The Legend of Zelda vs. Magical Drop is a crossover puzzle battling game for the Nintendo Switch. This video game was cancelled on both the Wii and Wii U consoles due to confusion and error. The Legend of Zelda vs. Magical Drop features all of the characters from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda and Data East's (now G-Mode's) Magical Drop. This video game has been released on December 14, 2018. Also, it was published by Nintendo and Golgoth Studio and developed by Grezzo and UTV Ignition Entertainment.


The Legend of Zelda vs. Magical Drop is played in a style based on the Magical Drop franchise where players try to match at least groups of three or more drops in a vertical line. This new feature allows players to level up to boost their stats. Some characters may perform a transformation while leveling up. Each character (except for the others who don't change) comes in 2-3 different variants. When playing as either a Mario or a Ghostlop character, the style becomes a Ghostlop pattern.

Game Modes

  • Arcade (Beginner, Medium, Expert and Intense difficulties)
  • Magical Tour
  • Solo Puzzle
  • Ghost Battle
  • Shadow Battle
  • Versus (1-4 players, Team Battle)
  • Online Versus (1-4 players, Team Battle)

Playable Characters

NOTE: Bold describes hidden characters.

The Legend of Zelda

Character Information
HW Link

A legendary hero known as the Hero of Time. The Triforce of Courage is his belonging.

  • Nickname: Hero of Hyrule
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Hyrule Field
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Justice
HW Zelda

The Princess of Hyrule who holds the Triforce of Wisdom. She is considered a technical character.

  • Nickname: Princess of Hyrule
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Hyrule Castle
  • Arcade Mode Rival: World
HW Impa

A Hyrulean General and sometimes a member of the Sheikah race.

  • Nickname: Hyrulean General
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Hyrule Castle (Sunset)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Hermit
HW Tingle

A 35-year old man who has been obsessed with fairies.

  • Nickname: Reincarnated Fairy?
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Termina Field
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Fool
Deku Link MM
Deku Link

A Deku version of Link. He has lots of agility.

  • Nickname: The Deku Kid
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Deku Palace
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Hierophant
HW Toon Link
Toon Link

The cartoon version of Link. He is known as the "Hero of Winds".

  • Nickmane: Wind-Waking Warrior
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Outset Island
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Chariot
HW Tetra

A young pirate girl and successor to her mother's gang of pirates.

  • Nickname: Leader of the Pirates
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Pirate Ship
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Magician
HW Ghirahim

The lord of the demons who was unleashed upon the surface.

  • Nickname: Demon Lord
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Sealed Grounds
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Empress
Linebeck PH

A self-centered, greedy, arrogant, cowardly, treasure-pursuing sailor. He named his ship after himself, the S.S. Linebeck.

  • Nickname: Senior Captain
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Pirate Ship (Sunset)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Judgement
HW Medli

A Rito Earth Sage and the attendant of the Sky Spirit Valoo from Era of the Great Sea.

  • Nickname: Valoo's Attendant
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Dragon Roost Island
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Temperance
Makar WW

An adventurous Korok who lives in the Forest Haven. He plays a violin that he has inherited from his ancestors.

  • Nickname: Forest Haven's Korok
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Forest Haven
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Lovers
Saria OoT

A Kokiri girl, considered to be very pretty by her fellow Kokiri.

  • Nickname: Kokiri Girl
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Kokiri Forest
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Sun
Ashei TP

A member of the resistance and is skilled in the art of swordplay.

  • Nickname: Warrior from Snowpeak
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Snowpeak Ruins
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Death
HW Midna

A Twili who teams up with the protagonist, Link, to battle a "greater evil" that she alone cannot overcome.

  • Nickname: Twilight Princess
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Twilight Field
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Devil
Skull Kid TP
Skull Kid

A member of the Skull Kid race of creatures. He is considered to become a trickster.

  • Nickname: Fearful Trickster
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Lost Woods
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Hanged Man
Laruto WWHD

A Zora and the former Sage of Earth, one of the sages responsible for maintaining the Master Sword's ability to cast down evil.

  • Nickname: Sage of Earth
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Earth Temple
  • Arcade Mode Rival: High Priestess

A Kokiri who was given the sacred duty of guarding the Master Sword as a Sage of Wind.

  • Nickname: Sage of Wind
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Wind Temple
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Strength II
Malon OoT

A young farm girl who works on Lon Lon Ranch with Talon. She has lots of technical abilities.

  • Nickname: Ranch Girl
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Lon Lon Ranch
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Star
Din OoS

A woman who was named after the Goddess of Power, who is one of the three creators of Hyrule.

  • Nickname: Oracle of Seasons
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Fire Sanctuary
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Emperor
HW Agitha

She may be a self-proclaimed "Princess of Bugs," but she is not truly a member of any royal family.

  • Nickname: Insect Princess?
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Kakariko Village
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Moon
HW Darunia

A leader and chief of the Gorons. Power is his favorite type.

  • Nickname: Goron Chief
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Death Mountain
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Strength
HW Zant

An Usurper King who gains mysterious power and usurps the throne of the Twilight Realm.

  • Nickname: Usurper King
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Palace of Twilight
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Young Fortune
Byrne ST

One of Chancellor Cole's most powerful servants who possesses mighty strength that rivals that of the Spirits of Good.

  • Nickname: Servant of Chancellor Cole
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Tower of Spirits
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Burnz
Chancellor Cole ST
Chancellor Cole

The chancellor of New Hyrule and a primary antagonist. He is considered an All-Around competitor.

  • Nickname: New Hyrule's Chancellor
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Lorule Castle
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Justice
Helmaroc King
Helmaroc King

The Giant, Great Bird who inhabits the Forsaken Fortress of the night.

  • Nickname: Great Bird
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Forsaken Fortress
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Tower
HW Ganondorf

The Demonic King of Darkness who wields the Triforce of Power and a nemesis of Link.

  • Nickname: Demonic King of Darkness
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Ganon's Castle
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Fortune
Vaati TMC

An enchanted Wind Sorcerer who puts a hex on Hyrule.

  • Nickname: Wind Sorcerer
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Palace of Winds
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Fortune
HW Young Link
Young Link (DLC)

A child version of Link. He is considered to be the youngster of the Ocarina.

  • Nickname: Master of the Ocarina
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Clock Town
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Hamilton
Fi (DLC)

A spirit and a perfected trickster residing within the Goddess Sword.

  • Nickname: Spirit of the Goddess Sword
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Skyloft
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Waririn
Kafei (DLC)

A mysterious determined youth seen in Clock Town's Laundry Pool.

  • Nickname: Mysterious Determined Youth
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Ikana Castle
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Harp
HW Lana
Lana (DLC)

A young, energetic sorceress with a deep knowledge of spells and monsters.

  • Nickname: Sorceress of a White Light
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Faron Woods
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Mint
HW Cia
Cia (DLC)

An enchanted sorceress from the darkness who wields a magical scepter into battle.

  • Nickname: Sorceress of the Dark Forces
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Valley of Seers
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Storm & Mok
HW Volga
Volga (DLC)

A Crimson Dragon Knight who can turn into a dragon during combat.

  • Nickname: Dragon Knight
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Eldin Caves
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Mitchell
HW Wizzro
Wizzro (DLC)

A "Twisted Wizard" who possesses magical abilities during battle.

  • Nickname: Twisted Wizard
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Temple of the Sacred Sword
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Isabella

Magical Drop

Character Description
Justice MDV

A Magical Swordfighter who threatens to rid everything that's evil with her favorite sword.

  • Nickname: Magical Swordfighter
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Cedar Forest
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Link
Star MDV
A speedy songwriter who likes to sing really loud!

  • Nickname: Magical Popstar
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Glacier Coast
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Malon
Chariot MDV
A Roman fighter with energetic agility. He carries a spear during battle.

  • Nickname: Skilled Knight
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Roman Coliseum
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Toon Link
World MDV
A Goddess who has the appearance of a young woman. She has three eyes.

  • Nickname: Virgin Goddess
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Galaxy of the Zodiac
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Zelda
Fool MDV
A humanoid-like individual that does not possess too much abilities, but is still an all-around individual.

  • Nickname: Free Spirited Individual
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Castle of Weird Dreams
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Tingle
Magician MDV
A narcissist with magical and technical abilities while being described as someone that others love to hate.

  • Nickname: Magical Narcissist
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Magical Sanctuary
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Tetra
Empress MDV
A beautiful, but domineering woman who was corrupted by Black Pierrot.

  • Nickname: Domineering Queen
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Nishimura Castle
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Ghirahim
Devil MDV
An evil, young boy who does everything he wants in Magical Land.

  • Nickname: Endangering Trickster
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Ancient Cavern
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Midna
Death MDV
Armed with her scythe, she seeks to punish everyone who falls victim to her.

  • Nickname: Mysterious Woman from Nowhere
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Moonlit Wasteland
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Ashei
Emperor MDV
A very excitable man who is willing to fall in love with someone he meets.

  • Nickname: Charming King
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Historic Mansion
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Din
Hierophant MDV
A saintly young man who possesses technical abilities. He also has great intelligence.

  • Nickname: Priest of Light
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Arabian City
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Deku Link
Lovers MDV
A dynamic duo who teams up to save Magical Land from destruction.

  • Nickname: The Loving Duo
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Cedar Falls
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Makar
Strength II MDF
Strength II
The daughter of the original Strength. She teams up with her pet lion named Gao Gao.

  • Nickname: Wild Hunting Acrobat
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Grand Savannah
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Fado
A cute flaming baby who has lots and lots of agility. She's very easy to use.

  • Nickname: Infant of the Flame
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Sunflower Fields
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Saria
Hanged Man MDF
Hanged Man
A man who is always seen upside-down possesses technical abilities.

  • Nickname: Upside-Down Wanderer
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Floating Treehouse
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Skull Kid
Judgement MDF
A spunky young woman who sports wings and carries a musical bugle.

  • Nickname: Angel from the Sky
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Spring Hollow
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Linebeck
A mild-mannered young woman who is also known as the water goddess for some reason.

  • Nickname: Water Goddess
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Fountain of Wishes
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Medli
High Priestess
High Priestess
A scholarly young woman with great, technical abilities and was known as the "Lady of the Books".

  • Nickname: Lady of the Books
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Mizuhashi Shrine
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Laruto
An old man who seeks to having the power to change his destiny.

  • Nickname: The Vigorous Battler
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Mystic Canyon
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Impa
Moon MDF
A stereotypical "stylish" girl with technical dancing moves.

  • Nickname: Arabian Wonder
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Arabian City (Night)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Agitha
Strength MDF
A muscular man of brute strength. He is so powerful against pitiful amateurs.

  • Nickname: Hulking Destructor
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Grand Savannah (Sunset)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Darunia
Burnz MDF
A flaming challenger from out of the shadows. He is considered an All-Around good guy.

  • Nickname: The Flaming Challenger
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Mystic Canyon (Fog)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Byrne
Young Fortune MDV
Young Fortune
Raised by Mushman, she is the younger version of the adult Fortune with All-Around abilities.

  • Nickname: Youth of Luck
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Chamber of the Wheel
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Zant
Black Pierrot
Black Pierrot
An evil dark clown who was responsible for possessing Empress. He is very agile to defeat.

  • Nickname: Almighty Trickster
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Dark Clown Industries, Inc.
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Link
Tower MDF
A robot forged from bricks possesses great power and intelligence.

  • Nickname: Destructive Building
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Stormy Wasteland
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Helmaroc King
Fortune MDF
An evil queen who seeks to put a hex on Magical Land.

  • Nickname: Evil Queen from the Darkness
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Shadow Realm
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Ganondorf
Dark Priestess
Dark Priestess
An evil, possessed version of High Priestess. She has a true form on her side.

  • Nickname: Fortune's Descendant
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Chamber of the Wheel (Shadow Realm)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Ganondorf
Hamilton (DLC)
A skateboarder who possesses All-Around abilities.

  • Nickname: Skateboarding Individual
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Skateboard Arena
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Young Link
Mint (DLC)
A young fairy of the forests with technical abilities.

  • Nickname: Seasonal Fairy
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Forest of Seasons
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Lana
Waririn (DLC)
An evil trickster and a look-alike of Devil. He threatens to put Magical Land in grave danger.

  • Nickname: The Devilish Powerhouse
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Icy Cavern
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Fi
Harp (DLC)
A musical songstress who carries a harp during battle.

  • Nickname: The Melody Maker
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Astral Conservatory
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Kafei
Mitchell (DLC)
An armored knight who has great power and intelligence.

  • Nickname: The Strong Knight
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Roman Coliseum (Night)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Volga
Storm & Mok
Storm & Mok (DLC)
A duo who explores the wonders of Magical Land.

  • Nickname: Cavernous Duo
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Mystic Canyon (Night)
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Cia
Isabella · R
Isabella (DLC)
One of the rulers of Magical Land. She is a technical battler.

  • Nickname: Ruler of Magical Land
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Chinese Zodiac Museum
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Wizzro

Guest Characters

Character Description
Mario (DLC)
Everyone's favorite Nintendo character who has ever joined the puzzle battling game!
  • Nickname: Mr. Video Game Himself
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Acorn Plains
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Bruce
Luigi SMP
Luigi (DLC)

The younger brother of Mario and an eternal understudy.

  • Nickname: The Green Machine
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Luigi's Mansion
  • Arcade Mode Rival: McCoy
Peach SMP
Peach (DLC)

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has great technical abilities.

  • Nickname: Mushroom Kingdom's Princess
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Peach's Castle
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Lulu
Yoshi SMP
Yoshi (DLC)

The little dinosaur from the island who has excellent agility.

  • Nickname: Omnivore of the Year
  • Type: Speed
  • Stage: Yoshi's Island
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Pumpkin Head
Bowser LoZvMD
Bowser (DLC)

Mario's evil nemesis who was responsible for kidnapping Princess Peach.

  • Nickname: King of the Koopas
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Bowser's Castle
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Bruce
Bruce MDV
Bruce (DLC)

The main character from "Ghostlop". He's an all-around good guy.

  • Nickname: The Ghost Hunter
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Paradise Square
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Mario
McCoy (DLC)

The Brother of Bruce. He has All-Around skills that are made suitable.

  • Nickname: The Eternal Buster
  • Type: All-Around
  • Stage: Paradise Island
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Luigi
Lulu the Exorcist
Lulu (DLC)

A female exorcist who attempts to possess excellent skills.

  • Nickname: The Exorcist
  • Type: Technique
  • Stage: Mansion Hallway
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Peach
Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin Head (DLC)

A crazed, ghostly creature who haunts the town.

  • Nickname: The Ghostly Pumpkin
  • Type: Tricky
  • Stage: Ghostly Cemetery
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Yoshi
Mushman MDV
Mushman (DLC)

A powerful ghost who puts the entire city under his spell.

  • Nickname: The Great King of Terror
  • Type: Power
  • Stage: Deserted City
  • Arcade Mode Rival: Mario

Unlock Criteria

Character/Mode Unlock Condition
Agitha Complete Arcade mode with any Legend of Zelda character.
Byrne Win 5 times with an S-Rank in Arcade Mode.
Darunia Complete Arcade mode with 5 Legend of Zelda characters.
Helmaroc King Complete Arcade mode on Medium or Higher using no continues.
Chancellor Cole Score 500,000 points, finish 9 stages and defeat Chancellor Cole with a Magical Drop character in Arcade mode using no continues.
Zant Complete Arcade mode without leveling up once.
Sheik (palette swap for Zelda) Complete Arcade mode with Zelda.
Toon Zelda (Palette swap for Tetra) Complete Arcade mode with Tetra.
Ganondorf Complete Arcade mode with all Legend of Zelda characters (excluding Vaati).
Vaati / Master Quest Magical Tour mode Complete Magical Tour mode once.
Moon Complete Arcade mode with any Magical Drop character.
Strength Complete Arcade mode with 5 Magical Drop characters.
Burnz Win 10 times with an A-Rank or higher in Arcade mode.
Tower Defeat 20 opponents without letting them level up once in Arcade mode.
Black Pierrot Score 500,000 points, finish 9 stages and defeat Black Pierrot with a Legend of Zelda character in Arcade mode using no continues.
Young Fortune Complete Arcade mode on Intense or play 24 hours total on any mode.
Original Fool (palette swap for Fool) Complete Arcade mode with Fool.
Shiira (palette swap for High Priestess) Complete Arcade mode with High Priestess.
Fortune Complete Arcade mode with all Magical Drop characters (excluding Dark Priestess).
Dark Priestess Complete Master Quest Magical Tour mode.
Intense (difficulty) Complete Arcade mode on Expert.
Main Menu background 2 Complete Magical Tour mode with all levels beaten.
Main Menu background 3 Complete Master Quest Magical Tour mode with all levels beaten.


  • The Main Starters DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Link, Justice, Tetra, Lovers, Impa, Chariot and Linebeck.
  • The Femme Fatale DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Zelda, World, Empress, Ashei and Death.
  • The Strange Beings DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Skull Kid, Fool, Toon Link, Sun, Deku Link, Hanged Man, Makar, Fado and Hermit.
  • The Brawler DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Darunia, Strength, Strength II and Tower.
  • The Magical Legends DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Tingle, Hierophant, Midna, Magician, Star and Emperor.
  • The Wild Winged Ones DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Medli, Temperance, Helmaroc King, Judgement and Devil.
  • The Tokyo Princess DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Malon, Saria, Agitha, High Priestess, Laruto, Moon and Young Fortune.
  • The Villain DLC costume pack includes alternate costumes for Ganondorf, Fortune, Chancellor Cole, Byrne, Zant, Ghirahim, Black Pierrot, Burnz, Vaati and Dark Priestess.
  • When purchasing a pack that has all 14 DLC characters, they each come with an alternate costume.
  • When purchasing the Mario X Ghostlop pack, all Mario and Ghostlop characters come with their own alternate costumes.
  • All characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise do not talk during gameplay, but rather use English voices in a character's ending when the setting is set to English in the Options menu.
  • All rivals for each character act like sub-bosses in Arcade Mode.
  • When playing Arcade Mode, Vaati appears as the final boss for Magical Drop characters, while Dark Priestess does the same for the Legend of Zelda characters.


Character JP Voice ENG Voice
Agitha Yuiko Tatsumi Stephanie Sheh
Announcer N/A Ty Reed
Aryll Sachi Matsumoto Christine Marie Cabanos
Ashei Eri Kitamura Brina Palencia
Black Pierrot Tomokazu Seki Samuel Vincent
Bowser N/A Kenny James
Bruce Tomokazu Seki Todd Haberkorn
Burnz Takayasu Usui Brad Swaile
Byrne Anri Katsu Kyle Hebert
Chancellor Cole Kōki Harasawa Taliesin Jaffe
Chariot Issei Futamata Ian James Corlett
Cia Minako Kotobuki Erin Fitzgerald
Dark Priestess Haruka Tomatsu
Houko Kuwashima (True Form)
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Willow Johnson (True Form)
Darunia Kōsuke Takaguchi Patrick Seitz
Death Houko Kuwashima Venus Terzo
Deku Link Fujiko Takimoto N/A
Devil Eri Kitamura Jillian Michaels
Din Yayoi Jinguji Carrie Keranen
Emperor Toshiyuki Morikawa Scott McNeil
Empress Atsuko Tanaka Nicole Oliver
Fado Mari Mashiba Kate Higgins
Fi Ayumi Fujimura Lani Minella
Fool Makiko Ōmoto N/A
Fortune Rumi Ochiai Meredith Gonzales
Ganondorf Taiten Kusunoki Michael McConnohie
Gao Gao Toshiyuki Morikawa Roger Rhodes
Ghirahim Anri Katsu Sam Riegel
Hamilton Makiko Ōmoto N/A
Hanged Man Kappei Yamaguchi Andrew Francis
Harp Mikako Komatsu Lisa Ann Beley
Hermit Takayasu Usui Paul Dobson
Hierophant Yū Kobayashi Chiara Zanni
High Priestess Haruka Tomatsu Emilie-Claire Barlow
Impa Aki Nagao Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Isabella Yayoi Jinguji Kathleen Barr
Judgement Miyuki Sawashiro Erin Fitzgerald
Justice Fumiko Orikasa Kara Edwards
Kafei Mari Mashiba Lani Minella
Lana Minako Kotobuki Erica Lindbeck
Laruto Ikumi Nakagami Laura Bailey
Linebeck Masashi Tamaki Michael Sorich
Link Yūki Kaji N/A
Lovers Satomi Kōrogi (Rini)
Mitsuki Saiga (Piggy)
Tabitha St. Germain (Rini)
Terry Klassen (Piggy)
Luigi N/A Charles Martinet
Lulu Hiromi Tsuru Brina Palencia
Magician Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Ian Cox
Malon Jun Mizusawa Cherami Leigh
Mario N/A Charles Martinet
McCoy Hiroki Hirata Johnny Yong Bosch
Medli Chiaki Takahashi Cindy Robinson
Midna Akiko Kōmoto Sarah Anne Williams
Mint Juri Takita Chantal Strand
Mitchell Anri Katsu Michael Donovan
Moon Yōko Hikasa Lalania Lindbjerg
Mushman Takashi Nagasako Patrick Seitz
Navi Aya Suzaki Stephanie Sheh
Peach N/A Samantha Kelly
Pumpkin Head Kōki Harasawa N/A
Saria Jun Mizusawa Cherami Leigh
Sheik Saori Seto Stephanie Young
Shiira Rumi Ochiai Teryl Rothery
Skull Kid Sachi Matsumoto Sarah Anne Williams
Star Yui Ogura Janyse Jaud
Strength Takashi Nagasako Michael Dobson
Strength II Ayana Taketatsu Saffron Henderson
Storm & Mok Takayasu Usui Colin Murdock (Storm)
Lani Minella (Mok)
Sun Mari Mashiba Tabitha St. Germain
Temperance Houko Kuwashima Shannon Chan-Kent
Tetra Hikari Tachibana Kate Higgins
Tingle Hironori Miyata Kirk Thornton
Toon Link Sachi Matsumoto N/A
Toon Zelda Akane Ōmae Stephanie Sheh
Tower Tomokazu Seki David Kaye
Vaati Mitsuki Saiga Johnny Yong Bosch
Volga Yoshihisa Kawahara Kyle Hebert
Waririn Naoko Matsui Lani Minella
Wizzro Tadashi Miyagawa Wally Wingert
World Mamiko Noto Lalania Lindbjerg
Yoshi Kazumi Totaka N/A
Young Fortune Michiko Neya
Rumi Ochiai (True Form)
Andrea Libman
Meredith Gonzales (True Form)
Young Link Fujiko Takimoto
Nobuyuki Hiyama (Fierce Deity Link)
Zant Masashi Tamaki Richard Epcar
Zelda Saori Seto Patricia Summersett


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