The Net: Cyber Network is 2019 cyber spy thriller and it is a sequel/reboot to The Net and The Net 2.0., but has a separate and unrelated plot. However, this film is third installment in the The Net film series. This films stars Jessica Rothe, John Cena, Tim Robbins and Chadwick Boseman.


A young CIA agent goes rouge from her colleague when she become the target of a mysterious network after makes a shocking discovery about her late grandfather.



  • Jessica Rothe as Alexandra Smith, a CIA agent goes on the run while being targeted by a mysterious network
  • John Cena as Leo Kuznetsov, a Russian hitman who was hired to found Alexandra but later joining focus with Alex.
  • Tim Robbins as Frank Smith, Alex's over-protective father and boss
    • Graham Verchere as Young Frank Smith (age 12-17)
  • Chadwick Boseman as Miles Gibson/Isaac Mikaelson, a villain of the film
  • James Fox as Richard Smith, a retired CIA agent, Alex's grandfather and Frank's father who was killed over his secret in the beginning of the film. 
    • Mark Duplass as Young Richard Smith (age 34-39)
  • Olivia Wilde as Holly Gardner, Alexandra's childhood best friend and a CIA agent. They knew each other since they was kids. She was later revealed as Richard's daughter, Frank's half-sister and Alexandra's aunt.
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • Harrison Ford as TBA,
    • Penn Badgley as Young TBA (age 30-35)
  • Richard Roundtree as Samuel Mikaelson, a former cyber-terrorist was known as The Ticking Man and Miles' father
    • Michael B. Jordan as Young TBA (age 31-36)
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • Joanna Cassidy as TBA,
    • Emma Stone as Young TBA (age 27-32)
  • Candice Bergen as TBA,
    • Emma Roberts as Young TBA (age 26-31)
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • Sandra Bullock as Angela Bennett (cameo)


Alexandra seeking advices from familiar face

  • (Alexandra walks out of the bank and grunts)
  • Alexandra (kick the car couple of time): Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!!!
  • Angela (run to Alexandra): Hey! Hey! HEY!!! Why are you kicking my car?
  • Alexandra: Look, I am sorry, I had the most fucked up day ever. My granddad's identity has been stolen but nobody believe me.
  • Angela: I am sorry about your granddad.
  • Alexandra: A colleague post some lies about him. I know him, he was a good man, not some monster. He worked in CIA for 30 years, he is not a traitor. He didn't work for anybody else.
  • (Alexandra sighs and sit down on the ground)
  • Alexandra: I can't trust anybody. Everybody think I am mad but I know the truth.
  • Alexandra: How can I prove my granddad's true identity? His whole life which he build for years is falling down as a dirty ashes.
  • Angela: Look, lady, you need to be careful of who you are dealing. My advice is don't trust anybody because they must trick you.
  • Angela: The reason why I am saying this because I have been in the same situation as you but with somebody stealing my identity.
  • Alexandra: How did you get your identity back?
  • Angela: I fight back and change the system.
  • Alexandra: The system...
  • Angela: You need to find the disk.
  • Alexandra: Which kind of disk?
  • Angela: To carry evidence to expose the truth. Do you wants to keep your granddad's memory?
  • Alexandra: Yes. How will I find evidence if the CIA or the government keep it under protection?
  • Angela: Find the key and then unlocked it.
  • (Alexandra saw two police officer looking for her)
  • Alexandra (try to hide herself): Shit.
  • Angela: One thing you need to know is that keep your identity safe because they must try to set you up, getting you in more trouble.
  • Angela: Hide yourself from public. Be smart and clever at the same time.
  • (Two police officer look to the bank)
  • Alexandra: I need to go.
  • (Alexandra get up and groan)

Alexandra confronts Leo

  • (A half-naked Leo wake up in the bed)
  • Leo (groan): My head...
  • (Leo groan)
  • (Alexandra throw water at Leo)
  • (Leo gasps and groan at the same time)
  • Leo: What the...
  • Alexandra: Good morning, sleephead.
  • (Alexandra smile and then walks around the bed)
  • (Leo look at his hands and then his legs being tipped to the bed)
  • Leo: Where's my clothes?
  • Alexandra: In washing machine along with your weapon.
  • Alexandra: You had a bump on your head. I didn't want to leave you alone, dying in your own hands.
  • Leo: Where we are?
  • Alexandra (looking at the window): In the motel. It got a lovely view.
  • (Leo tries to see the window)
  • Leo: Brilliant.
  • (Leo groan)
  • (Alexandra walks to the bed)
  • (Alexandra show Leo the photo of Miles)
  • Alexandra: Who's he?
  • Leo: Miles Gibson but his real name is Isaac Mikaelson.
  • Leo: You shouldn't got involved with him. He is craziest than his own father.
  • Alexandra: The Ticking Man.
  • Leo: Yes. Your grandfather's worst enemy. Miles believe that his father was innocent and decide to prove his innocence.
  • Alexandra: But we both know Miles' father is a monster who killed 71 people.
  • Leo: Yes but Miles thinks that CIA sets up his father and cover up the evidence.
  • Alexandra: That is bullshit.
  • Leo: I know. I don't believe you are psycho, Alex. You are fighting to stay alive and protect your family's legacy.
  • Alexandra: You are playing a good guy?
  • Leo: I can be nice sometime. Grumpy and mad most time but got a good heart.
  • (Leo smile)
  • (Alexandra take the rope off Leo's hands and then his legs)
  • (Leo move his right hand)
  • (Alexandra walks away from the bed and Leo sit up on the bed)
  • (Leo touch his head)
  • Leo: Ow!
  • (Alexandra walks to Leo, holding a sandwich)
  • Alexandra: Here.
  • Leo (grab the sandwich): Thanks.
  • (Leo eats the sandwich)
  • (Alexandra sit in the chair, facing Leo)
  • Alexandra: What's your name?
  • Leo: My name?
  • Alexandra: You know my name but what about your?
  • Leo: My name is Leo, Leo Kuznetsov.
  • Alexandra: Kuznetsov? You are Lucas Kuznetsov's son.
  • Leo: I know. What a big surprise.
  • Alexandra: My father and grandfather got involved with your father and his people couple years ago.
  • Leo: Luckily, I'm not his people anymore. I left because what happened to rest of my family?
  • Alexandra: What's happened?
  • Leo: A bomber come to my dad's birthday party and blowed up the place.
  • Leo: Killing many people including my mother, uncle, grandparents and brothers. My younger sister's life was destroyed, she lost both of her legs.
  • Leo: I hate myself because I didn't protect them. I was a failure. I left KGB and abandoned my father and sister when they needing me the most.
  • Leo: The man who killed my family was working for Miles.
  • Alexandra (in shocked face): Oh my god.
  • Leo: CIA through you was going rouge and going crazy but I always believe that you has a kindest heart.
  • Leo: When I found out about your situation with Miles, I want to help you, not to hurt you.
  • Alexandra: The train, you protect me.
  • Leo: And took a hit at the same time.
  • Leo: Look, we can work together, prove our people wrong and take down Miles and his people but we need to trust each other.
  • (Leo stand up and walks to Alexandra)
  • Leo: Can I trust you, Alexandra?
  • (Leo holds his right hand)
  • (Alexandra look at Leo in happy face)
  • Alexandra (shaking Leo's hand): Yes, you can.


  • Both Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan appear on 2018 film, Black Panther.
  • Both Harrison Ford and Joanna Cassidy appear on 1984 film, Blade Runner.


"Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment presents"

In association with Perfect World Pictures

A Lakeshore/Original Film production


  • 139 minutes long.
  • Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence throughout and brief strong language.
  • 12 certificate
  • It will distributed by Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment with Perfect World Pictures and Original Film.
  • It will release on November 14, 2019 (UK) and November 15, 2019 (US).
  • Notes: All of the logo plays normal but they are all played with a theme song from The Big Screen Orchestra "The Net".
The Net (Theme song by The Big Screen Orchestra)

The Net (Theme song by The Big Screen Orchestra)

Opening credits theme song

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