The Massacre of Milton-Ridge High School is a 2013 horror-slasher film starring Amber Heard, Nicholas D'Agosto, Jared Padalecki, Emma Bell, Steven Yeun, Katie Cassidy, Teresa Palmer, Ryan Merriman, Chelan Simmons, Briana Evigan, Jennifer Holland, Shantel VanSanten, Brittany Snow, Kelly Blatz, Scott Porter, Danielle Panabaker, Arielle Kebbel and Crystal Lowe


The Film begins with Calvin in the gym shower, someone comes in and he opens the stall and is stabbed in his eye. Meanwhile, Erin and Eric are having sex when Kelsey asks them where Calvin is. Erin says that he last went into the boy,s bathroom and she goes to look and sees Calvin,s corpse on the floor. Kelsey begins screaming and crying, when Kevin grabs her and slashes her face with his knife. Erin and Eric hear Kevin and go to look, Kevin comes out and throws his knife at them, they duck and it stabs Shawn in his lungs. Erin and Eric gasp and Kevin grabs Eric, Erin spits in his face and grabs Eric and they run.

Erin meets up with her friends Jesse, Lori and Natalie and tells them that Calvin, Kelsey and Shawn are dead. Lori begins crying and Erin, Eric, Jesse and Natalie tries to comfort her, Kevin comes up behind Jesse and stabs her thru her head with his knife. Everyone stares in shock as Kevin then knocks them out with a computer and drag them to his hideout in the school basement.

Erin wakes up and Kevin tells her that he has her friend, Carol, he then stabs her in the chest multiple times and Erin begins crying. Kevin tried to stab her, but Eric defended Her and knocked him out with a wild punch. Eric cut everyone free and everyone ran, Kevin grabbed Natalie and stabbed her thru her ear, killing her. Erin then saw her friends Melanie, Ashley and Marnie and told them that a killer was after them, Kevin strangled Melanie and stabbed Ashley in the throat, Erin, Marnie, Eric and Lori ran away. Kevin pulled Marnie,s hair and drove the knife in her scalp and dragged her corpse back to the basement.

Erin found Jack and told him that Kevin was after them, Jack asked Who was Kevin and Kevin ripped out his skull and everyone ran. Erin informed her friends Wendy, Kristen and Joan about the massacre while Eric told Chris the same thing. Everyone then ran back into the gymnasium and hid. Kevin found Chris hiding in the bathroom stall and hung him on a chin-up bar. Wendy and Kristen heard Chris screaming and went to look, Kevin came out and they screamed, Wendy was slashed across the chest while Kristen ran. She found Erin, Eric, Joan and Lori and told them to run. They ran into the science room, Kevin came in and Stabbed Kristen in the stomach with a scalpel. Kevin tried to kill Erin, but Erin drove his scalpel into his heart and Kevin fell on a fire escape and Erin threw him off it into the street, where he died. Everyone then came down the fire escape and went to their classrooms, got their book bags and walked into the sunset together.


Amber Heard as Erin

Nicholas D'Agosto as Eric

Jared Padalecki as Kevin

Emma Bell as Marnie

Steven Yeun as Chris

Katie Cassidy as Kristen

Teresa Palmer as Ashley

Ryan Merriman as Jack

Chelan Simmons as Wendy

Briana Evigan as Lori

Jennifer Holland as Kelsey

Shantel VanSanten as Natalie

Brittany Snow as Carol

Kelly Blatz as Calvin

Scott Porter as Shawn

Danielle Panabaker as Joan

Arielle Kebbel as Melanie

Crystal Lowe as Jesse


Calvin- Stabbed in eye with knife

Kelsey- Slashed in face with knife

Shawn- Stabbed in lungs with knife

Jesse- Stabbed thru head with knife

Carol- Stabbed in chest multiple times with knife

Natalie- Stabbed thru ear with knife

Melanie- Strangled

Ashley- Stabbed in throat with knife

Marnie- Knife driven into scalp

Jack- Skull ripped out

Chris- Hung on a chin-up bar

Wendy- Slashed across chest with knife

Kristen- Stabbed in the stomach with a scalpel

Kevin- Scalpel driven into heart and thrown off 2nd floor fire escape






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