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Opening Credits

Charles Hill/Britt Allcroft

The Magic Store

from the novel by
Ronald Davis

Written by
James Herbert

Produced by
Barry Charles Michael Hill
Britt Allcroft

Directed by
Chris Randall

Closing Credits

Cast of Characters:

Major Doctor Joanna Amanda Root
General Scar Martin Jarvis
Beast the Bear Frank Oz
Stomach the Mouse Martin Short
Henry Corn Collector Gregg Berger
Princess Matilda Paige O'Hara
Dagon Robby Benson
Mr. Tyke Michael Hordern
Card Commando Frank Welker
Madeline Angela Lansbury
Mrs. Clonkers Tress MacNeille
Achibald Archimedes Alan Oppenheimer
Inspector Crane John Stephenson
Soliders David Jason
Brian Trueman
Jimmy Hibbert
Check Commandos Nigel Cross
Bruce Thompson
James Herbert

Music Score by
Rob Walsh and Spencer Nilsen

Chris Wright
John Rushton

Teleplay by
John Hathcock

Associate Producer:
Chris Michaelson

Animation Director:
Mike Whaite

Sequence Director:
Mike Williams

Screenplay by
Laura Sharples

Character Design
Brian Cosgrove Jon Doyle
Paul Harrison Margaret Riley
Mark Stacey Michael Whaite

Storyboard Artists
Warren Greenwood Robert Taylor
Boyd Kirkland Jon Doyle
Jez Hall Andy Roper
Paul Salmon Stephen Simpson

Layout Artists
Chris Randall Margaret Riley
Paul Salmon Vincent James
Dan Whitworth Ed Williams
Andy Roper

Background Artists
Beverly Bush Brian Cosgrove
John Geering Steve Hanson
John Millington Nick Pratt
Andy Roper Keith Scoble
Ben Turner

Supervising Animators
Dave Brain Terence Harrison
Rick Leon Dale Case
Russell Mooney Bob Zamboni
Rudy Cataldi Charlie Downs
Eileen Dunn M. Flores Nichols
Stan Phillips Tom Ray
Neal Warner

Key Animators:
John Offord Jean Flynn
Steve Thomas Meyrl Edge
Phil Morris Matias Marcos
Alain Costa Arthur Humberstone
Marc Eoche-Duval Dave Livesey
Tony Garth Clinton J. Priest

Denise Heywood Kay Widdowson
Andy Wilson Garry Owen
Paul Greenall Mark Povey
Arthur De Clodet Ken Duncan
Les Brooksbank Eric Bouillette
Stewart Selkirk Robert Newman

Assisant Animators:
Joe McCaffrey Garry French Powell
Manuel Garica Pozo Daniel Jeanette
Adrian Bell Mike Eames
Alastair Fell Malcolm McGookin
Karen Heywood Denise McAllister
Carmel Buitrigo Ken Emmett
Claire Grey Jennie Langley
Phil McMylor Juan Jose Bravo
Claude Bonney

Effects Animators:
Graeme Rowley Don McManus
Bernard Germanetti James Michaels
James Buckley John Brown
Ed Augustin Don Paul

Scrolling Credits

Process Effects:
Don Abrams

Special Effects:
Roy Huckerby

Animation Design:
Toby Shelton

Production Supervisor:
Ken Phillipson

Production Manager:
Thomas Musker

Prop Design:
Terry Hudson

Ink and Paint Supervisor:
Warren Johnson

Paint and Trace:
Richard Grandmain Ray Hellmann
Ray Hartshorne Yoram Garling
Art Rogers Bill Lynn
Andrew Phillipson Jeff Ricahrds
Mary Ann Steward Dee Lodge
Lisa James Carol Leslie
Samantha Reynolds

Animation Camera:
Graeme Edelman Graham Sharples
Nigel Stanchfield Frank Hardie
Dale Brunswick John Aardal
Roy Willis Ralph Migliori
Nic Jayne

Sound Effects Editors:
Tim Gedemer Rick Hinson
Michael L. DePatie Michael Tomack
Bruce Elliott Heather Elliott
Richard Allen

Dialogue Editor:
Patrick Barrett

Video Line Test:
Phil Atack

Steven Wright
Richard "Terry" Wallace

Music Editor:
Emery Kennethson

Music Created by
Robert Crissman

Conducted by
Rob Walsh

Orchestral Arrangements:
David Cullen Don McGinnis
Michael Young William Ashford

Richie Close Steve Pigott
Andy Richards Ralph Schuckett

Production Controller:
Bob Burrows

Post-Production Supervisor:
Mike Stern

Post-Production Manager:
Bob Strew

Post-Production Co-ordinator:
Ernest Nelson

Voice Directors:
Stu Rosen
Wally Burr

Production Assistant:
Doug Scheib

Production Co-ordinator:
Bernard Edwards

Story Editor:
Buzz Dixon

Model Design:
Ken Boyer

Creative Constulant:
Larry Parr

Creative Director:
James Benny

Assistant Editor:
Nigel Rutter

Animation Editor:
Roy Hill

Music Supervisor:
Richard L. Wallace

Music Co-ordinator:
David Young

Director of Production:
David J. Corbett

Supervising Editor:
Steve Gerber

Post Production Assistant:
Doug Smith

Character Supervisor:
Izzy Takmoto

"The Things I Adore"
Music and Lyrics by
Spencer Nilsen and Robin Beanland

"Cooking Pies for Science"
Music and Lyrics by
Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell

"Pie in the Sky"
Music and Lyrics by
Chris Stuart and Mike Townend

"The Things I Adore (Reprise)"
Music and Lyrics by
Spencer Nilsen and Robin Beanland

"Dagon's Here"
Music and Lyrics by
Bryan Daly and Mike Redway

"Too Much Pie"
Music by Bob Heatlie
Lyrics by Zygott

"Two Worlds"
Music and Lyrics by
Keith Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe
Sharon Campbell and Paul Young

Dolby Consultants:
Ray Gillon
John Iles

Voice Recording:
Wally Burr Recording
John Wood Studios

Music Recording:
Screenmusic International
Network Music Studio

Sound Track Re-Recorded at
World Wide Sound Studios

Sound Effects by
Wellington Productions, Inc.

Sound Mixing Studio:
B & B Sound Studios

Main and Title Design by
Saxon/Ross Film Design

Animation Produced by
Cosgrove Hall Productions

Animation Production by
Akom Productions Company

Research Co-ordinator:
Ken Griffith

General Manager:
Laura Charles

Special Thanks:
Bernard Matthews

Creative Producer
Chris Rogers

Executive in Charge of Production:
Jim Organisation

Executive Producer:
John Hulett

Soundtrack Available from
Atlantic Records

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