The Legend of the Slenderman is a 2014 film based on the internet legend.


After graduating,the high school class is camping in an old army area,which is now a nature area.Just the wire fence is left and an old cavity.Soon,the campers begin to tell spooky stories about the creature calld "Slenderman",who kills teenagers.They might be laughing,but in the woods coule be someone watching them.


  • Dianna Agron as Sienna Roberts/The good girl
  • Leah Pipes as Norah Vernes/The bitch,who pulled Becca down the stairs
  • Troian Bellisario as Miranda Pines/The maths genius
  • Chris Colfer as Jonah Dior/The gay fashion victim
  • Lovelyn Enebechi as Rhoda Stone/The beautiful badass
  • Isla Fisher as Mrs. Wanda Seymour/The rough German-teacher
  • Sarah Jessica Parker as Ms. Iris Watson/The desperated Maths-teacher
  • Josh Hutcherson as Ryan Gershwin/The writer,who fell in love with Jonah
  • Ashley Benson as Rachel Irwin/Butch's girlfriend,who sneaked to the campers
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Sita Moore/The mexican sports star
  • Zac Efron as Butch Herold/The quaterback,who brought marijuana,crack...
  • Kelly Osbourne as Becca Hanson/The bullyed geek
  • Kristen Stewart as Prudence Lawyer/The tomboy
  • David Henrie as Nolan Puck/The nerdy looser
  • Zoë Bell as Slenderman/Tabitha Hanson/Becca's mom,the killer


  • Sienna Roberts
  • Norah Vernes
  • Miranda Pines
  • Jonah Dior
  • Rhoda Stone
  • Mrs. Wanda Seymour
  • Ms. Iris Watson
  • Ryan Gershwin


  • Rachel Irwin-Died,because she took to many different drugs in the tent.
  • Nolan Puck-Slayed with an axe by Mrs.Seymour,because he raped the dead Racheland halocinating it was Mrs.Seymour.
  • Prudence Lawyer-Speared on a wooden block,as she tried to escape from "Slender" over the wire fence.Thrown back by Tabitha,who pulls her off.
  • Becca Hanson-Shot in chest by Norah and knocked at the tree by Jonah, who thought,she is her mother.
  • Butch Herold-Kicked in ass by Ryan,Rhoda and Miranda and finally slayed with a rock by Jonah,because he's an asshole and tried to kill Sienna
  • Sita Moore-Obviously killed in rush by Rhoda and Mrs. Seymour
  • Tabitha Hanson-Painfully cut off by Ryan,because she cut Jonah dangerously.


At the end,The confused Ms.Watson,drives the rest of the students on the highway.Miranda and Sienna are crying,because Jonah seems to be dead soon.Ryan tells him all the time not leaving him alone and he wakes up.Mrs.Seymour smokes her cigarette and says finally:"We did it bitches! And stop this gay twilight shit!" And the movie ends with Rhoda smoking Mrs.Seymours cigarette.

Main Cast

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