The Legacy is a American Horror movie scheduled to be released in October 2012, It is about 2 sisters whose father was a serial killer one of the sisters decides she wants to follow in their father's footsteps and the other sister vows to stop her.


Briana Evigan as Tiffany Williams- She is a young woman who's father is in jail for serial murder when a new series of murders resembling his start she discovers to her horror that her older sister is picking up where he left off. She vows to stop her sister with the help of the detective who caught her father.

Vanessa Lee Evigan as Denise Williams- Tiffany's older sister,she idolizes her father and wants to be like him,She seems to be very nice and sweet but she is really psychotic.

Jessica Lange as Penny Williams-She is their mother she doesn't realize her older daughter is very disturbed.

Greg Evigan as Roland Williams- He realizes his older daughter is following in his footsteps and he is upset because he doesn't want his children to be like him..

James Remar as Det Bennett Davidson-He is the detective who caght Roland Williams and now he is investigating these new murders.

Chad Michael Murray as Officer Richard King-He is Bennett's partner.

Aimee Teegarden as Brittany Hillis- She is Tiffany's best friend.

Tyrese Gibson as Steve Jeffries-He is Denise's boss at her job.

Emma Bell as Marlene Gibbins- She is one of Tiffany's friends.

Cam Gigandet as Nico Samuels-He is a drug dealer who dated Denise when they were in highschool.

Brianna Brown as Robin Davidson- She is Bennett's daughter,

Erik Knudsen as Curtis Prescott- He is Tiffany's neighbor, he likes her. .

Tenika Davis as Valerie Carter- She is a old school rival of Tiffany she hates her because Tiffany beat her to become class president in highschool.

Diego Serrano as Jose Vargas- He is Tiffany's co worker, he is dating model Elissa Perez

Cote De Pablo as Elissa Perez- She is a fashion model.


Tiffany Williams

Bennett Davidson

Richard King

Robin Davidson

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