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The Look television series on CW. Action, Crime, Thriller, Vigilantes.


  • Arley R. Swaby as Kevin "Bowie" Bowey/The Blood (Episodes -27)..,,, his ailas from his father's name after then. He's died from faked.,
  • Joshua Rush Pennyworth as young Kevin Bowey (Episode-25, 26)..,,, (Episodes one them on Cameo)
  • Erick Brian as younger Original Timeline Sgt. Kevin Bowey Jr. (rumored)..,, Kevin meets his Son in Original Timeline.
  • Caridad Camacho as Sgt. Jules Garfield (Episodes-27)..,,,
  • Jennay Camacho as young Jean Bowey (cameo)..,,, Kevin's daughter.
  • Jasser Camacho as Preston (episodes-27)..,, Kevin's friend.
  • Denia Swaby Ortiz as Unnamed Kevin's mother (cameo; car crash footaged)..,, Kevin's mother.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Robot Bobby Bowey (villain)..,,, Kevin's faked uncle.
  • Archive Macvicar as Richard Bowey (Episodes-27)..,,, Kevin's uncle.
  • Derlis Swaby Mayo as Dt. Brandon/Himself (cameo)..,,, Kevin's Father.; An Actor wants to meet Lt. Kevin Bowey.,,
  • Taylor Belford as Lt. Jack Preston (Episodes-27)..,,, Kevin's long lost nephew.
  • Shaniel Swaby Mayo as Robot Colace Kevin's faked aunt.
  • Amanda Nelson as Chloe (episodes-23)..,, Kevin's Adopted Daughter.
  • Harvey Swaby as Lt. Sgt Cal Preston Kevin's far-uncle.
  • Junior Peart as Sgt. Juni Weston (Episode-1)..,, Kevin's cousin and Junior's son, Kevin's partner.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Mr. Jefferson (Episodes-26)..,, Kevin's enemy.
  • Aisa Rosales Jackson as Jean Bowey (Episodes-27)..,, Kevin's daughter.
  • Chloe Walter as Kendra (mentioned)..,, Kevin's friend/childhood besties, Kevin's foster daughter.
  • Terry Pennyworth as Brandon (cameo)..,,, The Mayor's Son.
  • Damian Brandon Anderson as Kevin (Episode-1)..,,, Kevin's Son.
  • Olivio Swaby Powery as Trent McKenna (cameo)..,,, Kevin's Brother.
The Look
Genre Action,



Police Cop,


Comic Book,



Created by Tony Gilroy (Creator by "Bowey Story")
Starring Arley Swaby

Caridad Camacho Nolberto Swaby

Opening Theme The Look Opening Theme

/The Look Theme

Location Los Angeles

Tampa, Florida (presumed deceased; earthwrecked people died)

Las Vegas

Country Of Origin {{{Country Of Origin}}}
Number Of Episodes 24
Running Time {{{Running Time}}}
Original Channel: Universal Television (U.S Released)

Fox Television

Original Air Date 2017
Produced by Matt Reeves (producer)

Trenny Deanne Nelson (executive producer/story by "The Look television series")

Phil Lord (co-producer/story by "Novel book")

Directed by Chloe Walter (director, Episode-1)

Phil Lord (executive director/story by, Episodes)

Ethan Hawke (co-director, episodes)

McG (co-director, Episode-2)