The Man was an allisas given to a man who appeared throughout time and space trailing the Doctor.

In the 1970s after the Silurians were destroyed he appeared as a U.N.I.T soldier.

During the party after the Giant Maggots defeat later in the 70s he was drinking some punch.

During the 13th century after Jingo Linx was dead and the Doctor was leaving he appeared as one of Irongrons men shooting an arrow into a tree.

When The Third Doctor was regerating he appeared as a doctor.

After the Fourth Doctor left the office he turned around.

When U.N.I.T were searching for a Zygon in the woods he appeared as a soldier.

In 1889 he was in the crowd at Li H'sens magic show.

During the Fourth Doctors corrination as Lord President he was as a Time Lord.When the Sontarans attacked in secret he took of a helmet revealing him to be in one of their suit.

On Traken in 1981 he appeared as one of the residents.

During the sixth Doctors trial he appeared as the Valeyards servant.When the Valeyard was discovered the 2 fled into the Matrix.The Doctor remembered him.The Valeyard told the Doctor he was sent through time to get evidence on the Doctor.After the Valeyard was defeated and the Doctor left he came out a cuboard in the Fantay Factory.

He escaped to London 1963 and joined the Daleks to get revenge.He helped defend the teleporter.He went to the Mothership.When The Hand Of Omega hit he was killed.

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