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The film is based on the warnings about the dangers of pending lightning strikes - this is the actual photo taken at the time of the event.

The McQuilkens is a 2015 disaster biological film.


In 1975, brothers Michael and Sean McQuilken from a Southland family travel to Sequoia National Park with Mary and Jeff Sutton and Margie Warthen, only to end up in a hair-raising and imminent catastrophe of their lives.


Ellar Coltrane as Michael McQuilken - an 18 year old from San Diego

Raymond Ochoa as Sean McQuilken - Michael's younger brother


Principal photography began in the summer of 2014; the Sequoia National Park was redesigned to represent it in the 1970s. The climax taking place at Moro Rock was shot on location and even on a soundstage where practical effects could be done. Lightning was recreated in CGI.



Rated PG-13 for disturbing thematic material involving a natural disaster, violent images and for language.

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