The Orange Orangutan 3 is a third sequel to The Orange Orangutan series. Inspector Bronson starts a team of detectives that try to stop a French criminal gang called The French Generation in London, England.


Inspector Lazlo Bronson (Ed Helm)

Curtis Sweet (Shaque O'Neil)

Lt. Patrick Machine (Bill Fagerbakke)

Chief Inspector Jack Wang (Jackie Chan)

Daphne Reeves (Kate Melton)

Commissioner Edward Jones (John Cleese)

Phillippe David (Robert Patrick)

Mr. Gang (Henry O)

Kyoto Ryo (Yukie Matsuzaki)

Cheri David (Kristine Chenoweth)

Sir Nicholas Patrick/Agent 004 (Daniel Craig)


Philippe David, on the outside a respected business man in Paris, France, but secretly the leader of the French Generation, is facing a falling out with their New York Mafia drug trading partners because the ybelieve him not capable of properly conducting business. To demonstrate otherwise, David's lieutenants  suggests to have the man killed who is currently presenting the greatest danger to their trade: Inspector Lazlo Bronson—a plan which Douvier sanctions after some consideration. So David decides to move to Rome, Italy, to kill Bronson.

David's attempt to blow Clouseau up with a bomb at McDonalds fails, and the subsequent attempt by a Chinese martial artist called Mr. Gang  is thwarted when Bronson accidentally knocks him out of a window, believing him to be his (Bronson's) friend Chief Inspector Jack Wang who had orders to keep his partner alert by means of random attacks. Bronson accidentally summons the black ops while meeting Commissioner Jones and calls them off with the password which is on his medal. The password was: "Hamburger". Then at night, David anonymously calls Bronson and poses as an informant to tell him the whereabouts of an important criminal involved in the French Generation. Bronson-concluding that it's obviously a trap-has Patrick Machine's nephew Jason Watts build a robot that looks just like him and program it to drive toward the location. Then, David's men 'kill' Bronson at the location. David then decides to go back to Paris, France.

Bronson recruits Kyoto Ryo (an electronics expert from Japan), Lt. Patrick Machine, Daphne Reeves (an American fashion designer), Chief Inspector Wang, and Curtis Sweet (an American basketball player) into his team to plan his revenge on the mafia, taking advantage of the belief that he is dead. The team goes to Paris, France, to investigate.

Shortly after his step  wife threatens him with a divorce, David, needing her respectability and her silence pertaining to his corruption, tells his daughter Cheri David hat she must flee to England. Angry, Cheri  storms out of David's office. Because she was aware of her father's corruption  David gives orders to have his daughter killed at a nightclub.

Having been told by Agent 004 of the possibility of trouble at the nightclub, Bronson and Wang investigate and accidentally save Cheri from being murdered by David's assassins; Cheri takes Bronson (whom she considers her savior) home. Bronson convinces Cheri that he is the dead inspector and Cheri gives Bronson a video of her robbing a French bank.

Bronson goes there and publicy accuses David of treason. Failing this, Bronson pulls down the David's trousers to look for a tattoo borne by the impostor, which is obviously absent. Bronson then radios Ryo to play the tape of David robbing a bank  but accidentally plays "Dynamite" which shows him acting goofy while doing traffic duty. Kyoto then plays the tape of David's crime, getting him arrested.

Commissioner Jones goes crazy over Bronson being alive and gets obsessed with voodoo while Curtis Sweet marries Daphne Reeves. At the wedding, Bronson accidentally summons the black ops team into the wedding room. But he couldn't call them off since David damaged his password decoder and left to watch Spongebob.

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