The Knights of Guns Action, Comedy, Crime film starring by Arley R. Swaby..,,,


  • Arley R. Swaby As, Nathan Graves, Jr./Taylor..,,,,
  • Luke Pennyworth as, Chucky (rumored).,,,
  • Alan Pennyworth As, Benny (villain).,,,,
  • Nolberto Swaby As, Jack Huston (rumored) Nate's Stepfather.
  • Adam McKay As, Dt. Alan Jules (rumored).,,, Nathan's Foster Brother ,Best friend and Lost Brother..,,,
  • Yanet Swaby as Kara Graves/Code D-44 (uncredited/story by)..,, Nathan's false daughter.
  • Yourailas Swaby as Jamie Graves-Rodriguez (story by)..,,, Nathan's 2nd cousin/aunt.

Uncredited Casts

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