The movie opens up with a young boy who visits a pawnshop, which Mr. Liu (Jackie Chan) owns. The boy tells the owner that his friends bully him. The owner decides to teach the boy the story of Ninjago. He tells about a teenage boy named Lloyd who has a dad that is the worst guy ever, Lord Garmadon. Lord Garmadon almost frequently attacks and tries to conquer Ninjago. This makes everyone in Ninjago hate Lloyd Garmadon. Lloyd and his friends Kai, Nya, Jay, Zane and Cole always have to stop Garmadon. On a particular day ( Lloyd's birthday) Lloyd gets emotional about how Garmadon wasn't there for him. After retreating Garmadon is busy planning his next big attack. He fires many generals out of a volcano, because of their "bad" ideas. Meanwhile Lloyd's friends try to comfort Lloyd about his relationship with his father. Suddenly Master Wu appears, back from his long trip. He tells them they aren't real ninjas, they just use mechs and machines. Lloyd questions his abilities, where Master Wu replies he is the green element. Wu tells Lloyd that he must focus with his mind. He mentions that there is an ultimate weapon in his cabin, but says Lloyd doesn't need to use it to defeat Garmadon once and for all. Lloyd goes back home and sadly goes to his room. The following morning Garmadon uses a big new mech to attack the city. The ninjas do what they usually do but are unable to stop Garmadon. Lloyd eventually uses the forbidden ultimate weapon on Garmadon, ending up to be a laser. It attracts the giant cat, Meowthra. Garmadon uses the weapon to take down the other ninjas. As he celebrates his victory Lloyd reveals himself. He battles Garmadon and breaks the laser, retreating. His friends and Master Wu are disappointed in him, using the ultimate weapon. Master Wu states that there is an ultimate ultimate weapon, to stop Meowthra. They all journey into the forest of danger. Garmadon listens in on them and hears they are searching for an ultimate ultimate weapon. Garmadon follows them and attacks Wu. Master Wu eventually cages Garmadon. However he falls off the bridge due to a butterfly. He screams to Lloyd that he must use inner peace, after going down a speeding river. The crew take Garmadon along, where they choose to go through a dangerous shortcut. They are caught by Garmadon's former general number ones. The ninjas fight but are defeated, as they retreat. Lloyd is placed in the cage with Garmadon, and the generals all plan to fire them into the volcano. Before that happens the rest of the ninjas attack in stealth mode. They free Garmadon and Lloyd, before all of them build a get away vehicle. They fly and eventually crash into the Temple of Fragile Foundations. Garmadon reveals that it is his home. He tells Lloyd that his mother is Lady iron dragon. She turned from conquering the world to taking care of her son. Garmadon says he couldn't change himself so he left. The rest of the ninjas find the ultimate ultimate weapon, revealing to be their elements. Garmadon tells Lloyd to join him as his new general one. Lloyd just want him to be his dad, Garmadon refuses and runs off with the ultimate ultimate weapon, locking the ninjas in the temple. The temple collapses, Lloyd convinces the others to use and focus their elements within. They successfully do so, breaking out of the temple. As they fall, Master Wu appears with his ship and picks them up. Meanwhile Garmadon tries to attack the cat with the ultimate ultimate weapon. He gets eaten by Meowthra. Lloyd realizes he must not attack the cat. He reveals himself to everyone and comforts the cat, and tells his father inside that he was sorry and forgives him. In the end the cat becomes the mascot of Ninjago and the ninjas practice their ninjitsu. While Nya and Koko teach former generals of Garmadon ninjitsu as well. The story concludes and, (Jackie Chan) tells the boy he will start his training tomorrow. The boy asks if they can bring the cat too, to which the owner responds no.

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