The Obsession is an 2019 psychological horror thriller film directed by TBA. This films stars Julianne Moore, Patrick Wilson and Mackenzie Foy.


A teacher finds herself hunted by her past from 25 years ago when coming face to face with her former student/lover but things turn deadly when she vowed to destroy her ex-lover's life.



  • Julliane Moore as Elise Morgan/Amanda TBA, a teacher who is haunted by her past after come face to face with her ex-lover and student
    • Anna Kendrick as Young Amanda (age 30)
  • Patrick Wilson as Daniel Harper, Elise's former student and ex lover.
    • Tye Sheridan as Young Daniel (age 16)
  • Mackenzie Foy as Nealy Harper, Dan's 16-year-old daughter and Elise's student
  • Joel Edgerton as Richard TBA, Daniel's childhood best friend and a teacher
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  • Claire Foy as Alicia TBA, Daniel's late wife and Nealy's mother who died when Nealy was 4 years old.
    • Angourie Rice as Young Alicia (age 14)
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  • Amara Miller as Jennifer Glenn, Nealy's friend
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Elise meets Nealy's father

  • (Elise and Nealy walks together)
  • Elise: Tell me about your parents.
  • Nealy: My mum died in car accident when I was 4.
  • Elise: I am so sorry.
  • Nealy: I never knew her well, she was part of my life for 4 years.
  • Nealy: It was just me and my dad.
  • Elise: Has he move on after what happened to her?
  • Nealy: No, he tries to move on but my mum's death hunted him forever.
  • Nealy: He is a single father who work hard for himself and me.
  • (Nealy and Elise walks to the door)
  • (Nealy knock the door 3 times and Elise and Nealy wait for 15 seconds)
  • (Daniel open the door)
  • Daniel: Nealy.
  • (Elise in the shocked face)
  • Nealy: Hi, Dad!
  • Elise: That's your father?
  • Nealy: Yes.
  • Daniel: She's my girl.
  • (Nealy hugs her dad)
  • (Nealy walks inside)
  • Nealy (voice): What are you cooking, dad?
  • Daniel: Chicken pasta.
  • Nealy: Yummy.
  • (Daniel close the door)
  • Elise: You are Nealy's father?!
  • Daniel: Look...
  • Elise: Your daughter is 16, the same age.
  • Daniel: I am not playing games with you, I am not that kid anymore.
  • Daniel: I am a change man.
  • Elise: Do you have other kids?
  • Daniel: No, just Nealy.
  • Daniel: Alicia died when Nealy was 4 in car accident.
  • Elise: Alicia?!
  • Daniel: Yes, the genius.
  • Elise (shocked face): Oh my god!
  • Daniel: I got lucky.
  • Daniel: 5 years of marriage. Then Alicia's life was cut short.
  • Daniel: Left Nealy without a mum.
  • Elise: I am sorry.
  • Daniel: Don't bothered! Too little, too late.
  • (Daniel open the door)
  • Daniel: I am moving on. You are her teacher, I am her father.
  • Daniel: Stay out of my way or I am going to exposed our past to the town.
  • (Daniel close the door very hard)
  • (Elise walks away from the door)
  • (Daniel hard sighs and pants)


  • Both Patrick Wilson and Mackenzie Foy appear on 2013 film, The Conjuring.


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