The Mind is the twelfth episode of English to Hebrew.

List of words translated to Hebrew

mind intellect brain soul spirit personality character thinking notion concept idea association intuition opinion thought instinct expectation doubt(s) suspicion hesitation consideration deliberation judg(e)ment logic common sense certainty conviction understanding proof choice conclusion decision ideal vision ability skill talent perception attention memory short/long term memory forgetting absent-mindedness intelligence genius proficiency knowledge wisdom learning awareness ignorance foolishness stupidity sensitivity sensibility introspection imagination relationship friendship friend peer pressure conformity acquaintance connection(s) contact(s) attraction love body language eye contact impression affection fondness admiration reciprocity trust compassion pity sympathy antipathy distrust enemy dislike hate hatred contempt scorn revulsion disgust aversion threat hostility prejudice stereotype attitude behavio(u)r aggression addiction conflict reconciliation shame self-esteem self-confidence self-image introvert extrovert motivation motive intention influence suggestion incentive encouragement discouragement tendency inclination impulse desire wish passion will(power) determination indecisiveness vacillation boredom apathy feeling(s) emotion affect mood good mood joy pleasure laughter smile happiness hope satisfaction calm serenity contentment optimism pessimism indifference discontent sadness sorrow pain misery grief sigh sob moan groan tear stress dread fear fright panic terror despair frustration sanity insanity madness mental illness (mental) disorder diagnosis impediment trauma neurosis anxiety depression bipolar disorder manic depression inferiority complex post-traumatic stress disorder psychosis fantasy illusion paranoia schizophrenia split personality phobia obsession memory loss amnesia dementia autism fixation repression regression inhibition projection sublimation conditioning reinforcement constancy imitation maturation image consciousness conscience (the) self id ego super ego the unconscious the subconscious complex Oedipus complex dream interpretation psychology behavioral psychology (GB: behavioural) social psychology cognitive psychology developmental psychology depth psychology clinical psychology psychoanalysis treatment anti-depressant electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) shock therapy therapy art therapy psychotherapy cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) group therapy psychiatry counselling psychologist psychiatrist psychoanalyst counsel(l)or therapist social worker patient psychological spiritual intellectual mental instinctive instinctual conscious unconscious subconscious abstract perceptible innate acquired intelligent clever wise unintelligent intelligible comprehensible forgetful reasonable able capable imaginative credible trustworthy reliable learned skilled semi-skilled ignorant foolish silly sensitive emotional sentimental excited tense worried concerned irritable grumpy restless depressed obsessive insensitive loving affectionate enthusiastic indifferent willing stubborn firm determined hesitant sure uncertain confident self-confident trusting mistrustful suspicious sociable friendly hostile pitiful merciless cold-hearted heartless cruel remorseful free relaxed calm satisfied content pleased glad happy unhappy joyful cheerful hopeful bored discontented sad upset heartbroken miserable inconsolable restless timid ashamed embarrassed fearless surprised afraid scared frightened terrified to think to ponder to understand to conceive to imagine to assume to suppose to judge to prove to distinguish to differentiate to convince to persuade to deliberate to consider to doubt to remember to remind to forget to perceive to feel to move to impress to want to wish (for) to decide to hesitate to aspire to like to love to be in love to trust to rely on to distrust (משהו ומישהו) to mistrust (מישהו) to pity to have pity (on) to be angry to get angry to anger to excite to encourage to soothe to rejoice to be happy to cheer up to please to satisfy to laugh to smile to joke to desire to hope to expect to surprise to astonish to amaze to wonder to worry to (cause) worry to long for to miss to despair to discourage to regret to mourn to grieve to sadden to offend to insult to hurt to bear to suffer to sigh to cry to moan to sob to complain to comfort to console to fear to frighten to scare to dread to terrify to panic to dream to confuse to hallucinate

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