The Mansion Marrie McCadams Isa horror.Syfy and Supernatural Movie Starning Selena Gomez,Danielle Panabaker,Ashley Greene,Chris Hemsworth,Liam Hemsworth,Brat Daugherty,David Cade,Julianna Guill,Elizabeth Gilles,Katelyn Tarver And Texas Battle



Selena Gomez As Hanna Evigan

Danielle Panabaker As Marrie McCadams

Ashley Greene As Clair Ravens

Chris Hemsworth As Maximus Brooks

Liam Hemsworth As Mike Brooks

Brat Daugherty As Stuart Monroe

David Cade As Logan Brown

Julianna Guill As Brianna "Bree" O'Coner

Elizabeth Gilles As Demi Heartman

Katelyn Tarver As Jessica "Jess" Rivers

Texas Battle As Michael Ground


Michael Ground-Machete thrown at head by marrie

Jess Rivers-when he runs after watching the dead body of Michael stumbles and sticks a broken metal stick that hung from the fence and digs into the heart dying

Demi Heartman-stabbed in heart by marrie

Bree O'coner-Stabbed in head multiple times

Logan Brown-Head forced on an axe by marrie

Stuart Monroe-Cut in half with an axe by marrie

Maximus Brooks-Decapitated with an axe by marrie

Clair Ravens-falls off pit not although notice whether either escapes 

Mike Brooks-hanna flees when they hear the cry of Claire then tells mike hanna hanna to flee but were negative to abandon claire so Claire goes to see if she's alive or dead mike runs and see the corpse along the fence and Jess returned to watching the corpse runs but had not fixed an iron so broken and decapitates himself


Hanna Evigan,clair,Ravens(?¿?¿) And Marrie McCadams


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