The Nicktoons is an ongoing 2017 American Comic Book Series published by Marvel Comics and is written by Stan Lee, co-creator of a majority of Marvel's superheroes, in which Lee reimagines several Nickelodeon television shows, including Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob SquarePants , and more, all existing within the Marvel universe.


Danny Phantom

In this Marvel reimagining of Danny Phantom, titled The Phantom, a nine year old Danny Fenton witnesses his parents, a couple of scientists working on exploring the myths of the supernatural, activate a portal, linking their world to a supernatural world inhabited by demons, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, but it malfunctions and explodes, killing them and leaving Danny to be raised his older sister Jasmine. Six years later, a fifteen year old Danny explores his parents old lab with his friends, a goth girl named Sam Manson and geeky tech wiz Tucker Foley, when he accidentally reactivates the damaged ghost portal, causing a wave of ecto energy that put Danny in a coma and unleashed supernatural creatures onto Amity Park. Five months later, Danny wakes up to realize the energy wave infused his DNA with ghost energy, making him half ghost and giving him a variety of supernatural abilities. While coping with adolescence, Danny, with help from Sam and Tucker, must recapture all the escaped ghosts and learn more about his parents' past as he becomes and the secrets of the Ghost Zone, becoming the superhero The Phantom: Savior of Two Realms.

When he transforms, his suit is similar to it's original depictions, with other differences. It is a black jumpsuit, with white gloves, boots, and a belt, as well as white accents. But instead of a white collar, the suit has a white hood he rarely wears.

His arch-enemy is Vlad Masters, aka Plasmius, a billionaire business man and an old partner of his parents. Danny tracks Vlad down to help him rebuild the ghost portal, during which he is attacked by a mysterious ghost named Plasmius. Vlad saved Danny from Plasmius, revealing his knowledge of Danny's secret and helped him train. Despite Sam's bad feeling about him it wasn't until the portal was rebuilt that Vlad revealed he is Plasmius, a half-human, half ghost like Danny. When Danny caused the ghost portal in Vlad's mansion to explode, he believed Vlad was dead, but soon learned he had survived.

Danny's original love interist is Valerie Gray, a popular girl who rescipricated his feelings, but Danny's secret and responsibility to stop ghosts got in the way of them starting a relationship. This was later resolved and they began dating. Valerie initially showed interest in the supernatural activity, but after constantly ending up in the middle of ghost battles, all involving the Phantom, she grew a hatred for ghosts. Sometime later, she was equipped with ghost hunting technology (unware it was from Vlad Masters, who was though to be dead at the time). Taking the alias Arsenal, she set a vendetta against all ghosts, namely The Phantom. During Pariah Dhark's invasion, Danny learned Valerie was Arsenal. Believing it too dangerous to date an enemy, Danny broke up with her, but this made it harder to fight her as the Phantom.

In this version, Danny was raised by his older sister Jazz, who is 22 in this version. After their parents' death, she turned down Stanford to raise him. Initially unaware of his ghostly activities, she began to worry about his strange behaviour, late nights home, and several injuries. During Pariah Dhark's invasion, she inadverdantly witnessed him transform into ghost, unknown to him. She kept this to herself, waiting until he's ready to tell her.

Jimmy Neutron

In the Marvel version of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, titled Neutron, Jimmy was five years old when his grandfather, a world-famous physicist was taken away by the government. But Jimmy learns that before his grandfather was taken, he implanted a micro-chip into his brain. When Jimmy accidentally jump starts the chip, it enhances every neuron in Jimmy's brain, greatly enhancing his intelligence far beyond that of many of the world's greatest minds. Now considered a valuable asset, Jimmy is recruited by a government agency to use his superhuman intelligence to help them on secret missions and build certain gadgets, that usually end up causing trouble, while keeping up with school and uncovering the truth behind his grandfather's disappearance.

Fairly OddParents

In the Marvel version of Fairly OddParents, Stan Lee reimagines Timmy Turner as a twelve year old boy living in a bad foster home, usually fending for himself in the streets, when not taking the abuse of his foster caretaker, Vicky. Despite this miserable life, Timmy keeps up hope due to his belief in magic, as when he was a child, he spotted a magic pixie. Now, he is gifted with Cosmo and Wanda, two Magical Fairy Godparents assigned to turn around his miserable life and grant his every wish, with the exception of a number of rules. Although he has fun with it at first, Timmy must learn responsibility with his godparents as he constantly save the town from threats usually caused by his wishes, as well as protect the Magic dimension from magical beings that use powerful dark magic.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Still more of a comedy-action based comic compared to the fellow Marvel reimaginings, in this Stan Lee written version of SpongeBob SquarePants, titled SpongeBob SquarePants: The Legend of Bikini Bottom, the underwater city of Bikini Bottom started as a government experiment on sea life, but after a spill of toxic waste into the ocean, their project was compromised, as it turned every creature in that section of the ocean into anthropomorphic beings. Over time, they develop an underwater civilization, living and acting as humans would. One of these beings is a sea sponge named SpongeBob, who is best friends with a starfish named Patrick and works as a frycook at the Krusty Krab, a restraunt owned by a cheap, money obsessed Mr. Krabs, and works with an octopus named Squidward, who is frequently annoyed SpongeBob. While keeping up with his job, SpongeBob must protect the secret recipe of the Krabby Patty, Bikini Bottom's most prized food, from Plankton, an evil mastermind who wants it as it holds the key to the chemicals that evolved the sea life and wants to use it to create an army.

In Other Media

Marvel Cinematic Universe


  • Dylan Sprayberry portrays Danny Fenton as the lead role in the 2015 American Television Series, The Phantom. The series acted as the first of a number of other TV adaptions of Marvel's Nicktoons.
  • Uriah Shelton portrays Jimmy Neutron in the 2017 American Television Series, Neutron. The second of the Nicktoons TV Adaptions, it's second season crossed-over with season 4 of The Phantom.
  • After positive reception in his appearance of two episodes of Season 5 of the Phantom, Jonny Gray is set to reprise his role as Timmy Turner in the upcoming 2019 American Television Series, The Fairly OddParents.
  • Dylan Sprayberry is set to temporarily reprise his role as Danny Fenton in the upcoming 2018 American Television Miniseries, Danny Phantom and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. In the crossover event between Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Marvel's The Phantom, Danny is recruited by Shield to handle supernatural threats and assist the team on missions requiring his abilties, and in return, they help him rebuild the ghost portal.


  • Tom Kenney, reprising his role from the original series, is set to do the voice and motion capture of SpongeBob SquarePants in the upcoming 2019 Film, The Legend of Bikini Bottom.
  • Sprayberry, Shelton, Gray, and Kenney, along with the casts of ther respective series', are all set to reprise their roles of Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, and SpongeBob in the planned 2020 American film, Nicktoons Unite!
  • The planned sequel, Nicktoons 2: Rise of Doom, will feature the return of Sprayberry, Shelton, Gray, and Kenney, as well as feature Kolton Stewart and Sammi Hanratty reprise their roles as El Tigre and J-X9, respectively.
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