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Part 1

(The episode begins at Tiki Island Devoit: You thought you would destroy me, but instead, you gave me the energy I needed.

All: What?

Devoit: I allowing to presenting Olympius’ newest robot I made. Then follow by every command. Stratoforce, Centauras, arise!

Davis Monticlair: Wait a second. Treasure Robot, Ultra-Galleon Robot, Torobot, shut down powers.

Part 2

Hardtochoke: Stratoforce, Centauras, prepared to attack!

Davis Monticlair: That's what I shut down your robots.

Devoit: So, you discovered them true identities. They useless things. Yes, there was a time those robots where Rhino, the Phoenix and the Shark Tresaurebeast. (Flashback begins) But 20 weeks ago after Wipswax, Master Org, Metorock and Metortone have been defeat, they lost their power in the great battle. Doomed and float forever in the asteroid field. But I've captured them and rebuild them for my slaves, an Centauras... and a Stratoforce Robot... and a Zenith Carrierbot.

Hardtochoke: The controller!

Hardtochoke: But you never use it!

Hardtochoke: Now there's nothing you can do to stop them, they'll keep fighting until your Treasurebeast are Treasretoast!

(The Growth Card twirls through the air and sticks into a chunk of meat.)

Jinxer: Seed of Hardrochoke, become grow like a tree of artichoke!

(Meaty chunks of debris suddenly morph into vicious bats and flutter about. The swarm of bats come together and merge into giant Hardochoke.)

Hardtochoke: What are you waiting for? Attack! Huh?! What's going on?!

Hardtochoke: (Last Words) You traitors! The Zenith Carrierbot!

(In the Skull Caven Graveyard, Deviot hits the tombstone in tantrum and mad.)

Devoit: (Furiously) AAAAHHHH!!! Those Rescue Rangers' Treasure Hunter where going to pay for taking my robots! Now Olympius will never allowed me to see a ceremony of Queen Bansheera. Unless of course, I decide to spoiled it, which is doesn't sound a bad idea. (He shot the spider) YES!! (Evil Laugh)