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The List is a 2014 American Teenage Comedy written by Todd Phillips & Craig Mazin and directed by Todd Phillips starring Kal Penn, Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Alex Russell, Adam Brody, Noomi Rapace, Jonah Hill, Rebel Wilson and Chris Pratt.

The film was scripted and greenlit at the same time as Phillips' concluding Hangover instalment and was completed by mid February 2014 and released theatrically to critical success and acclaim on March 29th, 2014.

The film concerns a group of teenagers and two escorting adults falling witness to a crime and ultimatley ending up being blackmailed into completing a series of set bizarre tasks upon a list.


It's summer break and high school buddies Julius (Alex Russell), Barry (Adam Brody), Casablanca (Jonah Hill) and Austen (Chris Pratt) are set for a trip down to Lincoln Beach festival so Barry can meet up with his old former fling Shauna Merryton (Aimme Teegarden) who has invited him and his buddies out to the biggest after-party in summer break history.

The irresponsible leader of the pack Julius' brother Ryan (Channing Tatum) however is tasked by his fiance Fiona (Mila Kunis) and rich, uptight parents with driving Julius and the others down to the said festival in Miami.

Ryan agrees on the task with the condition of taking his workaholic, bestfriend Humphrey (Kal Penn) down to Miami as well to unwind with a few drinks at a few bars after dropping off his dimwit brother and his friends.

However things take a turn for the tragic when they come to witness a drug deal on the Florida backroads and inadvertenly witness the execution of a fat, greasy mexican cannabis dealer.

The group are then abducted and spared on account some unorthodox tasks the dealers need to have completed which they forcing the group to complete otherwise they will hunt them down and kill them.

They are given a list and set to completing the tasks, which they find help in a bizarre woman Jill Armstrong (Noomi Rapace) a swindler.


  • Kal Penn as Humphrey Bogart
  • Channing Tatum as Ryan Raynel
  • Mila Kunis as Fiona Graham
  • Alex Russell as Julius Raynel
  • Adam Brody as Barry Levin
  • Noomi Rapace as Jillian Armstrong
  • Jonah Hill as Casablanca Cormac
  • Rebel Wilson as Samantha Jeans
  • Chris Pratt as Austen Jeans
  • Aimee Teegarden as Shauna Merryton
  • Chris Cooper as Sheriff Bart Levin
  • Alan Tudyk as Tobias Reginald
  • Lake Bell as Deputy Smith
  • Justin Bartha as Deputy Norris
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Jessica Bogart
  • Cloris Leachman as Crazy Granny Milton Cormac