The Mummy's Call is a 2018 American-Egyptian Horror film written, produced and directed by Eli Roth starring Yousra El Lozy, Amr Waked, Ross Lynch, Debby Ryan, Lamorne Morris and Omar Sharif.


A spanish couple: Estevez and Giorgia are drugged by an Egyptian desert cult that Estevez had accidentally trespassed onto's sacred pyramid structure. Initially welcomed to a damages resolving feast Estevez passes out violently, whilst Giorgia fights off the affects, attempting to flee into the surrounding sand hills and escape. The two are then brought to the inner sanctum of the temple and ritualistically sacrificed: Estevez's blood drained and skinned alive in a crazed trance, Giorgia seeing hallucinations of an encroaching mummy has her heart cut from her chest (which then burts into flames).

American college students Titi, Donnelly, Silk, Gabby, Tenny, Rayner and Cayd travel under the guide of their archaeology professor Marvin to Egypt to do gather research on a recently unveiled dig site on the outskirts of Luxor. However after a night of drinking and drug intoxication from Donnelly, Silk, Rayner, Cayd and Tenny annoy the Luxor locals. A dog befriended earlier by Titi is bisected and placed in their villa bunk bed.

Marvin and his class are then met before departure by the professor's Cairo associates Osi and Enet who travel with them to Cairo, where the accompanying dig to the Luxor discovery awaits them before their return to the states. The misdeeds in Luxor however follow them as they are then followed by the Soul of Osiris, the crazed cult which has paid Enet's bodyguard Anu into leading Marvin, Marvin's archaeology class, fellow bodyguard Ramy, Enet and Osi into the unearthed Shroud Pyramid. There Anu is also trapped by the cult with the others inside. The cult worshipping the deity Osiris, have finally found the right offering and witness a plague of locusts off-screen descend on the surrounding village of Martka, killing all.

The group proceed further into the pyramid for escape, but in a room that opens to a chasm and fills with acidic sand, Osi is facially scalded to death, Ramy falls and breaks his left leg and Enet falls to her death, her body shredded by scarabs as Ramy is pulled to safety. In a treasure trove chamber Anu and Rayner are killed as Rayner attempts thievery and a descending rock barricade crushes him. Anu is then seized by the now manifesting mummy of the pyramid who splits him in half, and consumes his soul.

In the waterlogged antechamber that follows Tenny drowns and reaching shore Gabby begins to succumb to accelerating disintegration from her injuries, ultimately mercy killed by Titi with a rock. In a well chamber leading to the burial chamber: Cayd attempts to kill Titi, in exchange to the pursuing mummy but is beaten down and killed by both Titi and Marvin. Using a mechanism of ropes to exit via a well into the Burial chamber, their fates are judged by the puzzle: the Scale of Osiris and Marvin is lynched on the way down, causing the connected Silk to become stuck.

In the Burial chamber, leading members of the Soul of Osiris await, proclaiming the remaining along with the traitor Anu will be the souls consumed to help Osiris fully restore to a corporeal body. As the cult descends on the group, a tangled Silk commits suicide with a ragged edge, slashing her jugular. Donnelly is fatally stabbed by ceremonial blades as the mummy reaches them and in a surprise turn, causes the cult members to spontaneously combustm revealing itself not as Osiris but rather the demon Ammit, which is almost restored. Titi escapes a live burial, unlike Ramy, who she tries to save from his as the a chain reaction starts that causes the pyramid's collapse. She escapes as Ammit and the rest are left in the remains below.

On the surface authorities have rounded up the above cultists and Titi is escorted away to safety.


  • Yousra El Lozy as Titi Ilmon
  • Omar Sharif as Osi Munroe
  • Amr Waked as Ramy Goron
  • Mona Zaki as Enet
  • Ross Lynch as Donnelly Abbas
  • Debby Ryan as Silk Tuckman
  • Lamorne Morris as Marvin Kelada
  • Khaled Nabawy as Anu
  • Alyson Stoner as Gabby Baz
  • Kiowa Gordon as Rayner Kotb
  • Shane Harper as Cayd Osman
  • Noah Crawford as Tenny Helal


  1. The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Head) - The Bucketheads
  2. California Soul - Marlena Shaw
  3. Meet Her At The Loveparade - Da Hool
  4. You Don't Know Me - Armand Van Helden
  5. D.A.N.C.E + - Justice
  6. Cassius 1999 - Cassius
  7. Spooky - Dusty Springfield
  8. Le'eb Eyal - Jamila
  9. Seta Al Sobh - Husain Al Jassmi
  10. Donya Gdyda - Fayza Ahmed
  11. Wahda Wahda - Mohamed Hamaky
  12. Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles
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