The Rainbow Club of the first season of The Phoenix Defenders.


Skye and Aeolus befriended a new kid who has a secret for himself.


Katelyn:GET UP!

Mallory Black:What?

Katelyn:You've been seducing my Apollo that's what! And don't even try to deny it!

Mallory Black:Apollo who?

Katelyn:You know perfectly well which Apollo!

Mallory Black:We are talking about Shaggy Rogers right?

Apollo tried to hold a chuckle when Mallory opened her book again and began to read.

Mallory:Well, i'm so sorry for seducing your Apollo.

Katelyn:Ha! I know it!

Mallory Black:Know what?

Katelyn:That you've been seducing Apollo!

Mallory Black:Who?

Katelyn:Apollo! My boyfriend!

Bro, you're so lucky, getting Katlyn.

Mallory Black:Who are you again?

Katelyn:Wh-What? No, that's not important!

Mallory Black:Well if i don't know who you are, doesn't that mean i don't know who your boyfriend is?


Apollo suddenly burst into laughter.

Apollo McGuire:Katlyn, leave her alone, okay? This is getting boring.

Katelyn:I know it, she is seducing you?

Apollo McGuire:Say what?

Katelyn:It's not true, right?

Apollo McGuire:Katelyn...why would i choose an ugly cheerleader when i can have Mallory all for myself? She's the attractive one around here and you know it.

Mallory smirked rather satisfactorily as Apollo smiled and hugged her. Suddenly the teacher walked in with a new student.

What is going on here?

Katlyn's eyes immediately watered.

Katelyn:Mallory Black hit me!

Apollo McGuire:What the...?

Katelyn:But Apollo saved me! He pulled her off me! Isn't that right, Apollo?

Mr. McGuire, is this true?

Apollo McGuire:I...

Mallory Black:Yes, It's true.

Katlyn stumbled in shock as Mallory stood up, looking completely calm.

Apollo McGuire:(whispers)Come on Mallory, don't do this.

Mallory Black:I attacked Katlyn because there was a wasp tangled in her hair. I was just trying to pull it out before it could sting her...but it flew out.

Katleyn:Wait...THERE'S A WASP IN MY HAIR?!

Well, settle down then we don't want to scare our new student away before he even gets to acquainted with you. Class, meet Nicky Johnson.

Nicky Johnson:Hi.

Weston: Hey newbie, are you a boy or a girl?

Nicky: My name is Nicky, i'll leave that up to you,

Weston:Girl then. You even look like one.

Aeolus:Will you please shut up!

Weston:Hey, i was only having a laugh.

Aeolus Rowan:Well, it's wasn't funny.


So Nick, where are you from?


What made you want to come here?

Nicky:I don't really know. My parents decided to move here awhile ago. Things were starting to get really rough at school. So my parents decided to move.



Tell me, Nicky. Do you ever look around at people and wonder why you feel like you don't quite fit in with who you're supposed to be? Do you ever question why you were born the way you were? Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like you're staring at a stranger.

What are you trying to say?

What i'm trying to say is that i have decided that i am nothing. I'm not a girl but i'm not a guy either. I'm sorta in between. Let's just say that i'm partly male and partly female in appearance

To be honest with you, i kinda knew since i've met you. Skye...


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Dylan O'Brien

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