The Little Fox On The Run is a part animated part live action musical film series. It includes both films.


The story begins. Rita the little fox is best friends with Hugo the Jungle Animal. She lived with her family somewhere in Sherwood Forest. After Hugo helped Rita's brother Robin Hood stealing riches - Rita refused to steal anything from rich people. She argued with Robin about their father. Meanwhile - Robin and Rita forgived each other. On a series of misadventures - Rita encountered The Jedi and their archenemies The Sith. She also befriended The Scarecrow The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion. After the defeat of The Sith and a visit to The Wizard of Oz - Rita returned home to Sherwood Forest and was reunited with Hugo. Hugo and Rita went to find a safe place where there is no danger and they can live happily together.

The Little Fox On The Run: Sherwood Forest

The sequel centers on Hugo and Rita as they went on new misadventures and join forces with Robin Hood to battle his nemesis The Sheriff of Nottingham. Rita has made new friends with Maid Marian. After The Sheriff's defeat - Robin and Marian are married. Hugo and Rita found a new home in Sherwood Forest. The story concludes.

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