The New Hybrid Project is an American Action Film based off

of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.


Chris Pratt-Owen Grady

Bryce Dallas Howard-Claire Dearing

Judas Mothersbaugh(f)-as Jackie Grady

Lance Pence(f)- as Connor Dearing

Mike Lance(f)- as Jude Grady

The rest of the cast is the same as in Jurassic World


The Indoraptor haunts Jurassic World once again as Dr Wu has cooked up a plan to make a better,bigger,and stronger version of the Indoraptor but with a twist they need a human do to the experiment.

Copyright and Ownership

The idea is copyrighted by Charfadebendix the Indoraptor belongs to Jurassic World

With the main theme being The Prayer by Mans Zemerlow which belongs to the singer

The f's in some of the actors names mean fiction actor

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