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The League of Super-Fans is an animated comedy TV series created for Netflix. It currently consists of 12 episodes.


The series follows the surreal and weird lives of a team of secret agents, who are also super-fans, who work for the Secret Special Agency (SSA), disguised as a fan club called the League of Super-Fans. The agents deal with paranormal and extraordinary situations and dangers that call for their fanboy knowledge.


Laid-back fanboy Nicholas comes across and joins a fan club, only to learn that he is actually joining a secret agency.


  • Nicholas Kane, a comic-book enthusiast, the newest agent, the voice of reason, and the most easy-going and laid-back of the group.
  • Steve Turner, a sarcastic but intelligent film enthusiast, Beatrice's stepbrother.
  • Lucy Wing, an overly aggressive and competitive video game enthusiast.
  • Beatrice Walters, an overly excited animation enthusiast, Steve's stepsister.
  • Ben Herbert, a pessimistic science-fiction enthusiast.
  • Jake Lewis, an optimistic fantasy enthusiast.
  • Marlena Carpenter, a kind but eccentric and awkward horror enthusiast.
  • Christine Richards, a TV show enthusiast, the no-nonsense head of the SSA.

Creator's Notes

  • The main inspirations for this series include:
    • Regular Show
    • Men in Black
    • The Big Bang Theory
    • Futurama
    • The Critic
    • Archer
    • Generator Rex
    • Steven Universe
    • Family Guy
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