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The New Goosebumps is an American anthology comedy-horror live-action TV series and a reboot of the original 1995 Goosebumps TV series, which in itself was based on the children's horror fiction novellas of the same name by Robert Lawrence "R.L." Stine. The reboot was created by the original author and TV show creator himself R.L. Stine, along with his wife, Jane Stine, and premiered its first season on June 2, 2017, and concluding on December 29, 2017.

The series has been renewed for two seasons, with the second season airing on March 9, 2018, with a five-episode premiere that starred some of the cast members from Andi Mack, and kickstarted a trend of airing episodes in "batches", as The CC (Cartoon Comedy) called it. The next batch of episodes premiered on May 25, 2018. The third batch aired on October 12, 2018, to promote Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween. It also starred some of the cast members from the film. The following batch is set for December 14, 2018, and the last batch of episodes aired on March 1, 2019.


The show is an anthology about children finding themselves in supernatural situations. The plot is similar to the original series in that they're both anthologies, they both feature the same story structure, and both feature child actors.


Season 1 (2017)

  • Sean Giambrone as Tim (3 episodes)
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Tammy
  • Peyton List as Lisa, Alice
  • Tiffany Espensen as Jessica
  • Jet Jurgensmeyer as Chuck
  • Finn Wolfhard as Luke
  • G. Hannelius as Sarah
  • Jack Griffo as Noah, Lon
  • Natalie Alyn Lind as Annie
  • Gabrielle Elyse as Alex
  • Jacob Tremblay as Arnold
  • Madison Hu as Tori
  • Ian Chan as Shawn
  • Isabella Cramp as Aurora
  • Ashley Boettcher as Ashley
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Tanner
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Lance
  • Rico Rodriguez as Manuel
  • Casey Simpson as Hank
  • China Anne McClain as Maya
  • Alex Hook as Alexandra
  • Malina Weissman as Belinda (2 episodes)
  • Mana Ashida as May
  • Art Parkinson as Armie
  • Rowan Blanchard as Anna
  • Jace Norman as Harry
  • Raymond Ochoa as Aaron
  • Gaten Matarazzo as Gavin
  • Stony Blyden as Tyler
  • Grant Palmer as Taylor
  • Isabella Acres as Annemarie
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Archie
  • Oakes Fegly as Opie
  • Kristen Li as Kirsten

Season 2 (2018)

  • Dylan Minnette as Clive
  • Asher Angel as Jason
  • Storm Reid as Hannah
  • Sofia Wylie as Rita
  • Joshua Rush as Nathan
  • Cameron Boyce as Henry
  • Julian Dennison as Nash
  • Gabriel Bateman as Dante
  • Pierce Gagnon as Ethan
  • Emily Ayn Lind as Francesca
  • Danica McKellar as Fatima
  • Madison Iseman as Sally
  • Oona Laurence (voice only) as Sally's Beastie
  • Caleel Harris as Jerell
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor as John Whitman (US) and John Whitman (UK)
  • Ken Jeong as Ken
  • Courtney Lauren Cummings as Karen
  • Doug Jones as Mannequin Leader
  • Quvenzhané Wallis as Fantasia
  • Dante Brown as Michael
  • Jackson A. Dunn as Hunter
  • Iris Apatow as Aimee
  • Judah Lewis as Kyle
  • Peter Cullen (voice only) as Bug (Boogeyman)
  • Jason and Kristopher Simmons as Ben and Ren
  • Ripley Sobo as Cayden


Production lasted over a span of 4 years, starting from March 2013 up until July 2017, and filming mostly took place in Vancouver, Canada, paralleling the original series' Canadian filming setting.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 26 June 2, 2017 December 29, 2017
2 26 March 9, 2018 March 1, 2019

Season 1 (2017)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Original airdate
1 1 "Song of the Mermaid" R.L. Stine June 2, 2017
In the series premiere, a kid named Tim (Sean Giambrone) visits his uncle Albert (Tim Curry), who works at the docks, and hears rumors of a mermaid who attracts men with her voice before bringing upon their doom.
2 2 "Horror at the Haunted House" Timothy Bond June 5, 2017
A trio of girls, Jessica, Tammy, and Lisa, (Tiffany Espensen, Sabrina Carpenter, and Peyton List, respectively) dare each other to go into their town's haunted house in an attempt to shield themselves from the dumb blonde stereotype. Everything goes wrong when they encounter a powerful ghost with unfinished business.
3 3 "Mr. Click" R.L. Stine June 6, 2017
A boy named Chuck (Jet Jurgensmeyer) must battle a Jigsaw-like entity who lives in his TV.
4 4 "Slap-Happy Slappy" John Bell June 7, 2017
Luke (Finn Wolfhard), an aspiring ventriloquist, gets a dummy named Slappy for his birthday. He notices it has a piece of paper in his shirt pocket reading "Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano". When he reads it, Slappy comes to life and terrorizes his family!
5 5 "Creeping at the Carnival" Timothy Bond June 8, 2017
Sarah (G. Hannelius) realizes that all the rides at her local carnival are, well, alive.
6 6 "Dawn of the Werewolves" R.L. Stine June 9, 2017
A girl named Annie (Natalie Ayn Lind) visits her cousins in the rural part of her town and hears tales of werewolves roaming the countryside at night. She dismisses these as legends until she sees signs that her two cousins, Noah and Alex (Jack Griffo and Gabrielle Elyse, respectively) may be werewolves.
7 7 "A Sucker for Pain" R.L. Stine June 16, 2017
Arnold (Jacob Tremblay) moves into a new neighborhood and deals with a vampire that used to live there when he was a mortal.
8 8 "Spooky Movie" John Bell June 23, 2017
Tori and Shawn (Madison Hu and Ian Chan) get stuck in a slasher film and must endure stalking from the movie's main antagonist, the killer (Tim Curry).
9 9 "Rustling Scarecrow" R.L. Stine July 28, 2017
A girl from the rural part of town, Aurora (Isabella Cramp), visits her grandparents' farm in Montana and hears stories of a scarecrow apparently cursed by a witch. Horror cliches ensue as Aurora does not buy into the story until she encounters it while jump-roping late at night.
10 10 "The Midnight Train" Timothy Bond August 4, 2017
Lon (Jack Griffo) and his sister Ashley (Ashley Boettcher) hear a train late at night and decide to investigate on one particular day. Unfortunately, this midnight train contains the souls of those who died in a train crash, and they want the siblings to join them...on a ride of their lives!
11 11 "Lunch Creeper" John Bell August 18, 2017
Tanner (Sean Ryan Fox) is disturbed by the presence of a "Lunch Creeper" that inhabits his lunch box and intentionally tries to poison him.
12 12 "Blood" R.L. Stine September 1, 2017
Lance (Dylan Sprayberry) is camping with his girlfriend Alice (Peyton List), and find themselves on the run from a crazed maniac who wields an ax covered in blood.
13 13 "Elevator" R.L. Stine September 15, 2017
Aaliyah (Zendaya) gets stuck on an elevator due to take her to her first job interview and finds herself dealing with a monster that's stuck there as well.
14 14 "Detention of Doom" René Bonnière October 6, 2017
Manuel (Rico Rodriguez), Hank (Casey Simpson), and Maya (China Anne McClain) are three high-school kids who are put in detention and confront strange goo creatures created by the science teacher (Brian Stepanek) whose science classroom hosts detention.
15 15 "The Day the Clown Scared" Timothy Bond October 9, 2017
Alexandra's (Alex Hook) fear of clowns takes a dark turn when her school hosts a carnival.
16 16 "Even More Monster Blood" John Bell October 11, 2017
Tim (Sean Giambrone) discovers a jar of "Monster Blood" at a strange convenience store, and he and his female friend Belinda (Malina Weissman) play around with it. However, Tim must find a cure for Belinda's sudden gigantism following her digesting a portion of the Blood.
17 17 "Slit-Mouth" (Part 1) René Bonnière October 13, 2017
May (Mana Ashida) encounters the Slit-Mouth Woman after dismissing her as just another silly urban legend.
18 18 "Slit-Mouth" (Part 2) R.L. Stine October 16, 2017
After managing to escape the wrath of Slit-Mouth, May finds herself stalked by her and must get rid of her once and for all.
19 19 "Bubble Trouble" William Fruet October 18, 2017
Armie (Art Parkison) and Anna (Rowan Blanchard) find an ancient bubble kit and start blowing bubbles that form into "bubble troubles"-monstrous, bubble-morphed monsters.
20 20 "Halloween Intruder" Randy Bradshaw October 20, 2017
Harry (Jace Norman) encounters an intruder (Albert Pollack) breaking into his house on Halloween.
21 21 "The N-ourmous Nightcrawlers" R.L. Stine November 3, 2017
Aaron (Raymond Ochoa) and Gavin (Gaten Matarazzo) must fight off gargantuan-sized "nightcrawlers" (giant earthworms that latches into its victims and buries them deep beneath the Earth) in their small town of Worm, Texas.
22 22 "The Wing That Rocks the Gremlin" Timothy Bond November 24, 2017
A plane trip to visit his relatives turns deadly for one boy, Tyler (Stony Blyden), when he discovers a gremlin that malfunctions the plane. Tyler then finds himself face-to-face with the creature and must defeat it if he wants to land in one piece.
23 23 "Silent Night" R.L. Stine and John Bell December 8, 2017
Taylor (Grant Palmer) is an outcast at school due to his persistent and vocal belief in Santa which goes even into his teenage years. He gets excited when he hears rustling in his chimney, thinking it's Santa Claus, but he gets the surprise of his life when he finds Santa's dead body!
24 24 "Herself and the Elf" William Fruet and Jane Stine December 15, 2017
Annamarie (Isabella Acres) encounters an elf in her house that is supposed to watch her over to see if she is "Naughty" or "Nice", and afterwards, report it to Santa. But the elf may have other plans that don't necessarily follow Santa's.
25 25 "Presents" René Bonnière December 22, 2017
Archie (Tucker Albrizzi) starts finding gifts around his house that contain horrific things, one containing a dead rat, and one containing snuff films that are too NSFL. Each and each gift that is scattered around his household gets more and more disturbing, and Archie must locate the source of the gifts before he receives something more horrifying.
26 26 "Krazy Krampus" R.L. Stine and Jane Stine December 29, 2017
A naughty kid, Opie (Oakes Fegly), is warned by his bigger and more responsible, adopted sister, Kirsten (Kristen Li), that if he doesn't behave himself, he'll be kidnapped by the Krampus. He thinks she's just fear-mongering until he meets the person.

Season 2 (2018)

A 2nd and final season of 26 episodes began airing on March 9, 2018, before the season 3 finale of Larry!, with a five-episode premiere that featured some stars from Andi Mack. This is the first season to air in "batches", whereas five episodes air every other two months or so. The next batch of episodes premiered on May 25, 2018. The third batch aired October 12, 2018, to promote the Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween film premiering on the same day (along with having stars of the film star in a couple of episodes), with the following one set for December 14, 2018, and the last batch of episodes finally broadcasting in early 2019.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Original airdate
27 1 "My Dummy" René Bonnière March 9, 2018
Clive (Dylan Minnette) is a loner at his school who buys himself a dummy to keep him company. The dummy, however, is one of Slappy's comrades, and he is hell-bent on terrorizing Clive and his family. With the help of his popular cousin, Jason (Asher Angel), they will defeat the dummy, Chester, and in the process, a part of Slappy.
28 2 "Notice" Timothy Bond and John Bell March 9, 2018
A girl named Hannah (Storm Reid) starts noticing how people, ironically, stop noticing her, including her own family. She at first enjoys the perks and freedom that come with being unnoticed until she gets bored and starts piecing things together to realize the horrifying truth.
29 3 "Gone" Stefan Scaini and Ron Oliver March 9, 2018
Rita (Sofia Wylie) wakes up one day to find out that her town has been left deserted and that everyone is gone, but she realizes she is not alone...
30 4 "Me and My Shadow Peeps" Don McCutcheon and R.L. Stine March 9, 2018
A boy named Nathan (Joshua Rush) discovers the infamous Shadow People inhabiting his household, and he must stop them after they abduct his parents.
31 5 "ATM" Brian R.R. Hebb and Jane Stine March 9, 2018
All of the customers from Henry's (Cameron Boyce) family-owned gas station start disappearing soon after a new ATM is installed.
32 6 "Microtation" John Bell May 25, 2018
Nash (Julian Dennison) buys a microwave to cook over leftovers due to his workaholic mother's tendencies to work night shifts, but realizes that this particular microwave somehow mutates his leftovers into grotesque, disgusting creatures he must defeat by himself.
33 7 "Yet Even More Monster Blood" William Fruet May 25, 2018
Tim (from the episodes "Song of the Mermaid" and "Even More Monster Blood") has another run-in with Monster Blood when he realizes it's being sold as detergent and his mother has it in stock at their house. He and his friend Belinda (also appearing in those episodes) must defeat this sinister slime once and for all.
34 8 "Nightmare In 3-D" Timothy Bond May 25, 2018
Dante (Gabriel Bateman) wants to see the newest horror film "The Evil Bellows From Beneath" in 3D at his local cinema, finding out too late that the 3D feels just a bit too...real.
35 9 "Neighborhood Watcher" Stefan Scaini May 25, 2018
Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) decides to start a neighborhood watch with the help of his friends following a rash of unexplained events in his neighborhood, starting with the murder of a neighbor. His life is quickly threatened as he begins seeing visions of a strange, shadow-like creature.
36 10 "The Psychic's Sidekick" René Bonnière May 25, 2018
Francesca (Emily Ayn Lind) is the meek and submissive assistant to the angry yet powerful psychic Fatima (Danica McKellar). She finds out she has the same powers as Fatima and decides to change herself in order to stop Fatima's plot to murder children all over the world.
37 11 "Besties With a Beastie" John Bell October 12, 2018
Sally (Madison Iseman) is a lonely, introverted girl whose only source of comfort is digging up dinosaur fossils with her panteologist uncle Herbert (Chris Parnell), tracing back to her love of panteology. During one of these excursions, she digs up a "Beastie" (voiced by Oona Laurence), that is, a creature who takes on the form of its discoverer's "friend" and becomes their friend when it's apparent they don't have any. Sally, at first, is enamored with the idea of having a friend for once, but as she becomes more absorbed in her uncle's trips to unearth fossils, the Beastie decides that Sally's uncle must take its place...underground.
Alternate title: Best Friends Forever
38 12 "Whirlpool" Brian R.R. Hebb October 12, 2018
A mundane summer turns ecstatic when Jerell (Caleel Harris) discovers a hidden pool deep within his hometown's woods during a Boy Scouts camping trip. He finds it odd that the forest is becoming smaller in size as the pool grows bigger, until he realizes it was not a pool to begin with.
39 13 "John Whitman" R.L Stine October 12, 2018
John Whitman (Jeremy Ray Talor) lives a mostly perfect life, until his parents begin to take an exchange student from the UK also named John Whitman (also played by Jeremy Ray Taylor). British John Whitman seems normal, but not after American John Whitman realizes his British namesake is set on stealing his life and identity and manipulates him so that the latter is forced to take upon British John Whitman's disguise.
40 14 "Eclipse" Timothy Bond and Ron Oliver October 12, 2018
A scientist at the fictional SAUSA (Space Association of the United States of America), Ken (Ken Jeong), discovers that the association is hiding information from the public that the latest solar eclipse will be the last on on Earth, meaning, it will end the world.
41 15 "Mane-Quinn" Jane Stine and René Bonnière October 12, 2018
Karen (Courtney Lauren Cummings) works at the mall, but even she wasn't ready to find out before closing time that the mannequins at the place come alive at night to discuss taking over the world, and that any mortals who overhear them will become one of them.
42 16 "Full Moon" Stefan Scaini December 14, 2018
A socially awkward lonely girl named Fantasia (Quvenzhané Wallis), who is a big horror fan, has her wish of being a werewolf accomplished when she is bitten by one during a camping trip with her father (Sterling K. Brown in a special guest appearance). She suspects another lonely kid in her class, Michael (Dante Brown), of being a werewolf as well. In the end, she permanently morphs into a wolf and joins another wolf to a pack of other wolves, with this other wolf hinted as being Michael.
43 17 "Zambi" Don McCutcheon December 14, 2018
Hunter (Jackson A. Dunn), with his hunting skills, attempts to stop a herd of zombified deers from inciting rampage into his small conservative town in this watered-down parody of revered zombie films like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later.
44 18 "Time Loop de Loop" William Fruet December 14, 2018
16-year old Aimee (Iris Apatow) leads a happy life that is demurred by the discovery that she's actually reliving a different version of the same day (as in, a time loop à la Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children), that being her birthday, in which she died from sudden cardiac death.
45 19 "Closeted Fears" Brian R.R. Hebb and R.L. Stine December 14, 2018
Kyle (Judah Lewis) doubts his disbelief in the boogeyman (voiced by Peter Cullen) after it coerces him into a forced friendship and threatens him with violence if he slips out anything about the boogeyman's existence.
46 20 "The Devil Game" Steve DiMarco December 14, 2018
A group of diverse friends, brothers Ben and Ren (Jason and Kristopher Simmons), and Cayden (Ripley Sobo), decide to take a shot at "The Devil Game", which is actually a ritual that aims to summon the "most hellish demon" from Hell. Believing it to be simply the Devil himself, our three daring buds go through with summoning, stupidly summoning a being even more powerful and devilish than, well, the Devil.
47 21 "The Brat" John Bell March 1, 2019
Paxton has to involuntary babysit his spoiled, bratty cousin Kylie, whom he detests and constantly reprimands, unaware that she inhibits supernatural powers that she will use against him.
48 22 "Psychology" Ron Oliver March 1, 2019
16-year old Daniel chooses Psychology as one of his elective courses for his sophomore year of high school not out of interest, but rather necessity. He becomes increasingly suspicious that the Psychology teacher, Mr. Gottlieb, is using his background in psychology to brainwash his students into doing his..."bidding".
49 23 "Kindergarten" Stefan Scaini March 1, 2019
Alton, a junior in high school whose school career peaked in kindergarten, revisits his still-functioning elementary school on a Saturday afternoon, where he recovers what truly occurred in that school during his time there.
50 24 "The Shot" René Bonnière March 1, 2019
After stumbling upon an unconscious creature he cannot identify, Elijah begins to envision in it in his dreams as anthropomorphic and trying to get a message across which he cannot comprehend.
"My Best Friend Is A Guardian Angel" R.L. Stine, Jane Stine & Timothy Bond March 1, 2019
Claire's guardian angel appears to her for the first time to warn her that she has been battling an evil angel bringing disorder for Claire's entire life, but she will need her help this time around. Although Claire is hesitant that the two of them alone could deter this angel of death, she uncovers her friends' guardian angels, and they all unite to take down this powerful foe. After they are triumphant, all the guardian angels fly back to their place of origin, a Heaven-like kingdonm named Bel-Air, as they're no longer needed on Earth.


Rotten Tomatoes has reported that 55% of the 19 reviews for the first season were positive. One critic from Variety wrote, "Though the show can be simplified at times, it's understandable as it tries to savor 90s nostalgia." Overall, some critics have called it a really good reboot. The second season has an approval rating of 88% based on 9 reviews.


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