Heart (Danielle)
  • Jim Martin - BBQ Slicer on His Chest (Danielle)
  • Jane Puff - Blowing Her Head (Danielle)
  • Danielle Benson -  Pushed and fallen to death (TBA)

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  • This film runs at 141 mins.
  • Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence throughout, terror, disturbing graphic images, language, crude sexual content and nudity.
  • 15 certificate
  • The Pitch: The Conjuring meets The Grudge.
  • Tagline: Can you feel the horror of the origins?
  • It will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures with RatPac-Dune Entertainment and Village Roadshow Pictures.
  • Notes: On Warner Bros. Pictures, the sky has change into dark sky with serious music playing. On Dune Entertinment's logo, same with Warner Bros Pictures before quickly moving to Village Roadshow Pictures with a white glow and the logo goes dark before quiet music from the opening scene plays.

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