The Legend Of Zelda is a 2009 Fantasy Action film written and directed by Sam Balcomb starring J.R. Killigrew, Camille C. Brown, Anna Kendrick, Gregory Lee Kenyon, Camden Toy, Raiya Corsiglia, Ken Lyle and Carolyn Palmer.

The film is based on the phenomenally successful 1998 Nintendo 64 video-game from Shigeru Miyamato The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the fifth instalment in the video game series.

The film features incorporated elements of other Legend Of Zelda video-game instalment Twilight Princess.

The film was shot throughout the year of 2008 and released on April 11th. 2009 theatrically to phenomenal commercial and critical success.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray format on November 17th, 2009.

As of January 16th, 2013 the film was made available on Ultraviolet format.


Following the Hyrulian Civil War young Kokirian Link (J.R. Killigrew) of the Kokiri Forest who is desperate to impress his foster father Talon (Ken Lyle) and earn praise like his sister Malon (Carolyn Palmer) is summoned by the Great Deku Tree.

The message is relayed by his bestfriend Saria (Anna Kendrick) and Link then comes to have a fairy Navi come to his disposal sent by the Great Deku Tree.

Link is ecstatic and desperate to tell Talon and Malon of the summoning and the sword and shield he was granted with however the two have travelled to Castle Town Market in Hyrule.

Navi takes Link to the Great Deku Tree where he is informed that with the guidance of Navi, deflection of his shield and power of sword he must repel the creature which is eating away at him on the inside.

Link enters the Great Deku Tree and at it's centre in a deep hollow discovers a hideous creature, Armogohma, a gigantic spider like beast with a large yellow eye atop it's abdomen.

Link kills the monster with his sword after blinding it's centre eye with an old slingshot of his given to him as a child by Saria.

As he emerges and the entire village of Kokiri including Saria awaits to congratulate him they discover that the Great Deku tree has passed.

The following dawn Talon and Malon arrive back at the village with the provisions from Castle Town Market.

They discover of the Great Deku Tree's demise and Link's slaying of the beast which was sent to kill the Great Deku Tree.

They find Link sitting before the Great Deku Tree in misery and comfort him.

Talon then tells that tomorrow another trip must be made to the kingdom of hyrule, to castle town market and that instead of Malon accompanying him that Link will instead, and he is now the hero of Kokiri Forest.

He is told however not to touch anything as the incident which stopped him from accompanying him and Malon to Castle Town, Market involved him touching and accidentally breaking some items in the Happy Mask Salesman's shop.

Link that evening at him and Saria at the outskirts crossover bridge tells her he is heading into Castle Town, Market tomorrow.

The following afternoon Link comes with Talon to Castle Town, Market and inadvertenly while on errands stumbles into the Happy Mask Salesman's Shop of Collective Masks which enrages the salesman who flares up with freaky red eyes.

He runs and knocks through a crowd until he reaches an alleyway which slips in through a Hyrule Castle Crevice into a hidden courtyard area containing a large glowing yellow triangle.

The triangle appears broken in three parts as a centre piece is absent.

Link touches the large triangle and suddenly has the image of the triangle imprinted upon his right hand.

He is then discovered by castle guards and is brought to the palace gates where he is released before Princess Zelda (Camilla C. Brown) whose psychic abilities have helped her foreseen everything.

She tells the Triangle hidden in the courtyards of the Kingdom of Hyrule is the Tri-Force which has three intregal parts which have three chosen ones it will part to.

The first was parted to an evil distant ruler Ganondorf (Gregory Lee Kenyon) who received the Tri-Force Of Power, where as Zelda's father had his knights and disciples raid the evil Ganondorf's castle and steal the Tri-Force to ensure that it would not be used for the evil dominion over all lands in Hyrule.

She tells it was brought to the central castle of Hyrule and hidden in a courtyard chamber which she found when she was just a child exploring and upon touching it was imbued with the Tri-Force of Magic.

She tells that the third part is the Tri-Force of Courage which is what he has been imbued with and tells that Ganondorf came under the guise of a weary traveller not long after the Tri-Force was brought to the central kingdom and poisoned her father before fleeing upon the discovery of his identity.

She tells she has foreseen that Ganondorf plans to use a ritual requiring seven sages of the different lands of Hyrule and the execution of both her and him to obtain all three parts of the Tri-Force for himself.

She then retreats back into the castle followed by her guards after citing the time and date when the central kingdom of Hyrule will fall and when he must find her to prevent the ritual Ganondorf pans.

Link then awakens in the castle courtyard and is found by Talon.

He at first believes it all to be a dream but finds himself in immense trouble for the Happy Mask Salesman incident.

He asks father Talon about the Princess Zelda of the Central Kingdom of Hyrule, he tells that she possesses psychic powers many believe, that she sneaks out of the castle under the guise of a warrior male named Sheik and possesses the ability of telepathy.

Talon and Link return to Kokiri Village and discover that Saria has been abducted.

Link finds at the crossover bridge her pendant he gave her as a child and then that night has Zelda and Saria communicate with him in his sleep, he is shown images of several different individuals and Ganondorf himself surrounded by raging flames.

He awakens and bids a quiet farewell to Malon before secretly disappearing with father Talon's horse to Castle Town to begin his search for the missing Saria.

He strikes a bargain with the Happy Mask Salesman, performing odd errands in return for the information on where as to start his look for a missing friend and the six sages that were forementioned by Princess Zelda.

He is pointed towards the first sage who resides in Castle Town Rauru.

Rauru is something of a psychic himself but unlike the ruling Princess Zelda possesses no mental stability.

He immediatley deems Link upon entry the "Hero of Time," and amidst the ramblings names the other six sages which include Saria of the Kokiri.

Link asks where as to find her Rauru mentions the Hidden Chambers and then his shop of accessory lights is attacked.

Link is instructed to take cover by sage Rauru and Rauru is beaten and dragged away.

Link takes pursuit but is stopped as he pushed amidst a crowd into Castle Town Market Square where an annoucement is made that the Princess Zelda has been taken captive by who they believe to be the evil opposing ruler Ganondorf.

Link then meets Impa, The Sage of Shadow who Link had seen previously upon his first meeting of Zelda as a visitor consulting with her.

She reveals herself as a Sheika and mentor of hers.

She sneaks him into the Hyrule Castle armory and has suited in proper Hyrulian attire as they prepare their search for the other required sages of the realm.

Link names them and Impa points towards where to find them.

They first depart for Mt. Goro the home of the Gorons where Darunia, a ruling queen is the revealed Sage of Fire.

It is revealed that Darunia has been abducted and on ransom should she attempt escape with her immense power and strength her gorons and goron son will be fed to Ganondorf's dragon Volvagia which has been implanted in the heart of Mt. Goro.

Impa and Link infiltrate the mountain and release Darunia before Link slays the dragon Volvagia and releases the gorons.

They are then pointed the way to the kingdom of the Zora's where Princess Zora Ruto is the Sage of Water.

They find the kingdom of Zora's Domain frozen and under the control of Ganondorf's aquatic monster Morpha.

Realizing that Sage Impa is aiding Link on his quest to save the other sages after the Mt. Goro incident Ganondorf conjures a dark shadow doppleganger of Link and sends it forth to seperate him from Navi his guiding fairy and ally sage Impa as well as tempt him into evil.

Link however is saved by Impa's execution of his dark shadow but she becomes frightened as being the Hero of Time and Tri-Force of Courage chosen one he possesses evil intentions.

She parts to return to her people realizing that Ganondorf will soon be coming for them, breach their barriers and hold her people at ransom.

Link is left alone with Navi to release Zora's Domain from Morpha which he accomplishes and removes the nucleus of the beast.

Link then makes way for Kakiriko village to make amends with Impa only to discover her village which was shrouded in protective shadow has been destroyed and she has been abducted.

Princess Ruto and Darunia then come to Link's aid and cross the River of Sand to the home of the carpenters and to the last sage Nabooru, The Sage of Spirit.

She is under the possession of Ganondorf and attacks but is released upon defeat by Link, Darunia and Ruto.

The three accompanied by fairy Navi then make their way back to central Hyrule and discover Castle Town has had it's residents flee as Ganondorf has taken control of the village and the central kingdom.

The only remaining resident is the crazed Happy Mask Salesman who appears and vanishes randomely before the eyes of Link.

They make their way into the castle through the hidden alley Link used upon first coming into the castle and battle their way to the entrance gates.

Darunia and Ruto pry open the gates and Link, Navi and Nabooru enter as Darunia and Ruto are apprehended by Ganondorf's men.

Navi is captured by stealthily pursuing men and Link breaks down delusionally.

Nabooru falls down a set up trapdoor and Link follows through to the throne room where he is submerged to the Hidden Chamber.

There in a magical cocoon he sees Zelda being drained of her Tri-Force and Ganondorf surrounded by an arena of flames like from his dream.

Around him are the other six sages all locked in place on pedestal, Link tries to release Saria upon seeing her but is spiralled backwards by forcefield.

Navi is locked in a cage set above the fire and is burning slowly.

Ganondorf introduces himself to Link and the two learn the true bloody history of Hyrule before engaging in battle.

Link garners the upper hand in battle for awhile before being overpowered by the relentless Ganondorf.

Before Ganondorf can execute Link however Zelda is freed from her cocoon and Navi from her burning cage.

It is revealed that Ganondorf was unaware that there was seven required sages for the ritual, not six and Zelda was one of them, the infact leader.

As a result attempting to strip her of her life-force and tri-force is impossible and she then frees from there pedestals the other sages who all together heal Link of his wounds and with their combined power engulf Ganondorf in his own flames.

In the end they all part ways and the residents of Castle Town return with a celebratory parade.

Saria and Link leave together headed back for Kokiri.

There they are greeted by Talon, Malon and the other villagers including Saria's parents.

Saria heads out to the crossover bridge and Link announces his love for her.

They engage in a passionate kiss and as he heads away a noise sounds before a celebration being held in the village for Link is interrupted and it is announced Saria has been taken again, this time by a boy with a strange mask on with two fairies.

As Link runs to the crossover bridge he quickly sees the Happy Mask Salesman in pursuit with his flaming red angry eyes and then the other villagers follow.


  • J.R. Killigrew as Link
  • Camilla C. Brown as Princess Zelda
  • Gregory Lee Kenyon as Ganondorf
  • Anna Kendrick as Saria
  • Camden Toy as The Happy Mask Salesman
  • Raiya Corsiglia as Impa
  • Ken Lyle as Talon
  • Carolyn Palmer as Malon
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