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The Name's Carlos is an American-British animated espionage comedy action TV series created by Calvin MacKenzie that began airing on September 16, 2013 through May 19, 2014, for a season of 22 episodes. The series was not immediately renewed for a second season, as it was subsequently cancelled on August 7, 2014.

The series parodies some elements of spy movies and television series (like James Bond and Charlie's Angels), but is otherwise original with its episodic storylines.


Two rookie spies, Shawn and Carlos, have to work together (despite Shawn's angry and irrational personality and Carlo's timid and introverted personality) to solve crimes under the reign of an unnamed network that recruits spies to solve the least yet present threats posed to our society.

Voice cast

  • Shawn (Phil LaMarr) - A rookie spy who tries to appear tough but is actually more sensitive on the inside. He appears from anger issues due to his dysfunctional childhood. Compared to Carlos, he is more experienced with espionage. He and Taylor get along despite their clashing personalities. It is subtly hinted that he may feel something for Carlos, this with the fact that he never seems interested in any of the females he and Carlos encounter in their espionage adventures, and his apparent jealousy at any female that shows Carlos any romantic regard.
  • Carlos (Jake T. Austin) - Shawn's less experienced, but more romantic and introverted, spy partner. He and Shawn manage to hit it off even with their differences. Carlos is the main character of the series as the show bears his name.
  • Cohen (David Kaye) - Shawn and Carlos's unseen head of the unnamed network who only communicates with the duo of spies via a loudspeaker. He finally makes a full-fledged appearance in the season 1/series finale "One Last Mission" when he gets kidnapped by a rivaling spy.


Production on the series began on October 2012 after it was ordered by the then-The CC (Cartoon Comedy) president Brandon Cornish. It is said that Cornish did not order a pilot for the series since he believed that it had been proven successful and that therefore, he wanted to air the series as soon as possible. The practice of premiering shows on the channel without a pilot order was a popular one with Cornish, and only a few shows ever managed to air pilots before premiering on the channel.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 22 September 16, 2013 May 19, 2014

Season 1 (2013-14)

No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
1 "Speak Up" Calvin MacKenzie Dipper September 16, 2013
Shawn and Carlos await their newest mission, but when they receive one, the voice does not resembles that of Cohen's, so Shawn and Carlos must trace the source of the voice and try to deduce who's hacking the loudspeaker.
2 "Abreadaline" Marjory Katz Poppy Livingston September 23, 2013
Cohen instructs Shawn and Carlos to infiltrate the headquarters of the Bread Express, a new service that lets its customers order "fresh, baked bread" by ordering digitally, but he does not specify why they are to do so, because soon Shawn and Carlos figure out a horrible secret within the Express.
3 "Rob Jokes" Marjory Katz Lamar Robinson September 30, 2013
Shawn and Carlos' newest mission is to prove that a comedian, Rob Jokes, is plagiarising his jokes from other comedians, but they are soon hypnotized by his hilarity and forget the purpose of their mission as they try to intrude on one of his stand-up routines.
4 "What a Load of Ship" Anthony Gilligan Ronald Munoz October 14, 2013
A particular cruise is about to be sunk down by a mysterious figure, so Shawn and Carlos have to realize who it is, but Carlos begins falling in love with a girl, much to Shawn's jealousy and intent on the mission.
5 "Party of Five Thousand" Pamela Atkins Lester Gomez October 21, 2013
The two spies have to infiltrate a party that a supposed suicide bomber is allegedly attending, but without knowledge they realize that it's a masquerade ball...and that the people attending the party are all criminals.
6 "Something Off About Off-Brand" William Ebert Dipper October 28, 2013
Suspicions arise Cohen when he finds out that generic brands have been selling unusually high compared to name brands, so he sends his two trusty spies to figure out why the sales for "no-brands" have inflated.
7 "Sleepytown" Fatima Mataraci Lamar Robinson November 4, 2013
Shawn and Carlos have their day-off from spying in a remote town located in the outskirts of a big city, Sleepytown, but the strange and surreal atmosphere interfering the town makes our two spies evaluate that there's something off about the place.
8 "She's The One" Calvin MacKenzie Poppy Livingston November 11, 2013
A mysterious woman (Kimberly Brooks) begins threatening Shawn, through notes, that she'll reveal one of his biggest secrets if he doesn't accept her date at an amusement park...and without Carlos' aid.
9 "School of Hard Thoughts" Pamela Atkins Lester Gomez November 18, 2013
Shawn and Carlos must cease operations at a boarding school that seeks to demote individualism in all of their student body and make them all think and appear the same.
10 "You've Got Mail" Marjory Katz Diane Reed November 25, 2013
Shawn and Carlos are assigned a new mailman, Dick, after the other one dies, but when they begin receiving dubious mail from Dick, they set their sights on their latest mission.
11 "Damsel In This Stress" Fatima Mataraci Ronald Munoz December 2, 2013
Shawn and Carlos have to save the daughter of a fast food CEO, but her refusal to get saved because of "sexism" causes Shawn to get kidnapped as well, leaving Carlos the only one who has to save the both of them.
12 "Operation Green Mud" Calvin MacKenzie Diane Reed January 27, 2014
Our two rookie spies get their strangest mission yet when the city park gets infested by unidentified feces, and have to find out who is the perpetrator.
13 "Hotel Hostage" Poppy Livingston Lamar Robinson February 24, 2014
Things get real in Shawn and Carlos' latest mission when they have to intervene a robber's hostage at a hotel in lieu of the police officers who were shot down.
14 "A Spike In Stolen Flamingos" Anthony Gilligan Dipper March 24, 2014
Someone begins stealing pink, plastic flamingos from stores all around town during the 4th of July season, and Shawn and Carlos crack down on the case, immediately finding out that they're being purchased and traded off as part of an illegal flamingo ring.
15 "Choc-Full Of Poison" Pamela Atkins Lester Gomez March 31, 2014
The two rookie spies trace the location of the chocolate factory, which produces poisonous confections that are being marketed and consumed by children, as part of their newest mission.
16 "The Dangers of VR" William Ebert Poppy Livingston April 7, 2014
When innovative virtual reality (VR) technology commences to draw kids in fictional worlds and refuse to snap back to reality, the two spies Shawn and Carlos have to realize just what makes VR so addicting.
17 "She's Sleeping" Fatima Mataraci Ronald Munoz April 14, 2014
In one of the only serious missions they've ever been assigned to, Shawn and Carlos have to find out the killer and his/her motive of a young woman to whom Carlos begins feeling a strange sense of connection towards.
18 "Wild Life" William Ebert Diane Reed April 21, 2014
Shawn and Carlos have to gather all the unleashed animals from a zoo after they're all set free by a little kid, with the additional support of an animal rights activist, Alondra (Kari Walhgren), whom Carlos falls for.
19 "Talk It" Anthony Gilligan Lamar Robinson April 28, 2014
Shawn and Carlos tip their deerstalker hats in their next mission, which involves trying to get a nonverbal young man to spill out the details focusing on his strange disappearance and later reappearance.
"One Last Mission" Dipper, Calvin MacKenzie, and Poppy Livingston May 19, 2014
This 70-minute special is set in the year 2033, where Shawn and Carlos are both 39 year old "official" spies who have been in the business for almost 19 years at this point. However, their new unnamed spy network they now work under (meaning they no longer work under Cohen's commands) forces their spies to retire at age 40, meaning that Shawn and Carlos' next mission will be their last. But when Cohen gets kidnapped by a mysterious spy who rivals him (Jeff Bergman), Shawn and Cohen have their latest mission set to be that of saving their former boss, which involves crashing a party at a really fancy mansion, fighting the kidnapper at a train station, and later butting heads at a plane, in which things come to a halt as the kidnapper hijacks the plane with the intention of "ending" everyone's lives on board in an attended suicide mission, and orders for everyone on the plane to stay still. Shawn and Carlos both comply, but Shawn motions for Carlos to open an airplane door to try and provoke a reaction within the kidnapper, who notices what Carlos is doing and demands him to stay still as previously ordered, unbeknownst about their plan in which Shawn grabs him by the shoulders and, with Carlos surprising the kidnapper even more, both of them pushes him off the plane, but not before he reveals he was sent by the network in which Shawn and Carlos were recruited in. They're both surprised but despite this manage to save Cohen and safely land the plane. After being mistakenly charged, then re-charged, for attempted hijacking, they resign from the network that attempted to kidnap Cohen and get jobs at a men's clothing store. The last shot shows them at a party held by Cohen and the rest of his unnamed network he has since retired from, with both retired spies meeting the rookie spies that have taken their place. Later they converse about their lives, in which it's found out that neither of them have had successful relationships, with Carlos having broken off with his girlfriend last year and not having any luck in the dating game ever since, and Shawn simply not interested in dating. When Carlos laments he'll never be in a relationship ever again, Shawn looks at him with a loving glare and says, "I know where you can find love".