The Magic School Bus 2: Rock The World is a 2020 American family-fantasy-comedy film, loosely inspired by the books and subsequent television series of the same name and a sequel to the 2018 film. The film is directed by Ava DuVernay and stars Tracee Ellis Ross as Ms. Frizzle, with Katherine Langford, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Jacob Tremblay, Taylor Dior, Mutya Orquia, Caleb Brown, Ashton Tyler, Melody & Rose Chiu and Maxwell Simkins.


Principal Frizzle is excited to welcome Dorothy Ann as the new third grade teacher at Walkerville Elementary. On the day of Dorothy Ann's first field trip, Frizzle recruits Timothy to document the entire day. However, when The Bus mistakes Frizzle's instructions, it programmes itself into a unstoppable global tour, can Principal Frizzle, Dorothy Ann, Timothy and the third grade students find inspiration on their spontaneous trip and get back to Walkerville in time for the all important talent show? They all certainly hope so.


  • Tracee Ellis Ross as Principal Frizzle, the quirky headteacher at Walkerville Elementary.
  • Katherine Langford as Miss Dorothy Ann, the new third grade teacher at Walkerville Elementary.
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Timothy, a filmmaker and former Walkerville student recruited by Principal Frizzle to document Dorothy Ann's first field trip.
  • Jacob Tremblay as Jeremy, a smart third-grader obsessed with Geography.
  • Taylor Dior as Laila, a whimsical third-grader who enjoys science.
  • Mutya Orquia as Elisa, a fun-loving third-grader who loves sports and the outdoors.
  • Caleb Brown as Max, a funny third-grader who loves telling jokes and making his classmates laugh.
  • Ashton Tyler as Wally, a quiet third-grader who's struggling to make friends, he enjoys insects and bonds with Elisa.
  • Melody Chiu as Stacey, a talkative third-grader who loves to read.
  • Rose Chiu as Lacey, an imaginative third-grader who loves fashion and writing.
  • Maxwell Simkins as Ollie, a sporty third-grader who enjoys basketball, but also has a softer side.
  • Jane Fonda as Mrs Ankler, one of the co-chairs of Walkerville Elementary's governors and a judge on Walkerville's talent show.
  • Lily Tomlin as Mrs Welk, one of the co-chairs of Walkerville Elementary's governorsand a judge on Walkerville's talent show.
  • Dolly Parton as Ms Dolly, one of Walkerville's favourite singers, she's a guest judge on Walkerville's talent show.
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