The Kill Sins (film) Action-Crime film.


  • Sean Broderick as Davis 'David' Martin; Ex-NSA agent.
  • Emilio Hernandez as Caleb "Cale" Martin; brother of Davis.
  • Brian Tatum as Davidson (The Sins); main villain.
  • Evelyn Swaby as Emilie
  • Paula Swaby as Grace
  • Liorky Aguilar as Uncle Frank Jefferson (Davis's uncle); main secondary antagonist works with Davidson.
  • Al Ebanks as Father Milson
  • Jesus Pino as Ryan (An Bartender)
  • Andrew Smiley as Detective Johnsen
  • Jamie Clarke as Rudy
  • Boliche Mya as "Bowler" Marty Goldberg; prisoner and main bully of Davis.

1990s Casts

  • Francisco Hernandez as Frank Jefferson (1990 younger self)
  • Al Ebanks as Father Milson (1990s church priest)
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