The Knockout Kid is a 2014 sport film, directed by Sean Avildsen and written by Robert Mark Karman and Lukester Farrell and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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Daniel Magder, a 17 years old boy move to Los Angel for mother's new Business and getting beat by bullied save by Hector, the school's janitor and one-time amateur boxer. Hector and Daniel work together for the biggest boxing match of Matthew's life and discover what it truly means to be a winner.


  • Lukester Farrell as Daniel Magder/17 years old
  • Russell Crowe as Hector/50 years old
  • Jennifer Veal as Ally/16 years old
  • TBA as Matthew "Matt" Arum /18 years old
  • TBA as Kesse/42 years old
  • TBA as Daniel's mother/38 years old
  • TBA as Principle Harrison


Ramin Djawadi will be the Score the film and Hans Zimmer will be executive producer.


  1. Moving to Los Angeles
  2. Hector
  3. Daniel & Hector Meet Keith
  4. Daniel Discover Hector - 3:26
  5. The Kiss - 3:26
  6. Training Moment - 5:10
  7. No Mercy - 0:28
  8. The Final Round - 4:54


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  • The Parody from The Karate Kid 1984.
  • This is rating PG for boxing violence and low level coarse language
  • It will distributed by Walt Disney Pictures

Possible sequels

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