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The Legend of Tarzan is a 2016 American action adventure romantic film based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs character Tarzan. The film stars Taylor Kitsch as Tarzan and Rachel McAdams as Jane Porter Kerchak among others.


In the nineteenth century, an English couple escape from a sinking ship and land in the uncharted rainforests of Africa. They make a treehouse, where the woman gives birth to a baby boy. The humans are discovered by Kerchak, Lord of the Apes, who violently kills them until his mate Kala arrives and saves him from harming the child. As Kala herself is unable to have children, she takes the child as her own and raises him as her son, naming him Tarzan.

For over twenty years Tarzan lives naked in the jungle, but is never accepted by Kerchak. One day, Tarzan's primitive yet idyllic life is shattered by the arrival of other humans on the continent; hunter John Clayton, scientist Professor Porter and his beautiful daughter, Jane. Tarzan watches Jane, smitten by her, as she becomes seperated from the group. She is attacked by a rogue leopard named Sabor, who Tarzan swings down and tackles Sabor away, eventually killing him with a crude spear. Tarzan touches Jane's hand, his first physical contact with a human.

Jane leads Tarzan back to the human camp, giving him a loin cloth to cover his nudity, and introduces him to the others. They take a great interest in Tarzan and begin to teach him the ways of humans. Tarzan learns to speak English and grows close to Jane, but is reluctant to reveal to them the location of the gorillas, as he fears what Kerchak will do to them. Eventually, Jane kisses Tarzan, leading to them having sex in the tree tops. Tarzan is suitably devastated when a cargo ship arrives to pick them up.

Clayton convinces Tarzan that Jane will remain in Africa with him forever if he brings them to the gorillas. Desperate, Tarzan does so, but Kerchak is enraged and attacks them. Tarzan is forced to fight him, and is disgraced in front of the other apes. The expedition leave for the ship, while Tarzan decides to abandon the ape troop. He is found sulking in the trees by Kala, who brings him to the treehouse and introduces him to his past.

Meanwhile, Jane and her father arrive at the ship to find the crew dead. A gang of stowaway pirates reveal themselves and turn out to be in league with Clayton, who is is actuality a poacher. They imprison them in the ship's brig, but Tarzan hears their cries for help and races off after them. He rescues them from the ship, while Clayton and his band head into the jungle to kill the gorillas. Tarzan, Jane and the professor pursue them.

The sky is lit up by flares shot out by Clayton's men and the apes are rounded up. Kerchak kills several of them before being caught in a net. Before Clayton can shoot him, Tarzan swings in and knocks him rifle out of his hands. Tarzan is set upon by the other poachers but he fends them off. In the mean time Clayton retrieves his rifle and is about to shoot Tarzan, but Kerchak jumps in the way and takes the bullet.

Enraged, Tarzan chases Clayton up into the trees, where he smashes his gun. Clayton tries to kill Tarzan with a machete, but Tarzan wraps him in vines and knocks him out of the tree, leaving him dangling above the ground. One by one the vines begin to snap, and Clayton begs Tarzan to help him, but Tarzan remains silent. He coldly watches as Clayton plummets from the tree and is hanged by the vine around his neck. Tarzan returns to Kerchak's side and makes peace with him. Kerchaek appoints him his successor as king before dying.

At the end of the film, Jane and her father must return to civilization. She asks Tarzan to come with them but he responds that he can't, as he must stay and lead the gorillas. Jane promises to one day return, and she and the professor depart. Tarzan sadly watches them go, then charges up the top of the tallest tree and lets out a triumphant roar as the other apes cheer.


Taylor Kitsch - Tarzan

Rachel McAdams - Jane Porter

Tom Hanks - Professor Porter

Jared Harris - John Clayton

Laurence Fishburne - Kerchak