The Laughing Joke



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Written by

Bruno Heller

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Directed by

Bruno Heller

Original air date

May 30, 2019

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The Laughing Joke is the first episode of DC's Injustice series. It will be aired on HBO and Netflix.


Mercy Graves walks to Lex Luther's office and sees him looking out of his window behind his desk. Television is on and playing the news.

"Mr. Luther?" She asks him but Luthor doesn't answer.

"Mrs. Graves. Do you want to know about what I've learned for the years Superman being in rule?" Luther asks. He walks towards her.

Mercy doesn't answer.

"It's that... Devils don't come from the ground or hell or any underground, torturous afterlife... but they come from the sky up" Luther explains. "That's a world we live in, isn't it? In the rule of a tyrant..."

Luthor looks at the news to see a news reporter broadcasting via helicopter of Aquaman with lobster giant creatures coming out of the sea to fight Superman and many supervillains. Luthor, shocked, starts running to the right hallway to a room with multiple giant military suits.

Luthor puts his hand on a hand recognition lock. unlocking the glass casing of the suit. "I knew this day would come... The demon has come to an end..."

(5 Year Earlier)

Batman was on top of a building, looking down at the Gotham night. Batman isn't paying attention as Superman lands near him.

"Bruce," Superman says and gets Batman's attention. "It's nice to meet you"

Bruce stands up to look at Superman properly. "It's nice to meet you too, Clark"

"Lois and I want you to be the godfather of the child" Superman explains.

Batman smiles and continues looking at Gotham. "I accept, Clark. I'll meet you earlier in the morning"

Superman smiles and flys away.

(Early in the Morning)

Lois and Jimmy are driving in the city of Metropolis. Lois is writing in her notebook about an investigation.

"Do you think the lead is true?" Jimmy asks her.

Lois looks at Jimmy. "That's why we are going to found out if it is true."

"Are you sure? I mean you're pregnant after all and a lot of people close to you, including myself, is worried about you." Jimmy explains.

"You sound like Clark," Lois sighs in response. "Don't worry, Olson. I have you and besides, I'm not seriously pregnant yet so I can run still"

Jimmy replies. "I hope that's true"

Jimmy park his car by the docks and both Olson and Lois get out of the car to see a man in a tuxedo and black hair looking at the end of the dock. The sky is purple as the sun is slowly rising. Jimmy and Lois walk up to the man and Lois taps on his shoulder.

"Um... Hello?" Lois says. "I'm Lois Lane"

"Hello, Mrs. Lane." The person says. Shocking Lois and Jimmy.

Jimmy becomes shocked. "Y-you're-"

"Mr. J!" Harley says as she cocks her shotgun and shoots Jimmy in the chest, killing him instantly.

The Joker, revealing himself to have his hair dyed and his face with a caucasian skin pigment but showing his smile. He laughs maniacally as he sucker punches Lois in the stomach. She falls onto her knees, coughing as she holds her stomach.

Joker laughs as he crouches down to her level. "Aww- What's the matter? Took your breath away? Don't worry, your breath will be away... soon"

Joker then punches Lois, knocking her out. Early morning, Batman is cleaning his belt in his Batman suit before Superman runs into his Batcave.

"Bruce!" Superman says in a panic.

Batman turns to face a worried Superman. "Clark. What's the emergency?!"

"It's Lois, Bruce! She's disappeared and Jimmy was found dead on the docks!" Superman explained. Batman puts his hand on his shoulder, "Have you've called her or attempted to get in contact with people that know?"

"Yes! The last person people at the Daily Bugle has said that Lois was last seen with Jimmy." Superman explains. "Please, Bruce. The Justice League needs to get involved in this!"

"I'll make sure of that," Batman replies.

Superman walks away and Batman turns back to his belt and holds a button on the side of his mask.

"This is an emergency! Lois has disappeared and we need everyone to look for her. I repeat this is an emergency! Lois has disappeared and we need everyone to look for her!" Batman says as he holds the button. He gets his belt on and walks outside

He stops and walks outside. Barry Allen is running through the city before appearing to Batman.

"I couldn't find anything but I did find a lead that could help us find her whereabouts," Barry explains.

"Take me to it, then" Batman demands as he wraps around Barry's neck and both head off to the lead.

They go to S.T.A.R. Labs to find the facility empty before the Flash takes Batman into a room where The Scarecrow is slumped over on the group, not moving. Batman walks over to Scarecrow and both Flash and Batman crouch to his level. Batman takes off his mask to reveal Johnathan dead from Joker's toxin with his face with a Cheshire smile.

"Joker. It was him but why?" Batman says as he stands with the Flash.

"The kryptonite and the fear toxin was gone" Barry explained.

In the air, Wonder Woman finds the location of the Joker and calls in Superman. "Superman, I've found the Joker at the submarine near Metropolis. He's taken it hostage"

Clark Kent's eyes turn red as he flys to Wonder Woman's location. He makes it to the submarine and rips a hole into it before tearing a giant hole into it, seeing Joker and Harley on an operation table. Joker then pulls out a pole that shoots out a toxin at Superman. Superman hears roaring and sees Doomsday.

"Doomsday!" Superman says as he grabs him and shoots him in the air.

Joker at the submarine laughs to see Lois gone from the operation table. Superman is shooting Lois in the air as Batman grabs Joker and Harley with the Justice League.

"Wheres Lois?!" Batman demands.

"Oh you know, she's pretty sky high right now!" Joker says as he laughs and Batman punches him in response.

Batman grabs Joker's shirt. "What do you mean by that, Joker!?"

This is when Batman knocks Joker onto the submarine and starts to think what he meant.

"Sky...high. The toxins and kryptoni..." Batman's eyes pop in realization as he looks up. He holds a button on his cowl. "Clark! You're holding Lois. I repeat you're holding Lois! You've been gassed by the Joker!"

Superman is in space, shocked as he looks at a dead Lois. "I'm sorry, Lois..."

At earth, Joker laughs maniacally. "There was one catch, Batman. Once Lois' heartbeat stop-"

A huge nuclear explosion and mushroom cloud appear as Metropolis is destroyed. Flash quickly managed to run into the city to try and take people away from the nuclear fallout.

Joker laughs again. "What a beautiful sight!"

Batman charges after Joker and grabs him before slamming him onto the submarine. Superman looks behind him to see Metropolis in a mushroom cloud. He grabs Lois and heads to earth and goes into the spot where the bomb went off. Wonder Woman finds him holding his deceased wife, not ready to let the wife he loved and the kid he would've had and gets near him.

"Kal?" Wonder Woman says.

Kal stands up as he holds his wife and gives Lois to Wonder Woman. She holds Lois, sad as well at the event.

"Please. Hold them..." Superman says. "Where's Joker?" He asks.

"Joker is at Gotham prison. Batman-" Wonder Woman is interrupted as Superman flies away to Gotham. Superman flies at such speed that Green Lantern notices the red glowing eyed Superman.

"Clark, what are you-" But Hal doesn't get an answer as Superman passes him.

At a Gotham interrogation, Batman punches Joker senseless over and over before getting him up normally. "WHERE DID YOU GET THE BOMB?!"

"I-I got the bomb from my jokes, Bats! You need one some time!" Batman grabs Joker, about to beat him again before a small explosion breaks a hole in the room's wall. Superman walks into the room.

Batman drops Joker and walks to Superman. "Joker"

"Clark, I'm handl-" Batman is thrown onto the wall before Superman grabs Joker and slams him on the wall.

Joker laughs as he is grabbed by Superman.

"You know. Next time that you love... Make your you don't puff the smoke!" Joker says maniacally.

Superman eyes burn red. He moves his left arm and puts it in a launching position with his hand in a grabbing stance. Joker, knowing whats about to happy, smiles in insanity. Superman then makes a battle cry before impaling his hand into the Joker's chest, grabbing his heart before crushing it. The Joker screams in laughter before finally dying in the hands of the Man of Steel.

He takes his hand out of his chest, a shocked Batman stays silent as he sees a grieving Superman fly away from the room.

At the fortress of Solitude, Superman is sitting alone and thinking of what he did and many crimes he experienced over the years. This bogle his mind until something snaps in his head.

"I must stop crime in the world. I can stop it, Lois said it herself. Save The World"

In the city of Gared, Bialya, terrorists are shooting and massacring a town. A little girl is running through the carnage before slipping onto the sand. A terrorist walks out of a house and runs to her with his rifle and strikes her in the head. Before he is about to fire, Superman appears fast with his speed and blocks the barrel of the rifle with his hand, blowing back of the rifle to pieces. The terrorist, scared, is grabbed by his shirt and is thrown onto the ground, killing him.

Minutes later, Superman walks into the presidents' office, holding and dragging a dead soldier as multiple guards start shooting at Superman but to no avail. Superman busts down the president's office and throws the body before speeding to him and grabbing him by the shirt. He flies along with Superman holding him and proceeds to take him to the town. At the town, Superman rips off his shirt and throws him down at the center, revealing the terrorists to be dead. The townsfolk walk outside to see the president, shaking with fear. Superman prepares to execute with his laser vision before Wonder Woman appears behind Superman.

"Kal... Not here. I'll get you a hearing but not at this state" Wonder Woman explains.

Superman looks at the townsfolk and sees them shocked with concern. Superman sighs and lets him go, before flying away with Diana. 5 months after Metropolis was nuked, the city has rebuilt itself. Superman is standing in front of a political audience as he is on a stage.

"As Superman, I have lost many people that I've loved. My wife and child. My friend and the city I once loved because of the hands of the Joker... But I have seen now what this world needs, a force to tell criminals that they will NEVER hurt that girl walking home from school, that they'll never hurt that boy who is less stronger than the bullies, that countries will never attempt to press the button that could wipe out human life as we know it. I am Clark Kent of the Daily Bugle and I am sick and tired of things that need to be solved being unsolved!" Superman says as he crushes the microphone stand with his hands.

Superman takes a deep breath. "I am Superman and I will never let this world be controlled by people anymore"

People all stand up and clap in response as they cheer Superman. Superboy Prime looks down from the sky and sighs before flying away.


  • Jimmy Olson
  • Johnathan Crane (Fate Confirmed)
  • Lois Lane
  • The Joker
  • Many unnamed terrorists.




  • First appearance of Bruce Wayne.
  • First appearance of Kal-El.
  • First appearance of Diana Prince.
  • First appearance of Hal Jordon.
  • First appearance of Barry Allen.
  • First appearance of Oliver Queen.
  • First appearance of Victor Stone.
  • First appearance of Harleen Quinzel.
  • First appearance of Superboy Prime.
  • First (and last) appearance of The Joker.
  • First (and last) appearance of Lois Lane.
  • First (and last) appearance of Jimmy Olson.
  • First (and last) appearance of Mercy Graves. (Unknown)
  • First appearance of Orin. (Footage)
  • First (and last) appearance of Johnathan Crane. (Corpse)
  • First appearance of Gotham City.
  • First appearance of Metropolis.
  • First appearance of S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • First appearance of Smallville.
  • This is the first episode of the Injustice series.
  • The poster for Injustice has a title mistake as the title says 'Injustice 2' but the title is not related to the Injustice 2 series.
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