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The Monster Clubhouse is a 2001 American animated film. It is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is released in October 12, 2001.


Steve, Hector, Clinton, Debbie, Wanda and Marvin are on their way to Miya's clubhouse. Once there, but they think it's actually a clubhouse for monsters. The children include a vampire girl named Vladka, a Frankenstein monster named Francine, a blob monster named Bonnie, a fish monster named Gwen, a witch named Lindsey, a gremlin named Helga, a Godzilla Kaiju named Gustel, a werewolf named Wilhemina, a ghost named Tessa and a one-eyed monster named Carla. Other residents of the clubhouse are a bat; a skeleton who is the clubhouse butler; a scorpion named Larry and a spider named Harry who helps with the upcoming sports match; a mummy named Miya, and a mad scientist named Dr. Buzzbill. Afraid of this, Steve, Hector, Debbie and Wanda are initially hesitant, but eventually they agree to stay.

The following morning starts with the ranking and the new teachers take ballet lessons. The clubhouse ranking will soon begin to train the girls for their upcoming sports match against the boys at the neighboring Granville Military Academy. The girls wins the game.

The girls' parents come to open house on Halloween night. When they leave due to various reasons, they warn a fear Steve, Hector, Debbie and Wanda not to let any harm come to their daughters or else they will be in big trouble. The power scorpion witch, Sazora, the self-styled Witch of the Sting, and her minion, Crawler, plan to kidnap the girls and make them her prisoners. She starts talking to Debbie about taking the girls on a field trip to Thorny Woods. The same day, the Granville Cadets are at the woods. With the help of Sazora's hawk-cobras, Sazora and Crawler capture the girls and imprison them in a large cage. Steve, Hector, Clinton, Debbie, Wanda and Marvin, along with the Granville Cadets, manage to save the girls. Everyone fends off the hawk-cobras while Crawler attacks them, but Marvin punches him in the bubbling cauldron, he turns into a skeleton.

A furious Sazora confronts Steve, Hector, Clinton, Debbie, Wanda, Marvin, Granville Cadets and the girls and turns into a horrific giant scorpion monster. Using his sword, they fight, and Clinton throws the sword, blessed by the girls, directly into Sazora's heart, kills her and the scorpion witch's plan has failed.

Miya thanks them for saving the girls safe and sound. As they leave, they see the girls waving goodbye. Steve, Hector, Clinton, Debbie, Wanda and Marvin then wave goodbye to them before walking out into the night.



  • Steve - The protagonist
  • Hector - The handsome one
  • Clinton - The smart one
  • Debbie - Steve's girlfriend
  • Wanda - The prettiest one
  • Marvin - Wanda's boyfriend

Miya Residents:

A group of girls who are offspring of famous horror monsters who like them are friendly.

  • Miya Mummy - The teacher of the girls
  • Dr. Buzzbill - The scientific genius
  • Vladka - The vampire daughter
  • Wilhemina - A young werewolf
  • Francine - The energetic Frankenstein-girl
  • Gustel - A kaiju girl
  • Helga - A gremlin
  • Lindsey - A young witch
  • Gwen - A fish monster
  • Carla - A one eyed monster
  • Bonnie - A blob monster
  • Tessa - A young ghost

Granville Cadets:

A group of boys from Captain Granville's military school located next to Miya. They often use the terms "affirmative" or "negative" when they agree or disagree with particular happenings.

  • Captain Granville - The colonel of this military school
  • Bruce - The leader of the cadets
  • Jerry - The brains of the cadets
  • Alex - The smallest of the cadets
  • Charlie - The tallest of the cadets
  • Tyler - The toughest of the cadets
  • Eddy - The African American cadet who says "Affirmative"
  • Oliver - The cutest of the cadets
  • Rex - The smartest of the cadets
  • Neil - The bravest of the cadets
  • Dennis - The handsome cadet


  • Sazora - The boss, and the main antagonist
  • Crawler - Sazora's assistant

Voice cast:

  • Kevin Spacey as Steve
  • Will Smith as Hector
  • Bob Hoskins as Clinton
  • Amanda Bynes as Debbie
  • Joan Cusack as Wanda
  • Thomas Dekker as Marvin
  • Tress MacNeille as Miya Mummy
  • Tim Allen as Dr. Buzzbill
  • Alyson Stoner as Tessa
  • Cree Summer as Vladka
  • Mae Whitman as Francine
  • Michelle Horn as Wilhemina
  • Shanelle Workman Gray as Lindsey
  • Tara Strong as Helga
  • Tracey Moore as Carla
  • Mila Kunis as Bonnie
  • Tabitha St Germain as Gwen
  • Samantha Mathis as Gustel
  • R. Lee Ermey as Captain Granville
  • Jon Lovitz as Bruce
  • Brian Donovan as Jerry
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Alex
  • Joshua Seth as Charlie
  • Michael Lindsay as Tyler
  • Phil LaMarr as Eddy
  • Macaulay Culkin as Oliver
  • Wally Wingert as Rex
  • Jason Marsden as Neil
  • John Viener as Dennis
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Sazora
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Crawler
  • Andre Sogliuzzo as Father Ghost
  • Mari Devon as Mother Ghost
  • Corey Burton as Father Vampire
  • Melodee Spevack as Mother Vampiress
  • Fred Tatasciore as Father Frankenstein
  • Susan Krebs as Mother Frankenstein
  • John Cygan as Father Werewolf
  • Mona Marshall as Mother Werewolf
  • Lex Lang as Father Wizard
  • Dorothy Fahn as Mother Witch
  • Neil Ross as Father Gremlin
  • Ellen Barkin as Mother Gremlin
  • Alex Fernandez as Father One-Eyed Monster
  • Susan Silo as Mother One-Eyed Monster
  • Quinton Flynn as Father Blob Monster
  • Irene Bedard as Mother Blob Monster
  • Chris Miller as Father Fish Monster
  • Emma Watson as Mother Fish Monster
  • Steve Blum as Father Godzilla
  • Tia Carrere as Mother Godzilla
  • Frank Welker as Larry
  • Michael Bell as Harry