The Night Before Christmas 2 is a 2020 American Christmas Adventure Film, based off of the legendary folkloric character, Santa Claus, and the 1970 stop-motion film, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, and is the sequel to the 2018 film, The Night Before Christmas, premiering in theaters on December 18, 2020. The second of four installments, followed by the 2020 sequel, The Night Before Christmas 3, the film stars Dylan Sprayberry, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Jadin Gould, Martin Sheen, Dylan O'Brian, and Kristin Kreuk and continues to retell the origin of Santa Claus, following the life of young adult, Kris Kringle, as he continues to deliver toys to people, going beyond his town, to even outside his country, but now, when ancient magic turns an innocent child into an ice controlling being, who wants to destroy Claus.

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Two years after beginning his journey as "Claus", a now young adult Kris Kringle continues to expand his journey to give presents to people, now going across the country, while maintaining a normal life in his town, with his parents, Thomas and Carla Kringle, and his girlfriend, Jessica Dunham, but unknown to him, a dangerous evil is rising. Hundreds of years ago, living in a small village, a man named Jack was attacked by a mystic creature, who froze him in ice for years. Being freed in present day, Jack wanders into the village where he accidently freezes and kills people he comes near, but when Kris tries to help him, he believes Kris to be attacking him and retaliates. Now Kris must use his magic powers to stop "Jack Frost" from rampaging across the state, gaining new allies and learning more about himself in doing so.


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kris Nicholas Kringle, the adoptive son of a couple of toymakers, Jonathan and Carla Kringle, who was raised on a farm, playing with the toys and learning to make them. In the previous film, giving toys to slaves made him an outlaw, and he began calling himself "Claus", which is his birthname. Now he uses his flying reindeer to deliver presents across the country, but now he must stop a rampaging man with the ability to control ice, that calls himself "Jack Frost".
  • Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Thomas and Carla Kringle, Kris' adoptive parents and a couple of toymakers that live on a farm. One day when they returned home, they found an infant in a basket on their doorstep, with only a red blanket and a necklace with his birthname on it, "Clause". They taught him to be good-hearted and strong-willed, and taught him how to make toys and encouraged him to deliver them.
  • Jadin Gould as Jessica Dunham, Kris' love-interest and former classmate at their old school when they were in High School. She knows the truth about him being Claus and about the magic that exists in the world, and often helps him, but is then put into a coma by Jack Frost.
  • Martin Sheen as the Winter Warlock, a magical being that lives in an ancient mystic forest of Winter and is the Master of Ice and Snow. In the previous film, he recognized Kris' necklace, with the name "Claus" engraved in it and request his help. Now, Kris requests his help to stop Jack Frost.
  • Dylan O'Brian as Jack Frost, a young villager, who after being attacked by an evil mystical creature, was frozen in a lake for years, until recent events freed him. His attempt to get help after waking up lead him to accidently freeze people to death, in which he retaliated against Kris' attempt to help him.
  • Kristin Kreuk, as Tania the Elf Queen, the leader of a small mystical village of short pointed eared beings known as elves. She helped nurse Kris back to health after his battle with Frost, and offered her elves service to him in the battle. At the end of the film, she was killed, and the elves went to Kris for leadership.


Hundreds of years ago in a small village, a young man named Jack is walking through the woods, but he is attacked by a mystical creature who freezes Jack inside a lake.

In present day, a now young adult Kris Kringle is going from house to house, leaving gifts for people, flying on his reindeer to go across the country. Returning home, Kris lands the reindeer and puts them in the barn. He goes into his house, where his parents, Thomas and Carla Kringle, and his girlfriend, Jessica Dunham, are waiting for him.

Meanwhile, a young couple goes ice skating on a frozen lake, but the ice begins to crack and a hand breaks through. Jack resurfaces after hundreds of years and walks away, as the couple appear frozen, then fall over and shatter.

Back at Charleville, Kris and Jessica head into town for some things. Jack arrives in town and walks down the street, scared and afraid, unknowingly freezing everyone he walks by. Kris and Jessica notice everyone running away. Kris confronts the scared Jack and tries to help him, until police arrive and try to kill Jack, angering him to where he shoots beams of ice at the them. Kris tries to stop him, but Jack blasts him back and runs.

Kris and Jessica return to the farm, where Kris jumps on the reindeer comet to fly around and search for Jack. When he finds him, they have a short battle, before Jack grabs him and begins to freeze his heart, before Comet rams into him and helps Kris. As they try to escape, Jack blasts Comet, who begins to crash, and lands in the mystic forest, where a group of small, pointed ear beings find him and take him and Comet.

Meanwhile, at the Kringle farm, Jessica and the Kringles hear about what happened to Kris, and Jessica jumps on the reindeer Cupid to search for Kris and Comet.

Elsewhere, the small people arrive with an unconcious Kris and injured Comet to their village, and their leader, Tania, who sees that Kris is sick and has a streak of white in his hair. She begins nursing him, while the villagers help Comet.

Back in Charleville, Jessica is flying around on Cupid to search for Kris, and goes to the Winter Warlock for help, but he shrugs her off, assuring that he is fine, so she heads back, but Jack, now calling himself "Jack Frost", sees her and shoots her down, causing her to crash in the snow. He walks over to her as she picks herself off the floor. He touches her heart with his finger and her eyes turn pale blue and she falls to the ground. Jack walks away, as Cupid puts Jessica on her back and flies off. 

Back at the village, Kris, who's hair has even more white streaks, wakes up to Tania by his side, and she explains what happened, and tells him that she is Queen Tania, the ruler of the Elf village. Comet walks by his side, completely healed. Queen Tania tells Kris that he is something special among the mystic land, especially to her people. Kris insists he return home and tells her about Jack. He thanks them and flies off on Comet.

Meanwhile, Cupid arrives at the farm with an comotized Jessica on his back. The Kringles run outside and help her inside, as she grows even paler.

Jack blows through the forest looking for Kris, who rams into him, knocking him into a tree. Kris, who's hair is now completely white, makes two swords out of ice, but Frost creatures creatures made of snow and ice and sends them after Kris, who is nearly defeated, until a group of elves arrive and save him, as Comet flies off. He goes to the farm and gets the rest of the reindeer, who return to the forest to help the elves, while Kris and Frost battle. After a long battle, Frost seems to have the upperhand and nearly kills Kris, until Tania jumps in and saves him. She begins blasting Frost as she protects Kris. She begins winning and grabs Frost, but he creates a spike of ice and impales her. Enraged, Kris gets back up and attacks Frost, and begins blasting him with a transparent force of energy. Kris defeats him, causing the snow creatures to fall apart and frees Jessica from the coma. He then throws Frost in a lake, causing him to freeze the water as he sinks to the bottom. He rushes to Queen Tania's side, along with the elves, and she dies in his arms.

Kris and Jessica watch as the elves give Tania a proper barial, and the elves than seek a new leader in Kris, who immediately puts them to work, having them build a large fortress in the Winter forest. In comemmeration of Queen Tania's death, Kris continues his gift delivering on that day every year, on a day he calls, Christmas.

Allusions to Kris' Future as Santa Claus

  • Kris gets help from a village of elves, that later see him as their leader when their queen dies.
  • Near the end, the elves are building a fortress in the Winter Forest, an reference to Santa Claus' work shop.
  • Kris decides to deliver presents only one day of year, he calls Christmas.
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