The Los Angeles Team is a 2018 Animated Superhero film directed by J.G. Quintel.

Picking up 6 years after the death of her mom, 12 year old Kitty Warbler (Noah Cyrus) lives a lonely life, until one day she meets the Phoenix (Dave Franco) who goes by the the name Alan in the modern world.

Kitty soon learns that she has the same powers as Alan does, and the two realize they must use their powers to stop an evil force that threatens their homes in Los Angeles.

They soon enough end up joining a legendary superhero team known as the Los Angeles Team!


Noah Cyrus as Kitty

Dave Franco as Alan

J.K Simmons as Jackson, the leader of the los angeles team

Kat Graham as Beignet

Ty Burrel as Brad

Katie Crown as Corie

Mae Whitman as Hero

Sam Marin as Kittys Dad

J.G. Quintel as Shark henry/The monster.


Ophelia- The Lumaneers

Don't stay- Linkin Park

Welcome to my world- Noah Cyrus (the song was written for this film)


One of the few superhero films that wasn't based on a comic.

This is J.G Quintels first Warner Bros. film.


Released: June 9th, 2018,

on DVD November 5th, 2018.

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