The Night Before Christmas 3 is a 2022 American Christmas Adventure Film, based off of the legendary folkloric character, Santa Claus, and the 1970 stop-motion film, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, and is the sequel to the 2018 film, The Night Before Christmas and the 2022 film, The Night Before Christmas 2, premiering in theaters on December 21, 2022. The third of four installments, followed by the 2025 sequel, The Night Before Christmas 4, the film stars Dylan Sprayberry, Peyton Meyer, Jadin Gould, and Michael Rosenbaum, and continues to retell the origin of Santa Claus, following the life of young adult, Kris Kringle, who continues to deliver gifts on a day he dubbed Christmas, but now a dark force is rising, known as Pitch Black, so he gains help from a reindeer named Rudolph, who is outcasted due to his strange red glowing nose.

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Years after Kris defeated Jack Frost, he has built his own factory and fortress in the Mystical Winter Forest, using the elves to make toys, and using his Reindeer to fly across the world, delivering presents to everyone on Earth, as he prepares to marry Jessica, with Christmas on its way, but now a darkness is covering Earth, as people all over the world face their worse nightmares, and learn that a mystic being named Pitch Black, better known as the Boogeyman, has the soul purpose for creating fear and darkness. Now Kris' only hope for saving the world is a young reindeer, named Rudolph, who was born with a glowing red nose that has light bright enough that can cast out the darkness created by Black.


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kris Nicholas Kringle/Claus, the adoptive son of a couple of toymakers, Jonathan and Carla Kringle, who was raised on a farm, playing with the toys and learning to make them. Now he uses his reindeer to deliver toys made by his elves to people all over the world, in a day that has come to be known as Christmas. Now he must get help from a young reindeer to stop a nightmare controlling creature.
  • Peyton Meyer as the voice of Rudolph, a young reindeer, that was born with a strange red nose, that often glows, causing him to be outcasted by the others. When the other reindeer were hurt or gone, Rudolph was the only one able to help Kris, learning that his mystical red nose gives off a light powerful enough to vanquish Black's darkness.
  • Jadin Gould as Jessica Dunham-Kringle, Kris' girlfriend, later fiancee, who lives with him in the winter forest in his fortress. In this film, she begans preparing for her and Kris' wedding, as Kris continues to deal with Pitch Black. She if very supportive of Kris and is proud of what he does.
  • Michael Rosenbaum as Pitch Black/The Boogeyman, an evil mystical being that controls the darkness and nightmares all over the world, and only wants to make chaos, and starts by destroying Christmas and Kris Kringle. Though he succeeds at first, he is defeated when Rudolph's light expels his darkness.


Starting in a barn a few years ago, Jessica Dunham and Carla Kringle are with a group of reindeer, as one of them is giving birth to the child of Blixen. Jessica holds the newborn reindeer, and they notice his red nose and decide to name him Rudolph. Later that night, Jessica heads up to the balcony of her and Kris' room, where Kris has just returned from delivering presents, and is watching the Northern lights, which mysteriously swerve into the born and cover Rudolph.

A few years later, around the world, people are decorating their houses for Christmas. When the kids go to sleep, a dark figure walks in and the kids start to shiver and begin having nightmares. In the Winter Forest, at Kris' Fortress, Kris senses the rising darkness, but decides to brush it off until after Christmas. In the factories, the Elves continue to make toys for Kris to deliver, but he senses the darkness attacking a town and decided to confront it, jumping in his sleigh and flying off.

Arriving in Charleville, he confronts the dark figure, who continues to grow more powerful due to the nightmares, and claims himself as Pitch Black, better known as the Boogeyman, Master of Nightmares. The two face off, but Pitch covers him in dark mist, and Kris begins seeing his worst fears, as Pitch escapes. Kris breaks free and goes after him, but he escapes.

Kris returns to his fortress, where Jessica bandages his wounds, and he tells her that the Boogeyman is worst creature he's ever come up against. Afterwards, Kris visits his father's grave, asking for guidance and speaks to his father's spirit. On his way back he comes across Rudolph trying to hide his nose, and tells him not to be ashamed of it, because he's just unique. Suddenly the alarm bells go off and they rush back to the fortress. Rudolph runs to the Reindeer pen, while Kris goes to find Jessica, but can't. Rudolph finds her in the pen, making sure they're all safe. Searching the balcony, Kris sees Pitch attacking and entering the pen, so he rushes down there. Pitch attacks Jessica and blasts her with a ball of darkness, but Rudolph jumps in the way, as his nose starts to glow, and darkness is destroyed by the red light, causing Pitch to become weaker, he then blasts Rudolph aside. Kris rushes in with his Elf Guards to stop Pitch, who creates dark creatures to attack the elves. Kris begins losing and Pitch kidnaps Jessica, despite Kris' best effort to save her.

Darkness begins covering the world, as people's worst nightmares come to life, including Kris' nightmare about losing Jessica. With only one chance, Kris goes to young Rudolph for help, but Rudolph is afraid and denies. So he gathers his reinedeer and flies off. Following traces of black mist coming from each nightmare caused by Pitch, they end up at a large underground cave, but creatures made of black mist appear and cause the reindeer to crash. Kris tries to fight them off, but begins losing, until Rudolph arrives and expels them with red light from his nose. They enter the cave, using Rudolph to light their way, but they're seperated by dark mist. Rudolph is surrounded by darkness as Pitch shows himself as a dark figure, while Kris finds Jessica locked in chains. He uses magic to create two swords to break her free, and out of nowhere, proposes to her, and she says if they make it out alive, she'll marry him. They go to help Rudolph, who is fending off every thing Pitch throws at him. Growing angry, Pitch causes the whole cave to quake, causing the ground to crack and Rudolph to fall through. Enraged, Kris attacks Pitch, but seems to be losing. Right as Pitch prepares to kill Kris, a bright light seeks out of the gaps in the floor, and Rudolph flies out and soars through the air. Rudolph shoots a large beam of light at Pitch, destroying him.

The next night on Christmas Eve, Kris and Jessica finally get married, and then prepare to deliver the presents, setting up the sleigh and take off, with Rudolph guiding the sleigh.

Allusions to Kris' Future as Santa Claus

  • Kris is using the elves to make presents
  • Kris has his reindeer pull a sleigh to travel 
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