The Orange Orangutan 2 is an American Warner Bros. detective comedy film as a sequel to The Orange Orangutan.


Inspector Lazlo Bronson (Ed Helm) 

Chief Inspector Jack Wang (Jackie Chan) 

Commissioner Edward Jones (John Cleese) 

The Black Widow/Paxton Alexander (Brendon Fraser)

Christiane Amanpour (Christiane Amanpour)

Sergeant Patrick Machine (Bill Fagerbakke)

Antonio Marconi (Eric Roberts)

Lieutenant Jefferson (Kevin James)

Summary: The Black Widow steals The Orange Orangutan Diamond. Bronson and Wang track him down in New York City. They team up with idiotic NYPD Sergeant Machine to capture The Black Widow. Meanwhile, Bronson is followed by an Italian mafia gang that wants him dead and Machine is followed by Lt. Jefferson, who has gone crazy and wants him dead.

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