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The Legend of Tinker Bell is a 1953 American animated short film produced by Michael Shires Productions and released by Republic Pictures, starring Tinker Bell and Douglas Duck.


Douglas Duck is first seen being ship-wrecked and lost at sea in a parody of Robinson Crusoe. He only has his old shoes to eat in order to survive. Douglas though soon spots a distant tropical island and is catapulted there by a wave. After Douglas finds it tough to eat a coconut and a tortoise he finds Tinkerbell and decides to eat the fairy instead. Douglas has Tinkerbell on a frying pan but the fairy escapes and Douglas chases him into a native village. Tinkerbell creeps Douglas out by playing tom toms and Douglas gets scared.

Using soot from a cooking pot Tinkerbell disguises herself as a black native complete with a voice and talks gibberish to Douglas. He presumably tells Douglas he has to be cooked to death and orders him to "hop the pot". Then he gives him vegetables to cut but to "hold the onions". Douglas, accepting his fate, cooperates. He soon feels the heat after Tinkerbell lights a fire. Douglas though notices Tinkerbell's loincloth has come loose exposing his brown fur. Discovering he has been played for a sap the cat taunts Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell using a bone tied to his head flies away and Douglas gives chase. However, the duck ends up stopping at the feet of a group of real cannibals. When Douglas looks up, he is frightened to see them with the leader of them licking his lips delightfully and fancying barbecued duck. In horror, Douglas runs away. The cannibals chase after him. Douglas seems to have been safe now but he then spots a shorter and thicker-lipped cannibal who also licks his lips in delight, fancying barbecued fairy. Soon, Tinkerbell is so terrified that he also runs off, then the cannibal chases after the fairy.


Voice Characterization

  • Don Barclay - Douglas Duck
  • Walter Hulett - Narrator


  • Director: James Howard
  • Story: Nick Germanetti, Bob Beck
  • Animation: Virgil Ross, Mike Davis, Cecil Surry, George Germanetti
  • Effects Animation: James Michaels
  • Layout: Yoram Patterson
  • Background: Ernest Earl
  • Music: Oliver Williams


  • The Douglas Duck's First 60 Years VHS uses the original opening and closing titles.

Home video releases


  • Michael Shires Cartoon Classics: Douglas Duck's First 60 Years


  • Michael Shires Treasures: The Chronological Douglas, Volume Four