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The Last is a 2018 American sci-fi drama television series. It stars Grant Gustin, Tyler Posey, Katherine Langford, Nina Dobrev, Dylan O'Brien, Claire Holt, Nick Robinson, and Julianne Moore.


After a globally catastrophic disease known as the "Paralytic Plague" spreads across the Earth, resulting in the death of almost all of the planet's population, six survivors find themselves at the start of civilization once again.


Main cast

  • Grant Gustin as Dylan Brennan
  • Tyler Posey as Jonathan Brown
  • Katherine Langford as Amanda Strehle
  • Nina Dobrev as Jacqueline "Jacki" Omora
  • Dylan O'Brien as Josh Omora
  • Claire Holt as Olivia Smith
  • Nick Robinson as Allen Stark
  • Julianne Moore as Dr. Allison Millberry
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