The Night Before Christmas 4 is a 2025 American Christmas Adventure Film, based off of the legendary folkloric character, Santa Claus, and the 1970 stop-motion film, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, and is the sequel to the 2018 film, The Night Before Christmas, the 2022 film, The Night Before Christmas 2, and the 2022 film, The Night Before Christmas 3, premiering in theaters on December 21, 2022. The last of four installments, the film stars Dylan Sprayberry, Peyton Meyer, Jadin Gould, and Michael Rosenbaum, and continues to retell the origin of Santa Claus, as Kris Kringle's long journery towards his destiny nears it's end, as Kris faces his very antithesis, Krampus, a creature torturing misbehaved people.


Years have passed and Kris Kringle continues his Christmas tradition to deliver gifts to people all over the world, while living in the mystic Winter Forest, alongside his elves and his wife, Jessica Kringle, but when everything seems perfect, kids all over the world begin appearing nearly dead, or completely dead, and he brings upon himself to stop it. In the process, he comes across an ancient mystic evil creature, known as Krampus, punishing all those that misbehave or commit crimes, by torturing them to death, or near death. Now Kris must use all the magic he has to stop the creature, as he finally learns the truth behind his past, with help from mystic creatures in the forest, and embraces his true destiny as "Santa Claus".


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kris Nicholas Kringle/Santa Claus, a mystical human, living in the Mystic Forest in a fortress, where his elves make presents for him to deliver on Christmas day, but now he must stop an evil creature from killing, while gaining help from the Tooth Fairy to learn why his parents gave him up, also learning that his birth name is "Santa Clause".
  • Jadin Gould as Jessica Dunham-Kringle/Mrs. Claus, Kris' wife
  • Peyton Meyer as the voice of Rudolph, a reindeer born with a red nose that can glow, and leads Kris' sleigh on Christmas
  • Luke Hawker (In-Suit Performer)/Gideon Emery (Voice) as Krampus

Allusions to Santa Claus Folklore

  • Krampus punishing the misbehaved influences Kris' tradition to deliver presents only to the good hearted.
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