The Lego Movie Alternate Ending is a sad ending of the DVD of The Lego Movie. What if Lord Business killed Emmet and all of his friends and took over the Lego World? It contains darker scenes.


The scene is where Emmet was fighting Lord Business, but his legs were then frozen by Lord Business. Instead of freezing the entire body, he brings his "bazooka gun" that shoots a giant laser that was given by Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. He tells Emmet to say hi to "Mr. Laser", but Emmet says "NO!!", then Bad Cop turns on the plug, then Lord Business blasts Emmet into pieces using his "bazooka gun".

Meanwhile, Wyldstyle, Benny, Batman, Uni Kitty, and Metalbeard were then kidnapped by Lord Business for them to be fed to the Enderdragon from Minecraft. Soon after that, Lord Business holding Emmet's head that he killed him is causing everyone to scream. Then, his minions are re-sent to set the world on fire to rename it "Neo Lord Business Planet", and build an evil future. Let's hope this alternate ending will never-ever happen.

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