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'''''The Matchplayer''''' is a 2016 thriller film.
'''''The Matchplayer''''' is a 2016 crime thriller film.
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[[Category:Thriller films]]
[[Category:Thriller films]]
[[Category:Crime Film]]
[[Category:Crime film]]

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The Matchplayer is a 2016 crime thriller film.


The group of teenagers become kidnapped, after accidentally become involved in the hostage situation. Now, with helping is search for them, a teenager girl forced to become the matchplayer with one of the kidnapper to save her friends.





  • This film is rated PG-13
  • 12 certificate
  • This films contains strong language, scenes of moderate violence and some sexual content.
  • It will distributed by TBA
  • The Pitch: TBA meets TBA
  • Tagline: How long you risk it to protect your friends?
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