Ledgend of Wonderland is a live action slightly modernized and darker version of alice in wonderland, combineing elements form the sci-fy movie "Alice" and the manga "Alice in the country of hearts".

Main Characters

Alice Liddlel

Alice Liddel is an innocent young girl, forceably pulled into the corrupt and waring world of wonderland. She loves adventure and is very curious, but is also very naieve, and easilly trusting.

JOKER (a.k.a. The Mad Hatter)

JOKER is a masked terrorist who goes by the psudonym "The Mad Hatter". He is an enigmatic individual, obsessed with playign cards and time. While he is a terrorist, he is not evil, but is trying to libberate wonderland from the tyrany of government corruption. His crimes are all commited with clockwork precision, and all corispond to some form of time. He likes drinking tea, and playing clock solitair.

Queen of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts by starweaver
The Queen of Hearts is a tyranic ruler of the Hart Country, one of the 4 waring nations in wonderland. She innitially seems kind and benevolant, but is truley a manipulative evil wentch. She wears a mask to hide her scarred face.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

White Rabit is a mad scientist, who works on neumerous potions that ahve various effects such as shrinking potions and growing potions and the like. He invented a portal between worlds, known as the "Rabit Hole", and pulled alice through it in an expiramental test.

Cheshire The Cat

Cheshire is a mysterious and eccentric person,acting as alice's guide while in wonderland. He is highly unreliable, and often leaves alice alone. He is 100% insane aswell, but is still very kind.


Country of Hart

This country represents the playing card suit of hearts. It is ruled by a powerhungry, bloodthirsty tyrant.

Country of Daimon

This country represents diamonds. It is allys with Hart.

Country of Clubb

This represents clubs.

Country of Spadde

This country respresents spades.


A terrorist organizeation run by The Mad Hatter. All the members wear rabbit masks.

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