The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is an upcoming action adventure movie based on the first volume of the comic book series of the same name by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. The film is a crossover event between many popular characters of classic literature, who joins forces to act as Victorian-era superheroes. Starring in the film are Eva Green, Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Eccelston, Dominic Monaghan, Ghassan Massoud and Tom Ellis.


In 1899, Mina Harker attends the funeral of her husband Johnathan near the White Cliffs of Dover. She is approached by Campion Bond, a liaison for MI5, who invites Mina to work for the British Government. She agrees and is tasked with travelling to Cairo, Egypt, to recruit legendary adventurer Allan Quartermain. Mina eventually finds a drunk Quartermain in an opium den, a broken shell of his former self. Quartermain reveals that he is mourning the death of his son and has no interest in serving the British Empire any further; however, Mina is able to bond with him over their mutual grief. Two Arab men then attempt to rape Mina, but Quartermain intervenes and kills one of them. A chase then ensues through the streets of Cairo between the police and Mina, who is dragging a disoriented Quartermain with her. When they reach the docks, it appears as through they are cornered, when suddenly a huge submarine, the Nautilus, bursts out of the water and rescues them. Their savior is revealed to be Captain Nemo.

Nemo escorts Mina and Quartermain back to London, where they are met by Bond and M, the head of MI5, inside the secret annexe of the British Museum. M explains that he is setting up an elite task force – the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – before revealing the next member of the team; Dorian Gray. The group are then sent to Paris, to investigate a girls school where three students have fallen pregnant, apparently due to immaculate conception.

Upon arrival in Paris, the team is met by C. Auguste Dupin, a detective who is investigating the supposed “Holy Ghost.” They visit the school and decide to stay there overnight; Gray and Mina posing as a married couple, with Nemo acting as their servant. During the night, Mina is visited by the “Holy Ghost” but it turns out be a trap laid for the spirit. The “Holy Ghost” is captured and revealed to Rodney Skinner, a thief who stole the invisibility formula of Hawley Griffin, thus turning himself invisible.

Before they can depart from Paris, the group witness a large monster jumping across rooftops and pursue it into Notre Dame Cathedral. The monster attacks them, and after a brief fight, Quartermain knocks it out with one of the cathedral's great bells. They take the monster back to the Nautilus, where it regresses into a terrified man with vague memory of what happened. The man introduces himself as Dr Henry Jekyll, a scientist who created a formula that would transform him into his evil alter ego, Mr Edward Hyde. The Hyde personality has since mutated into a ferocious beast. Hoping to do something good for once, Jekyll agrees to join the now fully formed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The League returns to London, where M offers Skinner a full pardon for his past crimes in returning for assisting League. Skinner accepts before M gives the League their first mission; to retrieve a Cavorite engine stolen by the London-based Chinese crimelord Fu Manchu. M explains that Britain was secretly planning a moon landing to coincide with the turn-of-the-century celebrations, the project being supervised by Dr Selwyn Cavor, who created a new material, Cavorite, which can negate the force of gravity.

The League interrogate East End storyteller Quong Lee, who cryptically tells them “The water laps beneath the heavenly bridge. The dragon sleeps below it. My advice to you; do not awaken it.” Mina deduces that Fu Manchu must be operating out of the unfinished Rotherhithe Tunnel. The League descend into the abandoned tunnel and discover a large, underground lair. It turns out that Fu Manchu has built an aerial war machine (the “dragon” of Lee's riddle) and is going to auction it off, along with the Cavorite to levitate it, to the highest bidder during a gathering of all of the crime bosses in London's criminal underworld.

Jekyll creates a distraction by turning into Hyde and slaughtering Fu Manchu's guards, while Quartermain and Mina sneak onto the ship and retrieve the Cavorite engine. They reunite with Gray and Hyde in an underwater tunnel, but are cornered by more guards. Hyde smashes the tunnel glass while Mina activates the engine, propelling them upward through the cascading water as the lair is flooded, drowning Fu Manchu and the other London crime bosses. The League are then picked up by the Nautilus, where the flash powder of a camera has been found in the engine room. The League suspect that there is a saboteur among them, and Gray accuses Skinner, who then disappears. Bond meets them on the London Docklands, where he takes the Cavorite engine and brings it back to M. However, he is unknowingly followed by Skinner, who spies on their subsequent meeting. M is revealed to actually be Professor James Moriarty, the archnemesis of Sherlock Holmes. Skinner is discovered by Gray, who turns out to be the real traitor, and left to die when they set the League's headquarters on fire and flee. Skinner is rescued by Bond, who didn't know about Moriarty's true identityor intentions.

Gray returns to the Nautlius and kills Nemo before Moriarty boards the ship. Moriarty's henchmen then arrive and kill some of the crew, but Nemo's first mate Ishmael manages to escape by diving into the Thames and swimming away. Now in control of the Nautilus, Moriarty activates the Cavorite engine and levitates the Nautilus into the night sky. Gray meets up with the rest of the League and tells them an elaborate lie; Skinner betrayed the League by killing M and Bond, subsequently burning the secretum down in an effort to conceal the crime. However, Skinner became trapped and perished in the flames. Unknown to Gray, Skinner has already informed the League of Gray's treachery. A fight subsequently begins, during which Gray reveals Moriarty's true intentions; to use the Cavorite to levitate the Nautilus and then use the vessel's torpedoes to destroy Westminister, thus wiping out Parliament. Gray then stabs Mina, causing Jekyll, who had grown attached to her, to fly into a rage, changing into Hyde and violently smashing Gray into the ground until he is dead. Mina is then found to be alive; she is, in fact, a half-vampire.

Bond reveals the location of the Victoria, a secret hot air balloon, designed with the intention of, ironically, evacuating M to safety in case of an attack on London. The League use the balloon as a way to getting to the Nautilus, anchoring it to the side of the vessel and climbing on board. While the rest of the League kill Moriarty's guards, Quartermain and Mina make their way to the engine room. However, Moriarty is waiting for them and he stabs Quartermain in the back. Mina picks up the fallen Nemo's sword and uses it to smash the Cavorite engine's container. Moriarty grabs hold of the engine at the last second and is propelled out of the Nautilus to his death. The League then escape in the Victoria as the Nautilus plunges back into the Thames.

A short time later, the League is shown gathering at their new base, a secret bunker hidden in the London Underground system, for a meeting with the new M; Campion Bond. After he gives them their next mission, to investigate possible sightings of a Cthulu-like monster in the waters of Venice, Bond watches the League depart on the newly-built Nautlius II, captained by Ishmael.

in a post credits scene a reporter talks to his friend the observer ogilvy, as they talk they see strange green flashes from the planet mars.


  • Eva Green as Mina Harker, a half-vampire who famously killed Count Dracula.
  • Malcolm McDowell as Allan Quartermain, a famed British adventurer and explorer.
  • Christopher Eccelston as Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, a scientist suffering from split personalities.
  • Dominic Monaghan as Rodney Skinner, the Invisible Man after he stole the formula from the original invisible man, Hawley Griffin.
  • Ghassan Massoud as Captain Nemo, an Indian pirate and captain of the Nautilus.
  • Charlie Cox as Ishmael, Nemo's first mate.
  • Tom Ellis as Dorian Gray, a wealthy young aristocrat formerly cursed with immortality.
  • Johnathan Pryce as James Moriarty (M), the "Napoleon of crime" who secretly controls the British Secret Service.
  • John Rhys-Davies as Campion Bond, the intermediary between M and the League.
  • Chow Yun-Fat as Fu Manchu, a Chinese crime lord operating out of London's East End.

Other cast members include Lobo Chan as Quong Lee, Helena Bonham Carter as Rosa Coote, and Charles Dance as C. Auguste Dupin.

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