The Last Night Is A 2016 Thriller Drama Film And Directed by Nicolle Kidmam Starring Selena Gomez, Ben Afleck, Eliza Bennett and Nicole Kidman


Sara palo alto (Selena Gomez) girl living in Lima she travels with her sister Gina (Eliza Bennett) to new york to spend Christmas with his uncles but fails when his sister nightclub she freaks out and will look but when she comes around the club was call one of the workers says the girls were abducted by unidentified men with a cop (Chris Pine) now she will have to rescue before it's too late.


  • Selena Gomez As Sara Palo Alto/Main Character/Gina Little Sister/Barbara And Steven's Daughter/she on Adventure in the dangerous streets of new york to find his sister alive and healthy without being monitored by the abductor
  • Ben Afleck As Geroge Muckrow/The Last Man/The main antagonist
  • Eliza Bennett As Gina Palo Alto/Sara Big Sister/Barbara and Steven daughter/she is kidnapped by george
  • Nicole Kidman As Barbara Palo Alto/Sara And Gina Mother/Steven's Wife
  • Sarah Michelle Gerald As Dectetive Christy Taylor/dectetive seeking this gina
  • Hugh Jackman As Steven Palo Alto/Sara and Gina  Father/Barbara Husband
  • Chris Pine As Official Alfred Reynolds/Sara official helping to search gina and soon falls for her
  • Christopher Walken As Klaus Harrison/one of the assistants george who kidnaps girls for George
  • Jamie Lee Curtis As Sarah Jane/Sara and Gina Aunt/Barbara Big Sister
  • Hailee Steinfeld As DeeDee/a girl who is kidnapped
  • Georgie Henley As Trish/a girl who is kidnapped


  • Temporary-Sara Paxton
  • I Love It-Icona Pop
  • Save The Day-Selena Gomez(Original Soundtrack)
  • Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites-Skrillex
  • Skinny Love-Birdy
  • Suggestion-Orelia Has Orchestra
  • Cannonball-Lea Michelle
  • With Love-Christina Grimmie


  • Hugh Jackman And Nicole Kidman he had participated together in Australia.
  • Hugh Jackman And Chris Pine he Had Participated Together in Rise of Guardians.

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