The Man Of Tomorrow is a 2014 American Superhero Action directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan and written by David S. Goyer.

The film serves as the sequel to the 2013 film Man Of Steel also written by David S. Goyer, produced by Christopher Nolan (his company Syncopy and collaborator Emma Thomas) and directed by Snyder.

The film was shot back to back with the Man Of Steel and is slated for large theatrical release on May 12th, 2014.

The film also is shot in previous locations as West Chicago, Illinois, Vancouver and Plano, Illinois.

Much of the principal shooting also took place on controlled large scale Warner Bros. sets and the Nevada Desert.

The film has actors Anthony Rogers, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Diane Lane reprising their respective roles.

The film is also set for a large slated 3D distributive release in IMAX theatres on May 14th, 2014.

The film boasts a new ensemble cast joining the others including Ziyi Zhang, Ciarán Hinds, Toby Hemingway, Megan Boone, Gaius Charles, Peter Weir, Swoosie Kurtz and Mélanie Laurent.

The film secured an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor: Jesse Eisenberg


Following the events of the previous film, Kal-El has settled in as a reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis collaborating with love interest Lois Lane.

He has come to befriend a new, shy awkward young reporter also originally from Smallville, Kansas named Jimmy (Toby Hemingway) and is put under order by boss Perry following the aftermath of Zod's attack on Metropolis to do an expose story on Metropolis billionaire Alexander "Lex" Luthor (Ciarán Hinds) the mysterious man who has stepped in with his vast fortune to repair the city.

What is known of the man is that he like Clark and Jimmy originates from Smallville and that he possesses an infamous criminal father Lionel Luthor (Peter Weir) the original benefactor of Luthocorp.

As a trip down memory lane draws connections from the Kent family to the Luthor's the tragic story of Alexander Lex Luthor comes to light.

Clark struggles to manage a relationship with Lois among still fighting against rising crime in the city upon it's newly set up foundation and draws a personal vendetta against her as when their relationship falls apart she becomes entranced by the reclusive billionaire hero Lex.

Luthorcorp is discovered by Clark and Jimmy Olsen as working on unnatural elemental substances proccured from meteorites which touched down in Smallville at the same time as Clark/Kal-El's arrival in Kansas.

It is discovered that with different formatons of Kryptonite Lex is manufactoring a formation of super-soldier for distribution in hope of discovering more intel on the planet to which the meteorites originate from.

Lex is in search of a key to a ship him and his men have found off the Luthor Manor property which had been a dispatched ship from the planet Krypton.

The key is revealed as being in the possession of a local pretty girl Lana Lang (Ziyi Zhang) who had attended Smallville High with the Man Of Steel and whom's family upon the meteorite touchdown shower which brought Kal-El to Earth have protected the key to operating a ship containing the planet Krypton's most destructive force

Superman comes to Lana's rescue after she is attacked by Lex, his men and his chemically altered side-mistress Katharine Kowalski who possesses the abilities of a humanoid feline.

Lana's parents are murdered but Clark is able to proccur Lana and the key and deliver them to his mother who keeps them sheltered at the Kent family farm.

Lex eventually comes to lure out the Man Of Steel and discovers his true identity and then captures him for analysis and interrogation on his true origins, as well the location of the key and the girl Lana Lang.

Lex weakens Superman with Kryptonite a trick he learnt from the ramblings of a Kryptonian speaking within a fortress made entirely of Kryptonian crystal.

Perry, Jimmy and a now alert Lois armed with the authorities and S.W.A.T. come to Superman's rescue and Lex and his men are apprehended apart from Kitty who escapes due to her abilities.

Kitty is contacted on Lex's one rigged phone call at the Metropolis Maximum Security Penitentiary and she soon arrives with an assortment of other still active Metropolis criminals now endowed with the Kryptonite chemicals proccured from the meteorites.

Many of the officers are killed and or harmed as Lex is then released by Kitty and the two come across a particular prisoner Nathan Prince (Gaius Charles) who was a former Metropolitan Metrodome contortionist performer who went on a crime spree after his wife and two sons perished in Zod's attack on the city.

Lex with his brilliant manipulations convinces Nathan that the Man Of Steel, the so called Superman is responsible for what happened to his wife and two boys as his people came and decimated the city, the one he has tried to rebuild and now he has them locked away like animals when all they have tried to do is set things right.

Kitty displays a flicker remorse seeing the full extent of Lex's relentless evil and cruelty as he coerces Nathan into taking the Kryptonite chemicals into himself.

Nathan from there becomes a humanoid snake beast and is come to be known as "Copperhead" by Lex as he joins him, Kitty and the rest of his army who make a march on the city.

They threaten decimation of which the good people of Metropolis has never seen unless they give up the girl Lana Lang to whom they brandish a large portrait of and the "key" she carries.

Normal Metropolitan civilians come to turn against he each other and as riots hit the streets along with the crime Lana becomes marked as she is escorted into Metropolis along with Martha Kent by Perry White, Jimmy and a large collection of Metropolitan Police Officers and S.W.A.T.

Perry White, Martha Kent and Lana Lang are then abducted before the eyes of Commander Malconi, Sheriff Markus and Jimmy by Copperhead and an assortment of Lex's army.

Jimmy's life is spared by Kitty who he pleads with to stop the madness that her boyfriend is trying to spread.

Lois comes back to the Daily Planet and is able to shut off by the building's main generator all of Luthorcorp's main defences.

She then is advanced by a super-powered fiend of Lex's army as the Daily Planet's building lights out along with the city in a wide blackout.

She kills the attacker and then escapes the building as more come in a swarm against her.

Sheriff Markus escapes Copperhead who proceeds to impale Commander Malconi.

Lois comes to Sheriff Markus telling she needs to find a man Clark Kent and the two then discover an injured Jimmy among the debris of the car he and Perry were positioned in.

He tells they took Martha Kent, Perry White and the girl Lana Lang along with the key.

Superman in the meanwhile has flown to the North Atlantic and the Fortress of Solitude which he finds almost entirely in ruins and makes brief contact with a hologram of Jor-El his father who tells that isn't was the man Luthor who destroyed the Fortress and he tells it is the beast of the ship he has and that he musn't let them get the key and open the dispatch ship of Zod and Faora.

Lois, Jimmy and Sheriff Markus with an assortment of officers break into Luthorcorp as Lois has disabled their security and defences but find themselves in trouble as super powered criminals of his cause and Copperhead advance.

Many officers are killed and Sheriff Markus is gravely injured.

Superman arrives and makes battle with the fiends knocking them down before squaring off with Copperhead who musters up a horrible raspy voice revealing he is indeed the criminal Nathan Prince who lost his wife and two boys and the one who stole to simply pay for the life support for the one son of who might of had a chance of living, but ultimately perished due to him being locked up by him.

Clark attempts to apologize to Copperhead but is advanced and the two lock and in a smash up battle and he is wrapped up by the contorting Copperhead but is able to break free and break part of his back's infrostructure.

Clark then spares his life and apologizes again to an injured Copperhead as he turns to join Lois and Jimmy ahead.

Copperhead moves to sprout forward at Superman but is stopped by Sheriff Markus who with a rigging of explosives blows them both away.

Superman then with Lois and Jimmy come to the top of Luthorcorp tower where they discover Perry, Martha and Lana chained up.

Kitty acrobatically flips over to Clark, Jimmy and Lois and knocks Clark as she seizes Jimmy and Lex then comes beside Lois with a gun armed at her head.

Lex orders some of super-enhanced men to lasen the Man Of Steel with the Kryptonite crystals and he is then dragged with a chain of them around his neck to witness as Lex opens the ship with the key.

Jimmy pleads with Kitty and she becomes stiff deciding on what to do, Jimmy withdraws her gun and fires at Superman's Kryptonite necklace and is then locked in battle with him before being knocked down by Lex who kicks her repeatedly calling her a traitor.

Lex activates the ship with the key but is knocked down by Clark who then smashes the key and Lois proceeds to with Jimmy release Martha Kent, Perry White and Lana Lang.

Dispatch then arrives and Lex and Kitty are apprehended again whilest Clark activates a room energy concussive blast which reverses the supporting antagonists' enchanced abilities.

Kitty however escapes and Lex comes to a large suit hidden beneath a cover in the room which he starts up and then advances Superman.

Perry, Martha, Lana, Lois and Jimmy are hit with the energy with the others and become enhanced and aggressive.

Superman then contends with the group and Kitty aids in reversing the others once again though escapes with her abilities before her escaping with her abilities before she can be reversed.

Superman thanks her before taking to a final confrontation with Lex which launches out into the streets and his suit is destroyed before a raging mob of protesting civilians.

Superman then rallies the others and Lex is transported back to the Penitentiary where he is overlooked by a sad Kitty who is then approached by Jimmy who she shares a passionate kiss with before vanishing.

Lois comes to Clark asking to re-enter their relationship though he declines on the basis of them being no good for each other anymore.

Lois then later dies after returning to her apartment where the arrested Lex is revealed as a decoy and the real one await and shoots her in the throat.

He shares a sad kiss with Lana who later comes to thank him 


  • anthony rogers as Clark Kent/ Kal-El / Superman
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane
  • Laurence Fisburne as Perry White
  • Kevin Costner as Jonathen Kent
  • Diane Lane as Martha Kent
  • Russell Crowe as Jor-El
  • Ziyi Zhang as Lana Lang
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor/ Theodore Luthor
  • Toby Hemingway as Jimmy Olsen
  • Megan Boone as Katharine Kowalski/ Kitty-Kat
  • Gaius Charles as Nathan Prince/ Copperhead
  • Peter Weir as Lionel Luthor
  • Swoosie Kurtz as Tatiana Luthor
  • Mélanie Laurent as Kara Sherman/ Kara Zor-El
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