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Award: Best TV Series & Television Drama
Date Achieved: January 8th, 2016

The Killer Within is a 2015 crime horror drama television series by Ghost Hunter 85. The series follows many characters and focuses on their their story and their darkest secrets. Originally the series follows Drake Norton, a man who has lost everything to a serial killer and seeks revenge, but will he let the darkness of revenge consume him? While the series focuses on other characters such as, Charlie Lamar, a gangster trying to protect his family but leaves a trail of blood in doing so, Logan, a drifter with nothing to lose, Jack Harper, a detective hungry for crime, Natalia Burch, a prostitute with a lost past and Mira Valentine, a naive and rebellious girl trying to find a purpose in life.

Season 1 primarily focuses on Drake Norton as he seeks revenge for the death of his sister, Becca Norton, who was murdered by serial killer, Iran Vega whose goal is to test his victims to see if they have a killer within themselves.

Season 1 is composed of 10 episodes.

Season 1 (KW)

Drake Norton seeks revenge against serial killer Iran Vega for murdering his sister, Becca Norton, but in doing so he turns down friendship and even love as he fully focuses on his revenge. But his attempts get him injured in the process, he finds himself in aid of new friends, while he finds himself by the throat of new enemies.



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