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The New Thumb Wrestling Federation is a revival to TWF:Thumb Wrestling Federation and will feature wrestlers from the previous seasons it will air on cartoon network as a side series starting with regular matches then a tournament then change to just a tournament starting with season 9 and one regular match in season 10

Season 1

Regular Matches

match                      winner  reason
mahi mahi mindy vs the lost viking mahi mahi mindy threw a whale on him
lucky o leary vs the black knight  the black knight stole lucky's good luck charms
n fuego vs hometon huck hometown huck used the hometown shuffle
vini vidi victory vs senator skull vini vidi victory  used the vini vidi vada voom
danny kaboom vs corbata danny kaboom made corbata explode
face of phil vs evil ira    face offf phil  bruised evil ira's third eye
scoutmaster scott vs pierre pamplemousse        pierre    pamplemousse used the deadly spataula storm
fly guy vs queen nefercreepy         flyguy annoyed her into submission
the big time vs pei pei the purple panda       the big time

used the time bomb

knockout ninja vs billybatboy         billy batboy         summoned leather wing onto knockout ninja  

round 1:

cleat cunningham vs mugsy thumbscrew 

winner: mugsy thumbscrew (he rigged a soccerball to explode)

danny kaboom vs itsy bitsy 

winner: danny kaboom (he made itsy's webs explode)

senator skull vs pei pei the purple pands 

winner: senator skull (he used the skull's revenge shocker)

wasabi vs the black knight: 

winner: the black knight (his helmet made him immune to the best poem ever)

hometown huck vs the lost viking

winner: hometown huck (he used the houston huckster)

round 2:

mugsy thumbscrew vs danny kaboom 

winner: mugsy thumbscrew (he made danny's bombs explode on him)

hometown huck vs the black knight 

winner: homtown huck (he used the homtown shuffle)


hometown huck vs mugsy thumbscrew (rematch)

winner: *hometown huck* (the sinistras tried to knock out hometown huck with a freeze ray but it froze mugsy instead and huck pins him becoming a two time twf champion)


Season 2

Regular Matches

match: winner: reason they won
gary the intern vs queen nefercreepy Gary the intern he cut's off her hair making her too embarrased to fight giving gary the chance to win
tom cat vs the black knight tom cat he scratch all of the black knight's armor
milty the clown vs the laughing looney milty the clown makes the laughing looney laugh so hard he knocks himself out
wasabi vs evil ira wasabi the best poem ever is actually a magic spell that knocks ira out
cleat cunnigham vs the lost viking cleat cuhnningham the soccer balls knock the lost viking out
face off phil vs cheek rojo cheeko rojo senator skull throws a chair at phil
big star vs the big time big star he knocks out the big time and with pinky's help remembers to pin him getting revenge for what the big time did to him in his match against evil ira
mahi mahi mindy vs mugsy thumbscrew mugsy thumbscrew he makes mindy weak with tartar sauce
scoutmaster scott vs unit 19G unit 19G he ko's scoutmaster scott's scouts then pins him

Round 1:

hometown huck vs corbata

winner: (corbata he used a cheat code to hack into hometown huck's moves then pins him)

weredog vs senator skull

winner: weredog (he makes senator skull afraid of dogs then pins him)

wasabi vs the ameoba

winner: the ameoba (she ko's wasabi with a chair from the outside)

captain carpal vs knockout ninja (rematch)

winner: knockout ninja (he focuses and dodges the canonball which bounces off the ropes into the captain)

corbata vs weredog

winner: corbata (he tricks weredog with an explosive frisbee)

knockout ninja vs the ameoba

winner: knockout ninja (knockout ninja gives her an ninja wedgie and pins her)


knockout ninja vs corbata

champion: knockout ninja (his sensei tells him to find his weakness which is a wedgie as he then pins corbata for the win and the championship)

Season 3

match winner reason
The Cheetah Vs. Pei Pei The Purple Panda  pei pei the purple panda she used the royal scepter of porpestain
Rolf The Reaper Vs. Tom Cat  tom cat tied rolf up in yarn
Billy Batboy vs. Face-Off Phil Face Off phil defeated billy's bat and pinned him with the Calgary cross check
Big Bad Billy Goatetsky Vs. Wasabi  BBBG he was immune to the best poem ever
Weredog Vs. N Fuego  weredog weredog's saliva put out n fuego's flame

Itsy Bitsy Vs. Mahi Mahi Mindy

mahi mahi mindy mindy squirted water on itsy's web rendering her useless then gave her the mahi mahi masher
Vini Vidi Victory vs. Corbata vini vidi victory corbata got distracted by a video game but slipped on a banana peel and hit his face on it then vini gave him the vini vidi vada voom
Cleat Cunningham Vs. Sir Serpent  Cleat Cunningham he knocked out sir serpent into a goal like a soccer ball and pinned him to the mat
Miss Fitwell Vs. The Amoeba Miss Fitwell she made the ameoba exhausted from running

Round 1:

the noid vs the flying dutchman

winner: the flying dutchman (He made the noid eat anchoby pizza)

cleat cunningham vs cheeko rojo

winner: cleat cunningham (cheek accidentally got hit with a chair)

captain esplande vs senator skull 

winner: seantor skull (he gave captain esplande the skull's revenge shocker)

the stash vs the cheetah 

winner: the stash (he  super sneezed on the cheetah grossing her out)

round: 2:

cleat cunningham vs the flying dutchman 

winner: the flying dutchman (cleat soccer balls went through the flying dutchman)

the stash vs senator skull

winner: the stash (he survived the super skull and won with his new move stash dash bash)


the stash vs the flying dutchman 

champion: the stash (senator skull tries to have his sinistras get control of the dextera's hq but they have hired a new security who beats them up)

Season 4 

Regular matches

Match winner reason
The noid vs the big time the noid he blinded the big time with a pizza
the red eyed tree frog vs the diamond dog the red eyed tree frog used his tongue as a whip
conker vs deadpool conker hit deadpool on the head with a frying pan
vinyl scratch vs shrine guy vinyl scratch blasted shrine guy with her base canon
swampy vs ice t ice t froze swampy in the water
the patriot vs general akeem the patriot used the flag pole on akeem
milty the clown vs mr.funny milty the clown used his own gags against mr.funny
the allicorn vs n fuego the allicorn shot n fuego with a magic spark
depry ditz vs the lost viking derpy ditz crushed the lost vikng with a giant muffin

Round 1:

the wonderbolt vs senator skull

winner: the wonderbolt (he was too fast for senator skull)

the rat bandit vs the l.a. laker

winner: the rat bandit (threw a giant basketball at the laker)

larryboy vs brick

winner: larryboy (he blinded brick with his plunger ears)

jumping josh vs frank e stein

winner: Jumping josh (made his two sides fight)

round 2:

the wonderblot vs the rat bandit

winner: the rat bandit (he stole the wonderbolts jetpack)

larryboy vs jumping josh

winner: larryboy (he tied his plungers around him and pinned him to the mat)


larryboy vs the rat bandit

champion: larryboy (the same way hometown huck defeated the big time)

Season 5

regular matches:

match winner


unikitty vs the pumpkin uniktty went angry on him and squashed him to the mat
the breadstick vs the flying dutchman the breadstick dropped marianar sauce on him and pinned him
duke kaboom vs the cheetah duke kaboom jumped over all her tricks
scratch the Carolina panther vs flashback scratch the carolina panther tricked flashback into thinking he was cute then attacked him making him cry for his mommy
applebuck vs mugsy thumbscrew applebuck got attacked by farmers who were angry at him for insulting farmers
discord vs evil ira discord resisted the evil eye then used his magic of his own to knock him out
hometown huck vs the computer hometown huck overheated the computer then gave him the hometown shuffle
vini vidi victory vs n fuego vvv gave n fuego the vini vidi vada voom
clink clank vs dwayne bramage clink clank gave dwayne bramage a math question and he could answer it making his brain explode and pinned him to the mat

round 1

larryboy vs senator skull

winner: senator skull (he gave the cucumber the skull's revenge shocker)

forky vs evil ira

winner: forky (he accidentally stabbed evil ira in his third eye then pinned him)


forky vs senator skull

champion: forky (senator skull tried to sabotoge the dextera's but pinky found out senator skull had a plan to sabotoge them everyone then cheers for forky as he uses his new signature move the silverware spin pinning seantor skull to the mat making him feel humiliated he was defeated by a spork)

season 6 

regular matches:

match winner reason
macho cheese vs hometown huck hometown huck  he gave him the houston huckster
flyscratch vs queen nefercreepy  flyscratch gave her an atomic wedgie swirly and spanking and pinned her winning the match
mahi mahi mindy vs evil ira evil ira used a wedgie spell on her to make cry uncle
the scorchion vs e.b. the scorchion eb couldn't vomit from the thaigon stinger which made him fall to the mat
birthday boy vs corbata birthday boy he smashed corbata with a birthday cake
pierre pamplemousse vs the flying dutchman pierre pamplemousse he used his deadly spatula storm
larryboy vs n fuego larryboy put out nfuego's flames
scoutmaster scott vs wasabi wasabi scott was interested in the best poem ever
the blue devil vs ice t the blue devil ice t got burned by the blue devil's blue fire bash

Round 1:

gill vs the black knight

winner: gill (he covered the black knight in swamp water)

forky vs steve

winner: steve (he hits forky with a mallet)


gill vs steve

winner: gill (steve tried to get bucks gazillion back in control of the sinistras but the dexteras and sinistras teamed up and stopped him)

champion: gill

Season 7 

Regular matches:



fleegle vs the visitor fleegle fleegle bashed the vistor on the head with a guitair
bingo vs bucks gazillion bingo bucks gazillion tried to buy the right to the banana splits but bingo tells him he has to talk to the other members which are fleegle,drooper,and snorky which stuns bucks who is then pinned by bingo using the banana bongo bash
pei pei the purple panda vs monokuma monokuma he was immune to the royal scepter of porpastan
drooper vs the black knight drooper he blind him with two bananas
snorky vs sick vick snorky sick vick make snorky sick but it backfires as his trunk sneeze sends vick flying
forky vs the big time forky forky is unaffected by the time bomb and pins the big time with the spork smash
deadpool (now a dextera) vs n senator skull deadpool he gives senator skull a wet willy then shoots him with a bazooka sending him flying
conker vs evil ira conker he drinks a cold one and is unaffected by the evil eye then pins him with a mallet
gill vs the big time the big time he finished gill off with the time bomb albeit covered in slime
weredog vs itsy bitsy itsy bitsy he webs weredog and pins him for the win

round 1:

gogachog vs dwayne bramage

winner: gogachog (he crushes Dwayne with a giant wheel)

cleat cunnigham vs monokuma

winner: monokuma (he trap cleat in a electric soccer goal

snorky vs the ameoba

winner: snorky (he sends the ameoba flying with the mega trunk)

deadpool vs flashback

winner: flashback (deadpool gives flashback a blinding wedgie but he remembers his siganture move blingding deadpool and pins hiM)

gogachog vs monokuma

winner: monokuma (he outsmarts gogachog with an anvil to the head)

snorky vs monokuma

winner: snorky (his mega trunk short circuits monokuma)


snorky vs flashback

champion: snorky (the sinistras tried to sabotoged the match but the other banana splits intervened and helped the dexteras overcome them)

Season 8 

regular matches:




duke kaboom vs monokuma duke kaboom he short circuited monokuma with his explosive stunts
snorky vs monokuma monokuma he shocked snorky with a lightning zap
fleegle vs sir serpent fleegle whipped sir serpent into submisson
ally gator vs dorsal flynn ally gator was immuned to the blowhole
tom cat vs darth thumb darth thumb shocked tom cat with a laser ball of yarn
deadpool vs the big tim deadpool drove the big time crazy
the laughing looney vs drooper drooper he pounded the laughing looney into the mat
bingo vs the visitor bingo he used the banana bongo bash on the visitor
the noid vs n fuego the noid a n extra cheese pizza melted on n fuego's face

Round 1

senator skull vs bingo

winner: senator skull (he shocked drooper with the skull's revenge shocker)

the noid vs ice t

winner: the noid (he used a freeze ray to freeze ice t)

fleegle vs ally gator

winner: fleegle (she slipped on a banana peel)

senator skull vs the noid

winner: senator skull (he used the super skull on the noid)

fleegle vs senator skull

winner: fleegle (senator skull was close to winning but his cronies didn't know how to control the special effects machine giving fleegle enough time to recover and pin senator skull with his new move the banana split)

Season 9 





bingo vs senator skull senator skull used the skulls revenge shocker on him
unit 19g vs the flying dutchman unit 19g he trapped the flying dutchman in a ghost trap then pinned him
the noid vs evil ira the noid he blinded evil ira with a pizza
wasabi vs monokuma monokuma he didn't care for the best poem ever
drooper vs itsy bitsy drooper he hit itsy bitsy with the a drum
snorky vs the big time the big time he used the time bomb on snorky
senator skull vs unit 19g senator skull he had a chair thrown at him
the noid vs monokuma the noid he short circuited monkuma with hot cheese
drooper vs the big time the big time he gave drooper the time bomb
the noid vs the big time (championship match) the noid he used his new move the cheeseball and won the championship

Season 10 

regular matches

match winner reason
miss fitwell vs evil ira miss fitwell she made him do 20 push ups and undo an eye spell
the noid vs monokuma monokuma he shocked the noid
drooper vs shrine guy drooper his glasses protected him from the sand
the big time vs fly guy fly guy he used his new move the buzz off bash
wasabi vs senator skull (rematch) senator skull he gave her the skull's revenge shocker
miss fit well vs monokuma miss fitwell she made monokuma overheat
senator skull vs fly guy senator skull he gave fly guy the super skull which squished him
drooper: vs queen neferecreepy drooper he made a giant banana fall on her
senator skull vs miss fitwell senator skull he gave her the skull's revenge shocker
senator skull vs drooper (championship) senator skull he made clink clank shock drooper meaning the sinistras take over in a shocking end to the season

Season 11 

regular matches: mahi mahi mindy vs the amoeba

winner: mahi mahi mindy (the amoeba made fun of fish behind mindy's back which made her mad)

match winner reason
senator skull vs drooper (rematch) drooper drooper absorbed the shock and sent it back at his opponent
the stash vs evil ira evil ira cheeko threw a chair at the stash
unit 19g vs the visitor the visitor he zapped unit 19g with his laser
drooper vs evil ira drooper his glasses blocked out the evil eye
the visitor vs milty the clown the visitor he lit some dynamite on fire knocking out milty the clown
drooper vs the visitor (championship) drooper the splits beat up on the sinistras who were trying to gain up on drooper

Season 12 

match winner reason
drooper vs monokuma monokuma cheeko threw a chair at drooper
applebuck vs mugsy thumbscrew applebuck offended farmers beat up on mugsy
the noid vs senator skull senator skull he gave the noid the skull's revenge shocker
fleegle vs n feugo fleegle laughing looney puts out n fuego's fire on accident giving fleegle a chance to pin n fuego
applebuck vs senator skull senator skull he blinfed applebuck with applesauce
monokuma vs fleegle fleegle he blinded monokuma with banana's
monokuma vs fleegle (championship) fleegle senator skull tried to hack into the dextera headquarters but they got a new security drone who made the sinistra cronies run in fear giving fleegle the win

Season 13 




wasabi vs n fuego wasabi the best poem ever knocked him out
fleegle vs the big time the big time fleegle got knocked out with the time bomb
knockout ninja vs itsy bitsy knockout ninja knockout ninja was too quick for itsy
wasabi vs the big time (rematch) wasabi wasabi pinned the big time with the best poem ever
knockout ninja vs mokokuma monokuma he dropped a boulder onto knockout ninja
drooper vs the ameoba the ameoba the ameoba made drooper feel sick
wasabi vs the ameoba (championship) wasabi wasabi used her new move the poem slam and squashed the ameoba to the mat winning the championship

Season 14 

match winner reason
applebuck vs big bad billy goatesky applebuck he covered billy in applesuace
the stash vs monokuma monokuma used the punishment button and pinned him afterwards
gally gator vs gill gally gator attacked gill with a swamp leaves
mr.extremo vs cheeko rojo mr.extremeo he rammed into cheeko with a jetpack
applebuck vs gally gator gally gator dropped a barrel on applebuck
mr.extremo vs gally gator (championship) mr.extremo applebuck finds out gally injured wasabi and saves mr.extremo from gally's barrel allowing him to do a stunt onto gally and pin her

(note: wasabi was injured so she sits from the sidelines they mystery is who injured her)

Season 15 


winner reason
miss fitwell vs senator skull senator skull used the skull's revenge shocker on her
mr.extremo vs ally gator mr.extremo used tnt on her
pierre pamplemousse vs scoutmaster scott pierre pamplemousse made the scouts turn on scott
tom cat vs mugsy thumbscrew mugsy thumbscrew tied tom cat up in yarn
mr.extremo vs senator skull senator skull cheeko threw a chair at mr.extremo
pierre pamplemousse vs sentor skull (rematch and championship) pierre pamplemousse threw a fork in his eye then pinned him winning the championship

season 16

match winner reason
me-ouch vs lynn loud lynn loud knocked her out with her training from cleat cunnigham
chuck e cheese vs darkness darkness knocked chuck e cheese out with a dark cloud shocking him
dick dastardly vs dick tracy dick tracy arrested dick dastardly
sonic the hedgehog vs invader zim invader zim zapped sonic
vendetta vs helen henny helen henny knock vendetta out with a microphone thrown at her fac
uchu chu vs secret squirrel uchu chu knocked out secret with a spear to the head
lynn loud vs darkness lynn loud blinded him with a hockey puck to both eyes
dick tracy vs ivader zim invader zim crushed him with his ship
helen henny vs uchu chu helen henny pecked his eyes blinding him
invader zim vs helen henny invader zim crushed helen with grease weakening her
lynn loud vs invader zim (championship) lynn loud froze him in ice then pinned him winning the championship

Season 17

regular matches (made to introduce new wrestlers)

match winner reason
the rocketeer vs the big time the rocketeer too fast for the big time
patchy the pirate vs captain carpal patchy the pirate polly was being attacked by potty distracting captain carpal allow patchy to pin him
ladybug vs itsy bitsy ladybug tied her up in her yo yo
scott pilgrim vs corbata scott pilgrim hit him with a guitair riff then pinned him
secret squirrel vs uchu chu secret squirrel used his shield and knocked him out allowing him the pin
meowth vs hometown huck hometown huck used the hometown shuffle on him
me-ouch vs wasabi me-ouch threw a chair at her
lynn loud vs vands vands zapped her with laser vison
lola bunny vs n fuego lola bunny zapped him with a big water gun and pin him to the mat
spiderman vs kano spiderman zapped his robot eye then pinned him
polly esther vs me-ouch polly esther dropped a giant pizza on her and pinned her
bugs bunny vs the big time bugs bunny used his smarts to beat him
sandy cheeks vs senator skull sandy cheeks karate chopped him to the floor
major glory vs lord zedd major glory used his star spangled slammer and pinned him
ricky ricotta vs the rat ricky ricotta smashed him with his giant robot
wilkins vs itsy bitsy wilkins shot her out of a canon
milo murphey vs scoutmaster scott milo murphey a safe fell on him and his goons
mario vs tobe mario smashed him with a mega mushroom
sub zero vs vendetta sub zero froze her to the floor then pinned her
mr.munch vs snagglefangs mr,munch bit snagglefangs then pinned him
chuck e cheese vs sick vick chuck e cheese made him some orange juice then pinned him
pucca vs the scorpion pucca beat him up then pinned him
sonic vs zim sonic beat him up with his speed
inspector gagdet vs the lost viking inspector gadget zapped him with his go go gadget laser
dick tracey vs dick dastardly dick tracey used the case closed on him
spydra vs penelope pitstop penelope pitstop sprayed her with perfume then pinned him
pasqually vs the big time pasqually hit him with a giant spatula
jasper t jowels vs scoutmaster scott jasper t jowels scoutmaster scott quit
helen henny vs zach varmitech zack varmitech itsy threw a chair at helen
bill rizer vs no tail no goodnick bill rizer used the contra code on him
mr.funny vs shrine guy mr.funny made him laugh so hard he fell over and fainted
vinyl vs the computer vinyl hacked into his systems then pinned him
diamond dog vs blue devil blue devil attack him with a diamond
la laker vs ice t la laker dropped a giant basketball on him
conker vs darkness conker shot him with a bfg then pinned him


match winner reason
zach varmitech vs penelope pistop penelope pitstop he ran him over with the compact pussycat
darth thumb vs gogachog darth thumb forced choked him
the breadstick vs macho cheese the breadstick drooped marinara sauce on him then pinned him
fly guy vs the big time the big time used the time bomb
penelope pitstop vs darth thumb darth thumb pinned her using dirt
breadstick vs darth thumb (championship) breadstick exposed his evil plan then had his death ball fall on him then pinned him

Season 18

match winner reason
breadstick vs the big time the big time bit him then used the time bomb on him
itsy bitsy vs patchy the pirate patchy the pirate potty attack itsy allowing patchy to pin her
face off phil vs monokuma face off phil froze him then pinned him
dick dastardly vs wasabi dick dastardly dropped a anvil on her
fleegle vs senator skull fleegle hit him with his guitair
n fuego vs dick tracy n fuego used the forbidden dance
the big time vs patchy the pirate patchy put water on him then pinned him
face off phil vs dick dastardly dick dastardly had muttley throw pucks at his noggin
fleegle vs n fuego fleegle made it rain with sammy's help then pinned n fuego
fleegle vs dick dastardly (championship fleegle exposed muttley then made him fall on dick dastardly then pinned him
match winner reason
fleegle vs the big time the big time squashed him with the time bomb
cleat cunningham vs the black knight cleat cunningham knocked him out with a soccer ball
wilkins vs me-ouch wilkins dropped a giant coffee can on her then pinned her
senator skull vs knockout ninja senator skull pinned him with the skull's revenge shocker
cleat cunningham vs the big time (rematch) cleat cunningham a trophy fell on the big time
wilkins vs senator skull senator skull finished wilkis with the skull's revenge shocker
lucky o leary vs dick dastardly lucky o leary bad luck came to dick dastardly as his car fell on him making muttley laugh
the rocketeer vs kano kano kano melted the rocketeer's jetpack
cleat cunningham vs senator skull (rematch) senator skull a mysterious anvil fell on cleat
lucky o leary vs itsy bitsy itsy bitsy itsy got caught in her own web which gave lucky the chance to pin her
lucky o leary vs senator skull (championship) lucky o leary the anvil fell on senator skull as the mysterious anvil dropper is revealed to be billy batboy


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