The Lost Valley of the Vanishing Winds is an American adult animated television series.

Taking place in a future post apocalyptic world, the series follows Fido, a young princess trying to restore peace into the Valley of the Vanishing Winds and overthrow an evil warlord who has conquered the valley.


Far in the future, after an apocalyptic war has devastated much of the world,


What is your name?


Fido? Why are you named Fido?

Because ,according to my uncle, Fido, in fae, means Beautiful.

  • Boon Boon: I'm getting too old for this kind of crap.
  • Boon Boon: A human, huh. Well, I haven't seen a human in years. For all I know, humans were once a flourished civilization that had lived across every part of this valley. That was until the Tangerine War had wiped a majority of the population to extinction a thousand of years ago. The mutants were once humans but I don't think they remembered being human.


Main Characters

Fido- Boon Boon's niece

Boon Boon-A gnome who is Fido's uncle and guardian.

Milo - a teenaged human orphan who believed himself to be the last known living human of The Lost Valley.

Ellie-A human princess and the wife of

An orc and the wife of Ellie.

Recurring Characters




Well, what are you waiting for?! Kill me! Kill me like you did to my family, my people, and my friends! Come on, i'm open! Please, I can't risk living like this anymore! All the hell you have put me through has been eating me alive for as long as I could remember. I just can't bear it! Well...I guess there's only one way... Guys, i'm on my way.

Where are your parents?

They left us to the night creatures to be eaten, but we found this hut just before sundown. Do you have any food?

I don't but i could take you three with me to get some. Is ther

There's a tavern just down the road but they won't let us in.

Why not?

Because the man in there is cruel. He threw piss at us and shooed us off like rats with a broom.

That old bastard who needs to go to hell for all I care.

Don't say things like that or those...things might hear you!

Hmm. Well

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